10 October 2017

Air Navigation Pro Android 2.1 New Release : New Look and Feel, 3D function, Live tracking, Flight Record and much more

Air Navigation Pro Android Version 2.1 has launched! Pilots now have added inflight optimized 3D features, an instrument compass, flight recording function, and a whole new look and feel that will quickly become second nature. In addition, aviators presently have the option to maximize both preflight and inflight planning with a complete aeronautical database subscription plan. 

Air Navigation Pro users, from student pilots, to general aviation warriors, and commercial professionals alike will find the new features an enhancement to the in cockpit experience. With the same look and feel as the iOS version, both Apple and Android users get to enjoy the smooth interchangeability of operation and ease of use. Most of all, legacy users will be pleased with how well their feedback was received and translated into this ‘human factors’ centric engineering. 

1. New and Optimized 3D Features

CFIT: Controlled Flight into Terrain. The acronym alone sends shivers down every practiced pilots spine and for good reason. There are few experiences more terrifying than flying into IMC conditions at low altitude with rising terrain ahead. Knowing the average life expectancy for VFR pilots in instrument meteorological conditions is less than 3 minutes, this advancement in aviation software could not have come too soon.

The added bonus of the 3D feature goes beyond a superior safety, but is an exceptional tool to the VFR pilot. This is an invaluable instrument in achieving the private pilot’s license, helping to exceed the requirement to demonstrate real world topography interpretation to chart location.

Moreover, instrument rated pilots will be thrilled to experience the georeferenced approach charts with the new 3D view. This feature is a game changer for simplifying the VFR/IFR landings. It’s brilliantly engineered to reduce pilot stress load and offers the opportunity for one perfect approach after another.

2. Instrument Compass

Redundancy is safety and few tools are more critical than the compass. Whether flying through class bravo airspace, where a heading error comes with heavy fines, or navigating through miles of uncontrolled airspace when miscalculations burn cash at the rate of fuel flow, having backups to your magnetic and vacuum indicator is a money saver.

3. Flight Record Function

Air Navigation Pro has made it even easier to share your flight with friends and family. Its flight recorder function is a breeze to upload, interfacing with popular social media apps Facebook, Linkedin, and even Twitter, in addition to email!

Further in theme with the new 3D features and inflight compass, the Flight Record Function is a money saver! A good debrief in student pilot terms is equivalent to an extra flight. In the world of aviation, that is the difference between hundreds of dollars wasted or invested.

All pilot students, vloggers, bloggers, and every day watch shooting aviators included, will also enjoy this feature which definitively proves ‘you really are that good of a pilot.’ With indisputable evidence to back up those tales of your perfect flight, the flight record function isn’t just practical, it comes with bragging rights!

4. Compatibility with GPX files, and Xplane simulator

Both instructors and students will love this feature that incorporates all the benefits of Air Navigation Pro and lets you practice at home. With the added advantage of utilizing a simulator incorporating the same tools used in flight (once again saving time and money), flight instructors will be as thrilled with their quickly advancing students as those junior pilots will be in the flight hours’ money saved.

Clearly designed for the user, the GPX file feature allows aviators to import and export data into the application database, enhancing the pilot experience through collective usage of waypoints, recorded tracks, and routes. Whether sharing with a friend, copying data for use across multiple devices, or creating backups to regular flight plans, this is yet another feature that makes Air Navigation Pro a standout in design for the pilots who use it.

5. Aeronautical database subscription plan

Plans change: being a good aviator means being able to flex with those changes on the fly (pun intended). Giving pilots rapid access to AIRAC updated data, Air Navigation Pro’s aeronautical database subscription plan can be used confidently by aviators when they need to execute on the unexpected. Offering another safety net and access to all the information need in responding to weather, ATC instruction, or the dreaded inflight emergency, everything from airport diagrams to airspace classifications is available at the swipe of a finger.

6. Localization

Every pilot knows that clear, concise, and correct communication are the keys to a perfect flight and makes a big difference in the outcomes when faced with fatigue or stress in the cockpit. Now Air Navigation Pro takes into account the native languages of its users and speaks fluent French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, and is starting to learn Italian and Russian! Additionally, soon it will have a fluent Chinese option and is truly revolutionizing the pilot experience. Now your language is Air Navigation Pro’s language. 

Air Navigation Pro Android Version 2.1 newest features benefit pilots in and out of the cockpit at all levels. Student pilots will find this to be an excellent training tool, while veteran fliers will be pleased with the ease of use and pilot centric design. All aviators will be better for the safety this app provides and happy with the availability during all phases of flight. The engineers and aviators and Air Navigation Pro did a phenomenal job in bringing an evolutionary product to its users!

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22 August 2017

9 Features of Air Navigation Pro iOS You Should Know

Air Navigation Pro iOS iPad France ICAO

Air Navigation Pro comes with numerous features both for Android and iOS. Among its more popular and most used features are the moving map, live tracking, route planning, and 3D synthetic vision to name a few.

Aside from that, the app comes with lesser known features that you may be missing. Together, let’s unlock some of the features of Air Navigation Pro iOS that you should try out on your next flight.

A powerful situational awareness and safety tool

1 - Publishing Advisory Activities 

Information is power.  This is especially true when it comes to flight safety—having the right data that will help you maintain your situational awareness is of paramount importance.

That information is only a piece of the safety puzzle; communicating with other airspace users is equally important.  We all share the same sky, and it is a lot safer when you’re more aware what everyone is doing.

That is why the ability to publish advisory activities with Air Navigation Pro is so powerful. With it, you can communicate the location and altitude you’ll be operating with other Air Navigation Pro users.

With a long tap on your iOS screen, it will enable you to select the publish advisory activity option. You can set an operating radius, the maximum altitude you’ll be flying (in AGL or MSL), and the beginning and end times of your activity.

You can even select the type of activity you’ll be engaging in; whether you’re yanking and banking in the aerobatic box, lifting loads with a helicopter, operating your drone, or riding the thermals on your glider, you can make sure that other pilots are as aware of you as you are of them.

This is just one way that flying is safer with Air Navigation Pro.

2 - Advanced Power line Drawing (Norway only)

Norway presents some of the most challenging flying on earth; with the high terrain, deep fjords, remote locations, and some of the wildest weather on the planet. At the same time, power lines pose as an obstacle that is quite difficult to see and avoid.

For all pilots and drone operators—helicopter pilots especially, maintaining a clear view of terrain and obstacles is critical to completing missions safely.

With Air Navigation Pro’s advanced power line drawing feature, that can be easily avoided.

To access the advanced power line drawing feature, tap the map options icon at the top of your screen. After, tap obstacles to turn the color coded power lines display on or off by tapping on the slider.

You can even set the power line display thresholds to suit your needs by setting to the lowest (green) and highest (red) power line structures that you want to view.  The height range in between the user selected green and red values will automatically show in yellow.  

The power lines shown as blue are those of unknown height since the surveyed height of these obstacles is not known. You can’t configure the height threshold for any power line that shows as blue.

Once you’ve selected the advanced power line drawing feature to on and selected your user defined height thresholds, the power lines will be displayed on your map.  Power lines that reach the height that you’ve selected for your ‘red’ threshold will appear as zigzags for added awareness.

It is important to note that the advanced power line drawing feature is only available with the purchase of the obstacles database subscription.  Visit the Air Navigation Pro Map Store and try out this powerful safety tool today.

3 - Triggered Routes Sharing

Being able to share your route information is another powerful feature that Air Navigation Pro provides.

Perhaps you’re flying as a crew and want to share the route that you’ve planned with another pilot. Maybe you’re a flight student and want to share your cross country route with your instructor.

Whatever your situation, you can easily share your route information by simply airdropping it to another Air Navigation Pro user’s iOS device.

To share the active route, first select the two arrows in the upper left-hand corner of your iOS screen. This will display the route and HSI information.

Next, click the share icon that accompanies the route information at the bottom of the screen. This enables you to AirDrop your route to another iOS device.

Good news! You can also share a route that is on your device that isn’t currently in use.  Begin by selecting the routes icon at the top of your iOS device’s screen.

Next, select More options and tap share.

Once you select the route that you want to share, a yellow checkmark will appear next to that route.

Click on Share at the top of the routes menu to air drop your route to another iOS device or even upload to your iCloud. Not only is this a great feature that you can use to share route information with others, but it also makes it easy to transfer information between your various iOS devices.

4 - Triggered Aircraft Profile Sharing 

Sharing your aircraft profile information is just as simple as sharing your route on Air Navigation Pro.  

This is especially useful if you are a member of a flying club, attending a flight school, or if the aircraft you are flying is part of a fleet of aircraft. 

There is no need to reinvent the wheel and re-input data—if the work has already been done by an Air Navigation Pro user, you can share that information between devices with just a few taps on the screen.

To share an aircraft profile, select the documents icon, and then select your aircraft.

By tapping on Share, you can add your aircraft file to your notes, airdrop the profile to another device, attach it to an email, or even send the document to your iCloud.  
Sharing aircraft profiles cut down on the work and helps you get airborne faster!

5 - Saving a new route and sending it to others via email

Once you’ve created a new route, you can make sure that you have it securely saved by uploading it to Air Navigation Pro’s servers.  

To save your route, select the tools icon at the top of the screen. Select Air Navigation Services and Routes Manager.  Simply tap on the route you want to save and add it to your Air Navigation Pro Manager.  

You can download routes from your Air Navigation Pro account just as easily too.  

Using the same Routes manager described above, simply tap the route on your account that you want to add to your device.  

What’s even better: Getting a new device doesn’t mean redoing all of your route planning work. All of your information is safe and secure with Air Navigation Pro account.

Don’t forget, you can send your newly saved route to any Air Navigation Pro user.  You can even send it via email from your device—just select the email icon from the share menu to email it.

6 - Triggered Waypoint Sharing

The days of trying to describe a point in space to another person using nebulous terms are over.  

In the past, sharing a location with another pilot meant drawing a circle on a paper map, providing a cumbersome latitude and longitude, or using a VOR radial and distance.  

With Air Navigation Pro, you can instantly share any waypoint you create with another user with just a couple of taps on your iOS device.

To share a waypoint with another Air Navigation Pro user, simply tap the waypoint that you want to share.  

Next, tap the share icon in the upper right-hand corner. Select to share the waypoint either as a .gpx file or send it as a Google Earth attachment.  As with sharing routes and aircraft profiles, you have the option to email, airdrop it to another iOS device, or even save the waypoint information as a text file.

Whether you are briefing a student, sharing an interesting location with another pilot, or planning out contingency landing zones for helicopter operations, conveying accurate position information is easy with Air Navigation Pro. 

7 - Triggered Recorded Flight Share (Also supported on Android 2.1 coming soon) 

One of the joys of flying is sharing those experiences with others.  There is a lot of learning to be found in sharing too; “hanger flying” sessions on rainy days allow pilots to gain valuable experience vicariously through the stories told by others.  

Air Navigation Pro makes that sharing even richer by allowing you to send recorded flight data to other users via AirDrop, email, or even upload your flight to Google Earth with a simple tap on the screen of your iOS device.

To share a flight, go to the Tools menu and select Flight recorder.  Select the flight that you want to share from the recorded flights' list and tap share then select the format you want to use.  

8 - Reverse Route Clicked 

Most flights are round trips—often returning to where you began your day.  

Instead of starting from scratch and planning a whole new flight, Air Navigation Pro allows you to reverse your original route using a couple of simple taps on iOS device.  

To use this time saving feature, simply tap the Routes symbol at the top of the screen and select Reverse.  A new route that is the exact inverse of the original is immediately created.  

The only thing left for you to do is to select the appropriate cruising altitude for the direction of flight and you’re ready to fly!

9 - Briefing Requests (Also supported on Android)

Accessing the right information with your fingertips is one of the most powerful advantages of Air Navigation Pro.  

An important component of the preflight information gathering process is obtaining a well-organized and competent briefing.  

By purchasing the Air Navigation Pro briefing subscription service, you can receive the most up-to-date NOTAM information from Skyguide right on your device.  

You can access preflight briefings from the tools menu, where you can display both the relevant NOTAMS and their radiuses right on your map display.  

No more worrying about whether or not you are really staying clear of active special use airspace or temporary flight restrictions.  With Air Navigation Pro, you can see them relative to your flight path right on your device.

Know more features? Share them with us!

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31 July 2017

Top E-learning Portals for Pilots That You Should Check Out Right Now

How passionate are you as a pilot?

How many aviation questions do you have in your mind that often keep you up at night or lose yourself in those thoughts?

The internet is a massive place filled with opportunities to learn with most of the basic information that can be accessed for free.

The real question is, is the source reputable enough and is it giving you the right information? Often times the most important information does not come for free.

So we’ve listed down some of the best places on the web that has built a solid reputation in the industry and where pilots like you can learn on your own time.

1. ICAO 

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a United Nations specialized agency, established in 1944 to manage the administration and governance of the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention).

The organization has a long-standing aviation statistical program with recognized experts that is a leading provider of training solutions for civil aviation and defense. They are also one of the pioneers of e-learning and blended training solutions.

Today the organization have mapped out their e-learning courses specifically designed for airport and airline planners, managers and operational staff, airport specialists in government and airline executives.

The course is delivered in a web-based interactive platform that is accessible 24/7. The great thing about their learning programs is it’s recognized worldwide which means what you learn can be applied in line with the global standards of aviation.

Some courses they offer: Air Transport Forecasting e-Learning Course:, Air Transport Economics and Regulation e-Learning Course, Air Transport Statistics e-Learning Course.

2. Flight Safety 

FlightSafety is a world leader in Professional Aviation Training and Simulation Systems. They have more than 1,800 highly experienced professional instructors, 1.3 million hours of training conducted each year with customers from 167 countries all over the world.

Currently, they have approved professional training for 135 aircraft models. They also have 100 eLearning and LiveLearning courses and a combined 4,000 courses for pilots, technicians, flight attendants and dispatchers.

Outside their e-Learning portal they have more than 300 full flight simulators and advanced training devices.

Among its pilot courses, you’d be delighted to find Fixed-Wing Pilot Trainings, Level D Helicopter Trainings, Regional Airline Training Airlines, Trusted Maintenance Trainings, Aviation Professional Trainings, Simulation and Advanced Training Devices, and Training Systems for Militaries and Governments.

3. Student Pilot News 

If you want to brush up on some theory and skills training, this website offers micro quizzes for the student pilot. It covers basic topics like Essential Flight Planning Skills, Basic Aircraft Aerodynamics, Aircraft Weight and Balance, Proper Aircraft Engine Operations and much more.

The website is run by John Zimmerman, Vice President of Sporty’s Pilot Shop’s Catalog Division. It is a labor of love as John grew up in the back of small airplanes and learned to fly as a teenager and belonged to a daily of aviators. He is hooked on anything with wings and flies a Citabria, a Pilatus PC-12 and a Robinson R44 helicopter on a regular basis.

4. Bold Method

Bold Method is a favorite online destination for aviation lovers. The website produces shareable digital aviation and flight training content designed to teach, entertain and inspire pilots to earn their certification.

Its e-Learning method uses real world examples like reading and interpreting maps or decoding and interpreting forecasts.

Most of their content can easily be digested as it is published in chunks thru training topic articles, quizzes, lists, and videos.

Of course, they also have paid courses like training on Airspaces, Weather Reports And Forecasts, VFR Charts and Publications and more.


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is the trade association for all the airlines globally. It represents more than 83% of total air traffic and helps formulate industry policy on critical aviation issues.

IATA’s Virtual Training programs allow pilots like you to study remotely with full interaction with the instructor and course participants. Teaching staff consist of faculty from Harvard Business School and Harvard Business Publishing moderators.

The program focuses on a participant-centered instructional methodology where it aims to encourage reflection, discussion, and critical thinking among its students. The overall impact of this method is transformational on both a personal and operational level.

Courses include Aviation Leadership Development Program and Aviation Strategy Execution Program.

Aside from their e-Learning platform, IATA also has Classroom, In-Company, Distance, and partner training programs.

6. Aviation eLearning

Aviation eLearning consists of programming, multimedia and aviation professionals with more than 25 years in the aviation industry. It is a learning management system (LMS) that provides real life case studies, training on Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM).

The system works really well with on-the-go learner, especially when having to leave a certain chapter untouched with its color coded chapters and progress tracking checklist.

7. IXO Aviation

IXO is a Swiss Aviation eLearning portal that offers an extended set of e-learning aviation training programs. They are developed in compliance with the latest ICAO and EASA rules and recommendations that are centralized in the LMS platform.

The online training courses are customized by qualified aviation specialists for recurrent training for any pilot who wants to refresh their knowledge of aircraft systems, airline OPS modules, or their ATPL general knowledge.

There are also modules developed for beginner student pilots that comes with a certificate that can be printed out upon completion of every aviation online course.

8. Academy of Aerobatics

Created by Aerobatic World Champion Patrick Paris, Academy of Aerobatics is a video app with briefings to help aspiring aerobatic pilots learn the basic of aerobatics.

Drawing from his long experience as a trainer, world class competitor coach, as well as mentor to aerobatic enthusiasts, Patrick saw a great way to help his students and any aerobatic enthusiast understand the journey ahead.

The app allows the pilot to see a glimpse of what you can see if you’re tumbling up in the air together with how you should handle the cruise controls. Like the concept of AoA as in the Angle of Attack, this video app tutorial will allow you to learn how to manage the angle of attack from every point—wether during take off, cruise, the circuit pattern, maneuvering, or emergencies.

Well, that's our list. Thought about pursuing a higher level of learning for your passion?

Check out these sites to see how you can expand your knowledge in areas that you've been thinking of taking but never had the time. With numerous of these eLearning sites today, you can learn wherever you are--even while in the cockpit above the ground.

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24 July 2017

11 Pilots You Should Follow on Instagram

The pilot community on Instagram has grown 5 times bigger since the app launched in 2010. It is a favorite platform among photography enthusiasts, creative brands, and influencers who want to share experiences in creative and visually appealing ways.

If you aren’t on Instagram yet, here are some really awesome pilot accounts you should follow. You’ll be surprised how the aviation community has gathered such a strong following, some garnering up to millions of followers.

Are you ready to take an Instagram stroll with us?

1. Tom Andreas Østrem

A Helicopter pilot based in Stavanger, Norway. His photos are always filled with contrasting hues and bold natural colors. His photos will take you to different adventures around Norway where you’ll see him lift heavy loads with his helicopter or landing on the ice caps of Norway’s mountains.

2. Matthias Dolderer.

A Red Bull Air Race World Champion. Get front row seats and even cockpit perspectives of this world champion’s flying adventures.

3. Stani Klajban

Is the world round? You'll probably figure it out later on and have some of Stani's photos to back up your theories. Coupled with cockpit photos are aerial shots that feature islets and the infinite horizon. You'll also be taken along some landing adventures at the Tenerife airport like the video below.

A post shared by Stan (@stani320) on

4. Mathilde Saurat

An aerobatic pilot and beach lover, you'll love the raw photos taken by Mathilde that features her adventures in the cockpit or on the ground.

A post shared by Mathilde (@pilot.mathilde) on

5. Borneogeek

Borneogeek flies a B744 or an A330 between Asia and the US. His posts are a mix of photos inside the cockpit, aerial shots, crew life including a sample of his cabin meal like the photo below. You also need to watch out for this guy's hilarious post status too! If you like sarcasm and witty one-liners, you'd like to follow this dude right here.

6. Matt Dearden

Matt travels in the oddest and often, dangerous airstrips around the world. He records his flying adventures from the cockpit including a PBY-5A Catalina, considered in the aviation community as the most recognized plane used during World War 2. Matt's Instagram feed is filled with aviation and travel photos that offer interesting stories behind each post, whether they're aerial shots or escapades on the road.

A post shared by Matt Dearden (@indopilot) on

7. Helen van Dam

A First Officer based in Spain, Helen flies the B737-800 in and around Europe. You'll love the details of her photos and the different characters she features during her travels. Aside from cockpit selfies, you'll be able to play guess-what-button-that-is in some of her posts where she features the myriad of buttons in her office space.

8. Matthepilot737

An airline pilot, bike racer, and model, Matt travels all over the world while being based in Dubai. He flies the Boeing 737-800. If he's not flying, he goes on lavish vacations with his beautiful wife and features exotic destinations like the Maldives, The Alps, or his home Dubai. You'll enjoy the combination of aviation, lifestyle and motor racing posts he puts up.

A post shared by @matthepilot737 on

9. Luana Torres

A picture paints a thousand words but this Brazilian girl's Instagram paints a chic life. Luana flies both helicopter and airplane and has traveled the globe visiting 28 countries. She documents this in her Instagram and Youtube channel where she records her flights using her GoPro.

Luana's posts will take you outside the cockpit and into different aspects of her life. From wine tasting in Napa Valley, kayaking in the English Bay, hopping on a hot air balloon ride or taking a helicopter for a spin. On top of that, she's also an Economist, this could very well be the girl of your dreams.

A post shared by Luana Torres (@pilotluana) on

10. Captain Joe

Joe is an airline first officer and also owns a Youtube Channel that offers pilot training classes. He answers questions related to “what do I need to do to become a pilot”? His Instagram posts are a fun combination of his experiences in and out of the cockpit, motivational posts and the value of improving one's craft. Watch out for that video of him taking a basic life support refresher course with his buddies.

11. Francisco Dellocchio

Francisco is a corporate pilot who owns his very own private airline for executives. If you want a taste of the high life, you'd want to follow Francisco's Instagram account. He posts the luxurious side of the fly life, from luxurious cabins, sushi cabin meal, and driving Ferraris during the weekends. If you want your feed to be filled with fast cars, luxurious jets and another perspective of the horizon, follow him on Instagram.

Pilots from different parts of the world feel nearer with social media. What was once a personal experience for pilots can now be shared with the entire world.

Sure, call it bragging but being a pilot has its own bragging rights. Each has his own story and it isn't luxury all the time. Sometimes, most times, being a pilot is much more than cockpit photos.

It's being able to conquer what most cannot and being able to experience the magic that happens when flying that only a few get to experience.

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10 July 2017

7 Types of Partners a Pilot Should Date (At Least Once)

Pilots are the adventurous types but quite picky when it comes to their partners. True, right? It must be from the perfectionist characteristic that most pilots possess. 

Sure, you’ve dated a good number while your friends would say that you date the same types over and over again. What a shocker! They may have a few differences but you almost always are attracted to a certain type that is common in each person you’ve dated. 

But it’s not your fault. Humans often follow a pattern in all things, either with personal routines or people you choose to interact with. Then again, one has to venture out into the unknown in order to grow or evolve into the kind of person you are destined to be.

Most of the times, the kind of partner you choose creates a big ripple in your life. It often changes the course of your routine that would inspire you to push your limits. So if you’re limiting yourself to cockpit adventures, maybe it’s time to discover a new adventure on the dating table.

Here are 7 types of people you should date at least once before landing the right copilot.

1 - The Fan

As a pilot, you continuously perfect your craft by consistently applying what you learn. You have a schedule in place for flights that you’ve planned ahead. The Fan is the type of support that you crave for when nonpilot friends and family could not understand the passion and dedication you have for aviation.

This person enthusiastically devotes their time to make you feel like the master of the sky, proposes to be your copilot, shares your cockpit photos on their timeline and often sends you words of encouragement. 

In this person, you’ll find validation to your passion. You’ll love the attention too… only up to a point when it’s not nauseating.

2 - The Adventure Seeker

Not everyone love heights, more so, crave it. So finding someone who seeks the same kind of adventurous craving you have is almost like magic. 

Dating an adventure seeker would mean keeping a part of you unhinged, adding some imbalance to your almost perfect schedule. Sure, you love scheduling things ahead and be as detailed about it as you possibly can. 

Dating someone who doesn’t keep score of a preplanned schedule helps you explore new ways of discovering things that you wouldn’t have had discovered if you stuck to your own schedule. 

It may mess up your plans and how you do things a little bit but it will teach you to accept some things that are beyond your control. It’s especially helpful when making multiple decisions in the cockpit. Particularly those narrow time frames during take-offs.

3 - The Homemaker

You know that saying that a way to a person’s heart is thru their stomach? Well, dating The Homemaker will feel like a buffet most of the time. Landings will be greeted with home cooked lunches and take offs are sweeter with baked goodies.

This type of partner bids you with so much warmth and eagerly awaits your return. You’ll love the stability this type provides like the kind of order you follow in most of your pre-flight planning. If you’ve always been used to the more sophisticated type with a career, try this one out for size. 

You may find something endearing in homemakers that you won’t find in alpha types.

4 - The Wild Cat

This type is very intense, emotionally in touch with themselves, and believes in openly discussing the more intimate details of your relationship. Dating a Wild Cat helps you improve your communication skills which are often a pilot’s weakness.

You may both love parties and social mingling but talking about your feelings may put you at an uncomfortable spot. Learning how to express yourself thru dating a Wild Cat is another way to push against your boundaries.

Trust is a very big factor when talking about yourself to someone else. More so because being self-sufficient is a common trait among pilots that often make you suspicious of other people’s intentions. Either that or if they measure up to your expectations at all. 

This is where Wild Cats play an integral part of opening you up just a little bit.

5 - The Career Person

The most successful relationships work because of so much understanding and support about what the other person is pursuing. Not everyone will understand how or why you do what you do

No other type would understand the stamina you have for aviation more than a career person. Often times, the Career Person will have the same dilemma about finding a partner who will understand the late working hours that extend to the weekends. 

If you want someone who challenges you, keeps you on your toes and gives you the space you long for while on those big wings, date this type. You’ll find that they would fit the bill perfectly especially when scheduling plans ahead.

6 - The Intellectual

Pilots are great at pulling things apart and think in building-block fashion. You are able to deconstruct what you’ve done after you have carefully built something with the right reasoning behind it.

When you date an Intellectual, you get to enjoy the conversations and intellectual banter that other types would rarely enjoy. This type would eagerly listen to your explanations behind your methods and would willingly offer insights to improve your strategies. 

This type will perfectly understand why it takes you some time to finish a task that others would finish in a day. Perfection takes time and the intellectual knows that proper methodologies enforced take careful thinking and practice.

7 - The Right Copilot

The right copilot is a combination of all the previous types rolled into one. When you mature and grow into an aviation master, you’ll find the type of traits in a partner that would fit right in with your strengths and shortcomings.

When you find what the right traits would fit your lifestyle and personality, you would find the Right Copilot who will cheer you on like The Fan, share your love for cockpit views like the Adventure Seeker; prepare your favourite childhood meals like the Homemaker; open you up like a bag of jelly worms like a Wild Cat; offer important insights to your flying goals as would an Intellectual; and keeping the balance by having their own pursuits like the Career Person.

If you haven't found the right copilot by now, it would be worth a shot to date outside of your own league. After all, perfection is not achieved by trying just one way, right? 

And if you’ve found the right copilot, don’t ever let this one go.

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