16 November 2017

Additional Language Support for Air Navigation Pro iOS and Android

Air Navigation Pro is a flight planning and pilot assistance application that caters to aviators from all around the globe. Since our app is accessible and relevant world-wide, we understand that a lot of our users don't have English as their primary language. Because of this, we have decided to add more language supports to the Air Navigation team!

We have added more languages to our support because we believe that some concerns are better expressed in your native tongue. We take all support issues very seriously and we're doing the best we can to escalate your concerns to the appropriate departments with the least amount of time needed.

Here are ways to contact us, the Air Navigation support team:

1. Through the Support Center

The Support Center is one of the best ways to find the help that you are looking for. If you are having trouble navigating or getting around the functionalities and options of the app, you can check out all the guides and articles that can be found on our support page.

Aside from reading through guides, you can post in the forum so anyone with an answer to your question can quickly respond and offer assistance on your issue. Since it's open for everyone, you could be helped by a fellow user or one of the Air Navigation Pro support members.

2. Through E-Mail

 Air Navigation Pro users can send their issues, bug reports and other concerns to the e-mail address: support@airnavigation.aero. The team will do its best to get to your e-mails as quickly as possible.

3. Through Social Media

The Air Navigation team tries to be present across relevant social and media platforms, in order to engage with our current and potential users. In our pages, we give new information, as well as, provide entertainment and other updates. A lot of our users interact with our support by sending messages or comments through the platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

4. Commenting on our Blog

We check our blog comments all the time so if you have concerns and you prefer to address it through the comments section of our blog, that's also an avenue

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
you can also visit our website at 
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.

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Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team


10 November 2017

Air Navigation Pro iOS 6.7.1 is Now Updated and Compatible with iPhone X!

The Air Navigation Pro team works round the clock to make sure that our flight assistant application is constantly evolving into a better product. We work on bugs as soon as they are reported, all the while, updating and steadily making our app better with each patch. With the recent iPhone X release, and the growing number of users, we aim to make your app as easy to use and as convenient as possible. With the help and feedback of all pilots around the world, Air Navigation Pro continues to strive to provide easy and fitting aviation support for our users.

With the availability of Flight Information Services, subscription packages for the Air Navigation Pro's Global Aeronautical Database and the compatibility with iPhone X; pilots will surely benefit from these added features.

Air Navigation Pro iOS 6.7.1 is scheduled for release on November 13, 2017 (Monday).

iPhone X Compatibility

Apple just released the iPhone X, one of the most-anticipated smartphones of the year. Because of its growing popularity and demand, we have eased into updates for support and compatibility. Avid users of our app won't have to worry about using the flight assistance on their new devices, since we're constantly moving forward and anticipating the growing needs of our pilots. Now, you can enjoy Air Navigation Pro your new phone!

Flight Information Services

Users can now access the Flight Information Services in the moving map. This newly-added feature is important in making sure that the user experience the safest flight possible.

Database Update

The Air Navigation Pro's Global Aeronautical Database is adapted for commercial and military pilots, as well as casual and private ones. Boasting of over 200,000 waypoints including: Aerodromes, Reporting Points, Helipads, Sea Plane Bases, Glider Ports, Balloon Ports, IFR Waypoints, DMEs, NDBs, VORs, VORTACs, TACANs, VOR/DMEs; and 50,000 airspaces containing classes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Danger Areas, Restricted Areas, Forbidden Areas, Glider Areas, Glider Prohibited areas, CTR, TMZ, TSA, TRA, MATZ, Recreational Areas, Natural Reserves, FIR and FIS. More than 150,000 users trust in the Air Navigation Pro application to help them reach their destination safely.

The database is constantly reviewed and improved, with that help of analysts that publish updates for each AIRAC cycle, which happens every 28 days. When you subscribe to the Air Navigation Pro Global Aeronautical Database, you not only get to access our independent updates but also those that we get from highly reliable sources such as the Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) published by the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA). Our managers are all experienced pilots who work closely with the app engineers to make sure that they build the best possible database in terms of data access, monitoring, control and quality.

We have currently implemented a subscription payment option for our comprehensive and reliable aeronautical database, in which subscribers will have access to our monthly updates. Subscribers get to benefit from the most updated and accurate database so they can fly with maximum safety; including other services such as: Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), ATC Flightplans Filing, Weather and Forecast, Obstacles.

Non-subscribers may still access our full database, and will have a unique free annual update once a year that happens on November, instead of a monthly basis.

For more information regarding the Aeronautic Database and its updates, there is a dedicated page that could answer your concerns. Check out the link:

What do you think about our most recent update? Let us know by sending us a message in one of our social media accounts Facebook, Instragram or send us an e-mail at gama@airnavigation.aero.

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
you can also visit our website at 
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.

Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team

09 November 2017

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Highlight: French Pilot Lionel Vincent Mougel Getting Ready for Air Race 1 World Cup in Thailand!

The Air Navigation team loves talking to pilots because they are adventurous and carefree. That kind of nature is infectious and just the right amount of energy to start up your day. We have started this series featuring real pilots with real stories, to inspire our readers and app users to share their wonderful stories with us. Our team is happy to be a part of this wonderful community filled with like-minded, aviation enthusiasts.

We had the opportunity to speak with Lio Mougel, an aircraft racer. He is such an aviation lover that at the tender age of 12, he forged his mom's signature on a permission slip that allowed him to jump in a cockpit for the first time with a glider instructor. When his parents found out about his mishap, he was promptly grounded. A funny instance but he said his mom suffered grief because of it.

He is proud of his French roots, joining the French Air Force at the age of 17; but he admits that he has found a home in Bangkok, Thailand. He had once said in an interview:

I’d never been to Asia before moving to Bangkok for work and I absolutely love it here. I love the people’s approach to life. Thailand is a magnificent country – it’s perfect for the Air Race 1 World Cup. I attended the test event at U-Tapao last year and, with it being the first time Air Race 1 had been staged in this part of world, I was pleasantly surprised how much the people took to it. There’s huge potential for Air Race 1 in Thailand and the wider Asia region. Air Race 1 is probably best described as NASCAR only airborne and without the crashes! With world-class pilots going head-to-head for the title, it’s going to be really exciting and will have spectators holding their breath during each race. It’s perfect for the entire family.
He absolutely loves Thailand and its people, saying that he wants to help them. Lio has known his crew chief, Kevin Broughall, for nearly 15 years.

The Thai people have been so welcoming I want to reciprocate that. We have one of the major airlines in Asia’s aircraft manufacturer engineer working for our team and I would like to recruit more Thai people in years to come to help grow the sport here. Also, should we ever be lucky enough to win prize money, we will donate all of that to a local charity. This year, we have nominated The Centre for the Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation (CPCR), which does incredible work with orphans.
It's amazing to note that a lot of pilots are advocates of different organizations. We had the pleasure of catching up to the air racer and asking him for his personal thoughts.

Please introduce yourself for our readers:
I’m Lio , Lionel Vincent Mougel, 32, Long Haul pilot on the 787 based out of Bangkok. Background: flew fighter jets for the Air Force in France, then business jets in Europe, Middle East and Russia; followed by 737 in Europe and 787 here in Bangkok .

Q: What do you love most about flying?
Flying is a constant renewal, challenging your knowledge in every ways possible, there is hardly any routine. Making each flight different and the opportunity to learn something new, makes this type of career unique. On top of that, the huge variety of aircraft to fly, you have endless possibilities!

Q: What got you into air racing?
I always been flying or looking to fly different airplanes, for their type or specifics, i guess it’s a side of not willing to comply to the norm, aerobatics offered freedom of expression through aircraft maneuvers, racing offers the sense of challenge, technical or for the flying skills. These aircraft being so demanding, they require you to be alert at all times.
Coming from the Air Force and turned into an airline career, i would say that when the opportunity of starting racing came, i never had a second thought, i went for it .

Q: If you were to meet someone who doesn't have an idea of what air racing is, what would you say to that person to convince him to watch and support you?
To describe air racing i always use the parallel to NASCAR, as it’s similar in many points, aircraft challenging each others during 8 laps flying at their maximum but keeping and high level and send of safety.
In Reno for instance or in Thailand, most of the pits are open and people always welcome to visit, so i would say that for someone looking for a thrilling, vibrating and non stop adrenaline event to come to an Air Race, as by keeping the family minded openness, they will totally be part of it.

Q: How did you come across Air Navigation PRO?
I was looking for an app to ease my life in confined aircraft during ferry flight or airshows, and after a quick search, reviews were directing me to Air Navigation Pro, which then became the one i used the most in France and UK.

Q: What are the 5 best things you like about our app? 
- stability of the app, can’t remember any crashes
- stable connection with the GPS
- fluidity of the moving map
- intuitive interface
- fast download of the maps

Q: Have you tried other navigating apps? If you have, what apps are these? How do you find these apps in comparison?
While in the United States, i mostly use ForeFlight, handy as its focused on the US but not totally user friendly.

Q: Can you please tell me a story of the best times you have had with our app? If you can name more than one instance, that would be awesome!
Air Navigation Pro was my navigation companion during a ferry flight in a Yak back in time, it was funny to have an old school aircraft and just strapped on my leg, an iPad running the map making a huge contrast between the avionics fitted in it and the concentrate of technology contained in this little tablet.

Q: If you could talk to non-users about our product, what would you tell them?
I would tell them that they would always find a usage to it, either for cross country or local flights, from the moving map to all the safety features enhanced in the app, it can only help to improve your SA, make your navigation safer and more well prepared.

Q: Should you win the race, who would you dedicate your victory to?
My team, my engineers. Without them, I cannot fly or even open my canopy! For all the hard work they always provide, and the challenges they go through, a victory will be in majority thanks to them.

To know more about him, you can check out his Instagram and Facebook accounts and get in touch with him there.

To know more about Air Race 1 World Cup, check out this video and visit their site:

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07 November 2017

Pilot Beauty Queens from Around the World

"Beauty and brains" is a phrase that seems to be thrown around a lot, but in essence it is used to describe women who not only look beautiful but also have an achievement of excellence in any field that requires dedication and hardwork. It's no secret that becoming a pilot is no easy task. The studying involved, as well as the actual control of the aircraft is challenging to even the best of us; which is why beauty queens that pursue their dream of becoming a navigator are extremely rare.

Here are three women who have shown the world that they're more than pretty faces. These certified pilot queens have proven that they know more than wearing heels and looking good. Their beauty made them famous, but their pilot dreams, aspirations and goals makes them admirable.

1. Nelda Ibe from Philippines

Nelda Ibe is currently 23 years old. She is Binibining Pilipinas Globe 2017, and she is the first runner-up to Ms. Globe 2017. The coronation was held in Tirana, Albania during the first week of November 2017.

She took up a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature; after which she studied in Alpha Aviation Group where she became a cadet pilot. Aside from being a pilot, she is pursuing a lot of interests from different fields such as modeling and hosting in the entertainment industry.

She has already completed the solo flight necessary to attain her pilot license; and she says that she looks forward to flying more in the future. Her Instagram account says "Pilot Queen" and a lot of her fans agree.

2. Chananporn Rosjan from Thailand

Chananporn Rosjan is currently 35 years old. She is the Miss Thailand Universe 2005 titleholder, and she won Best National Costume award in the Miss Universe pageant the same year. What most people don't know about her is that before becoming a pilot, Rosjan took up Bachelor of Electrical Engineering. Another fascinating thing about this beauty is that, aside from her own native language, she speaks German, Italian and English as well.

After Miss Universe 2005, Rosjan declined offers from the entertainment industry such as modeling and acting, in pursuit of becoming a full-pledged pilot.

She currently works for AirAsia, and she has been with them for 11 years. She is said to have clocked 8000 hours of flight as of March this year. In an interview, she shared that aviation has always been in her blood. Her mom was a stewardess, because of that, she has had the opportunity of being inside a cockpit at a young age, meeting her mom's colleagues and pilots.

3. Powede Eniola Awujo from Nigeria

Powede Eniola Awujo is currently 26, her maiden name was Powede Eniola Lawrence. She is the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Tourism 2013 titleholder. Before going to flight school and officially becoming a pilot, Powede completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, and became a registered nurse.

She is an outspoken advocate on women empowerment. She even said in an interview:

My take on "women supporting women" is that a single woman can lend a voice, but together, we can resonate not only echoes but a movement.

Her Instagram page is filled with events, awards and modeling gigs, it's amazing how she found time to pursue her studies to such lengths. Here's a fun photo of her after her first solo flight and the aftermath:

Learn more about Powede in a Q&A.

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The Air Navigation Team

Air Navigation Pro Subscription Packages Now Available for Switzerland and France

Air Navigation Pro constantly wants to improve and be a better pilot assistant to our valuable users. From quick bug fixes to our stream of updates, improvements and features that make navigating and flight management easier, we assure you that your flights are in safe and capable hands.

Our team works round-the-clock to make sure our users get the best experience possible; because of this, we are happy to announce that our app is now adapting a subscription-based payment mode for users from Switzerland and France, which includes necessary custom data sets for your respective countries and the latest charts.

Thousands of user feedback and information have made this transition possible. The packages allow users to get started with Air Navigation Pro immediately, granting access to relevant data sets and charts so you no longer need to browse and explore the Store for the things you need to buy. Each country or location has custom set of charts, helping users gain access to relevant data within a single subscription. We currently have these options available for Switzerland and France, but we're looking into making them ready for other countries in the future.

The Essential subscription includes an Aeronautical Database Subscription, granting you access to the monthly app updates and allowing you to purchase pay-per-product items from the store. The Standard subscription includes free access to the Aeronautical database and grants access to the ICAO charts, approach charts and Elevation data of your chosen country. The Premium subscription offers the Standard subscription contents and a discounted access to the Streets and Places Search. Switzerland Premium Subscription also grants the user access to the Obstacles Database. Each subscription is beneficial to every aviator and navigator depending on frequency of flight and demand of function.

In order for you to avail the packages, look for the following icons in the in-app purchases:

Users won't have to worry about paying multiple times for a subscription. Although one subscription is strictly for one user only and you can't share your subscription with other pilots; your package can be usable on all your devices. Even if you are currently using different versions of our application (iOs, Android and Desktop) you can synchronize your devices on our website to use one subscription on all of them

For more information on our subscription packages, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we have prepared for every possible inquiry. If you have questions that are not found in our FAQ then don't hesitate to reach out to us.

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
you can also visit our website at 
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.

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The Air Navigation Team

06 November 2017

7+ Tips for Aviation Vlogging for Pilots

Vlogging advice from an Aviatrix vlogger, blogger, and aviation community collaborator.

Though I can’t claim mastery of all things vlogging, I have learned a bit on the way to building my own aviation video channel and in studying some of the YouTube greats, like my famous little brother Onision. Evidence of disclosed collaboration can be viewed at www.youtube.com/onichan (yes that is a real soccer ball and yes that hurt).

1. Take Advantage of Your Network

You’re already at an advantage as a member of the general aviation community. It’s a close-knit group with a lot of folks to champion your vlogging efforts. As a video blogger, your net-worth is your network. All the revenue you generate off of YouTube is based on a few simple principles: likes, subscribers, and views.
Using the expansive conglomeration of aviators and aviation enthusiasts to share your work and boost your viewership, translates into actual income from your product. Use groups like Pilot Social Network or Winged Fly In - Pilots & Study buddies to post your videos and grow your friends' list.

2. Plan

There are exceptional vloggers who swing from the hip and produce a great post without much preparation…I am not one of them. And I’ve learned in collaborating with production companies like Pulsar films, the professionals go into their shots with a script as well.

You don’t have to have every detail of what you’re planning on saying memorized, but you should have an intent and an outline in mind identifying what you’re going to demonstrate. For example, in prepping for an episode with pulsar films “Taking Flight”, I defined my purpose: ‘to generate enthusiasm for aviation.’

I thought of the topic points supporting that goal and identified the question “why are you passionate about aviation?” I also developed a scenario that would allow this conversation to occur naturally. This is a lot like flight planning, which you’re already familiar with. Try it a few times and it’ll come naturally.

3. Smile

This is apparently hypocritical if you’ve watched the majority of my own vlog posts at. All the same, it is good advice which I try to incorporate with my vlogs. Viewers are engaged by a friendly smile and conversation directed at them. It can be challenging to let that sparkling personality shine through, especially when you’re focused on checklists, radio calls, or maintaining altitude and heading.

I find it helpful to act like you’re about to take a selfie, yes a self-snapped portrait, to get the smile going then keep it going with dialogue focused on the receiver watching your video.

4. Improve your Content

A problem for all sports and hobbyist vloggers is putting music to the actions shots when that content is flagged out as proprietary by web video channel algorithms. You can use stock music provided by some action camera companies or by using various sites publicizing free music, but the best method for improving your content is once again with networking.

Use groups like Aviators & Artists which encourages collaboration, sharing independent musicians work while improving video content. Don’t forget about collaborating with other aviators as well. The possibilities double when flying with friends to include formation footage and second person vantage angles.

5. Post Often

When trying to turn a buck on vlogging the number of posts matters.

Not only will it improve your view count and potential revenue, but it will also keep people returning to your channel. Advice from the popular YouTube vlogger Laineybot is to never delete content. Even if you grow less fond of your early clips, deleting content will hurt your bottom line. It’s better to keep improving your product while keeping a record of how far you’ve come.

6. Dress Up

It may seem silly to put on a nice outfit or to style your hair before you go flying, but remember, you’re in front of the camera! This advice has roots in both social psychology and individual psychology.

While everyone likes looking at good looking people, you’ll play the role of aviation host best when you’re confident in your appearance. This confidence shows on camera and is a must for vloggers.

7:  Content Variation

Final piece of advice, keep your content as fresh as your camera angles. Take your viewers to new places or introduce them to new characters (i.e. your passengers).

Check out this article from ShoutmeLoud: 10 Kickass Smartphone Camera Accessories for YouTube Bloggers (Velfies)

Take multiple cameras and vary the sites you’re capturing as well. While all of my early vlogging is single camera action (just my mug staring intently ahead), I learned through the feedback of fellow aviators that they got a little bored about 2 minutes in. Keep your footage interesting by pointing the camera outside or changing the looking vantage.

Like everything else in aviation, video blogging is a learning process. Although I said 7 pieces of advice for aviation bloggers, I’ll offer one more.

Don’t give up.

The most popular YouTube personalities took an average of 2 years to claim fame and I promise, their earliest content was not the impressive content you’re watching today. I’ve yet to hear of anyone who shacked a landing on their first attempt, the same is true for vlogging.

Your first video might just be okay, and that’s a fine place to start. Keep practices, review your videos, take feedback graciously, collaborate on your content, and you’ll find yourself with something to be really proud of.

Last hack : Video content can be use as Macro content from where you can create micro content (photo, Audio, short video, animation), allowing you to play on several media channel.

Some of us are pretty good on Instagram:

You can watch my sample video below:

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram or like our Facebook page to keep a lookout for all the latest updates and tips from us.

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