19 March 2018

Air Navigation Pro Android 2.2 Updates and Features!

Aviators who fly with their Android mobile devices are sure to enjoy this Air Navigation Pro update at the start of the year. With our never-ending quest to provide better service with each update, we have improved user experience to match some features that can be found in the iOS version.

The 3 main features such as Traffic Awareness, Situational Alerts, and Night Vision are some of the most well-loved functions in the app that pilots have come to appreciate in and out of the cockpit. These enhanced functions even help pilots who do solo flights  Anyone who has flown with a support pilot, who watches for traffic and enhances your understanding of Air Traffic Control instructions, knows the feeling of relaxation that occurs when sharing the work load. With all of its advancements, Air Navigation Pro has become this helpful trusted co-pilot in the cockpit while also being the friend that practically does the flight planning for you.

Here are the Android 2.2 feature highlights:

1. Traffic Awareness

Air Navigation Pro iOS and Android improve your situational awareness by displaying the traffic around you. With your network connection activated, enable the traffic awareness feature and broadcast your position via the Air Navigation Pro traffic server. This feature displays traffic information on your moving map, and alerts you if a risk of collision is detected.

To enable this feature go to Maps > Maps Options > Traffic Awareness > and enable the "Show Traffic On Map" button. Various icons representing aircraft nearby will appear on your moving map with distinct alerts whose appearance is a quick indication on the proximity or range. White indicates the safe distance zone, Yellow for the warning zone, and Red when a risk of collision is detected.

Flying in formation or coordinating a rendezvous with a friend? Simply tap on an aircraft to tag it as favorite. The color will automatically change to yellow. In addition tapping on a flight icon will display additional information such as the aircraft call sign, speed, vertical speed and altitude.

Traffic awareness enhances safety while flying, while also offering the benefit of being a member of Air Navigation Pro pilot's network. Pilots can use the app to broadcast their location via the Air Navigation Pro traffic server while simultaneously viewing fellow pilots in the same area. Once again, not only being a practical feature but a fun one that allows us aviators to experience the fun with our flying friends.

2. Alerts

Situational Alerts are invaluable for pilots in the critical phases of flight, (take off, approach, and landing). It alleviates pilot workload and mental strain incurred while searching for the necessary information in the busiest flight times. Alerts allow us to focus on flying the plane, while pilot assistant notifies you when necessary.

Air Navigation Pro has personalized this feature to your preference, allowing you to receive either ground proximity or airspace alerts. What’s more is that the Cruising Altitude alert can be sent to prompt you when you reach your target altitude (no more blowing through an altitude and receiving an embarrassing call from ATC reminding you of the altimeter setting).

To enable Situational Alerts: tap on Flight > Flight Parameters > Alert, to display the alert menu on your app. The cruise altitude alert notifies you when the target altitude is reached. Enable this feature and select your target altitude in feet to receive an alert when the target altitude is reached or abandoned. Ground Proximity Alert notifies you when the flying altitude decreases to below 500 feet. A smart move, as to not distract us pilots in the final landing phase since this alert will automatically disable near airports.

Airspace Ahead Alert will notify you when an airspace is 5 minutes ahead of your current course and you can customize the class of airspace you wish to receive alerts for. This is for both assisting pilots in locating airports and to avoid airspace we’re not cleared into.

3. Night Vision

Night Mode has been invaluable for all my late evening flights. It takes 30 minutes for the rods of the eyes to adjust in the low light setting. Thanks to the advancements of Air Navigation Pro, we no longer have to worry about ruining our vision and being blind while waiting for our eyes to adjust back from a too bright tablet back light.

Air Navigation Pro iOS and Android now allows you to switch to a night vision theme for the entire app. Set up night mode from Map Option Settings by tapping on Night Mode at the top which toggles the switch on. Routes and airspaces remain red, while purple and blue highlight colors, as well as important text so essential information is easily visible.

The night vision feature is great for use in low light condition or, if you’re like me who prefers the black back display in day time too. The night vision also converts the colors for approach charts and documents to create a whole new experience with Air Navigation Pro new theme.

4. Streets and Places

One final bonus feature now available on Android is the Streets and Places search. This is clearly valuable for anyone flying visually to locate their destination or trying to over fly Mom's house to wave or stop by for a story.

Easily access the Open Street Map. Streets and Places search database via a yearly subscription and while you’re there, check out Air Navigation Pro subscription options on services.xample.ch. Both iPad and Android users can appreciate the team at Air Navigation Pro who keep the Android version and iOS versions updated with the best and latest options for pilots. It’s so good, you’d think you were flying with a full crew of supportive flight assistants and co-pilots. 

What is your favorite Android 2.2 feature? Let us know in the comments below!

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18 January 2018

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Air Navigation Pro

In 2011 I started US Air Force flight training with no previous flying experience. It was the challenge of a lifetime. Every detail of flight planning was done with painstaking effort. Every chart, approach plate, airport information, weather prognostic, and terrain study had to be done searching through multiple databases and verified on printed sheets. For every hour of flight time, a minimum of four hours were spent in preparation.

Today we have access to flight assistant apps which make flight preparation and execution comparatively simple. We even have choices on the electronic flight books we choose to use! In the following paragraphs I will explain why you should use Air Navigation Pro, and what are some features that make it a standout flight assistant app. Before I really dig into the top 5 reasons why you need Air Navigation Pro, I’d like to offer a reminder of why mobile back-up is important.
In the good old days, we chummed our own charts (made sure the data for towers and other obstacles were displayed) and dog-eared our approach plates in the terminal procedures publications. Mobile backup is akin to chumming your chart. It’s important to ensure you have the most up to date data and that data is saved!

Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons you need Air Navigation Pro:

Safety is the Most Important Part of Flying

If you started flying before the availability of a flight assistant app, and have the experience of labor-intensive process of searching a paper chart, you don’t need to read these paragraphs to understand why Air Navigation Pro is needed critically. But for everyone else, I’ll explain why this is so important to your aviation practice with a situation I’ve experienced.

Picture this: after a long week, working a full time job during the day and studying for your advanced pilot licenses in the evenings, you decide to reward yourself by flying a friend to dinner with a view. You arrive at the airport on a Friday night, and it’s already getting dark. You’re night time current and this isn’t a problem, but it does reduce your visibility and necessitate the use of artificial light.

You prepare your pre-flight, do an engine run up, and depart your home airfield with ease. But just as you exit familiar airspace, your low voltage light clicks on indicating that you’ll be out of electrical power as soon as the battery runs down.

Without a flight assistant app, you’d be frantically flipping through charts to find your nearest airport, air traffic control frequency, and local weather station information, while holding a flashlight and trying to control the airplane. Fortunately for me in this situation, I had Air Navigation Pro with the night time back lighting or night mode (easy on the eyes). It showed me my position on the spot and with the click of a finger allowed me to identify all the important information to return safely.

For Easy Flight Planning 

As a military aviator, I had the thrilling experience of flying 500 feet off the ground at 360kts on military low-level training routes. They remain among my favored flying stories to re-tell. Although, in recounting the tails of: zipping towards the “target” and, shacking the parameters I tend to leave, it took me 8 hours to plan for a 45 minute flight.

With Air Navigation Pro, this planning effort is reduced to a fraction of what it used to be. Visualizing the route is as easy as opening the flight assistant app and scrolling through the 3D display of the route. Identifying the highest object, divert fields, communications information, and all other important data is self-contained within an easy-access graphical user interface. This kind of tool is especially relevant for VFR pilots demonstrating their ability to navigate visually. 

Worth Every Penny Spent

Aviation is expensive. From the flight lessons to the equipment, the AV fuel, and the flight planning products, you well spend a lot of money. I’d tell you how much I’ve spent on flying just this year but it hurts just thinking about it. Suffice to say, anything that costs less while offering without compromising quality isn’t a want, it’s a necessity!

The use of flight assistant apps have become mandatory in aviation. Much like owning a headset or buying study materials, you must buy the electronic data for your flight. For a fraction of the price as its competitors, Air Navigation Pro not only matches quality, but offers features the other apps don’t have!  

Simulate Flying Before Sitting in an Actual Cockpit

Chair-flying: the act of visualizing and practicing the art of flight while chilling in your pajamas on your sofa, enjoying a cup of coffee.

This definition is not in the pilots handbook but it should be! Chair-flying is just as important as earning actual flight hours. You cannot replace the experience you gain in methodically thinking through the actions you’ll take and possible outcomes of those actions. Pilots who chair-fly are better; and the method is free.

Air Navigation Pro not only provides the information you need to visualize your flight, and it also integrates with simulators enhancing the chair flying experience and offering real time feedback!

Social Media Sharing Option

Every pilot knows that flying is addictive. We break our bodies and wallets to experience the thrill over and over again. But our passion for flight goes beyond the experience of dancing among the clouds, we do it for the community. We fly to share the stories with our best mates.

Air Navigation Pro offers us pilots the opportunity to share more! We can share routes, flight data, and our experiences on a visual platform. Not to mention, within the aviation community, Air Navigation Pro users are an even closer fraternity themselves.

Air Navigation Pro is sharing our stories through the Pilot Story features.

Although, only 7 years ago, I didn’t have the luxury of using a flight assistant app while training. Mistakes of forgetting to bring any information which may have been relevant to the flight, like an approach plate for a potential divert field, was a failure. Even heavier consequences resulted after earning my wings, our crew had to think of every possible situation which could alter our plans before we stepped to the jet. Forgetting to bring all charts, plates, and flight data could be the difference between landing safely and dealing with more difficult consequences.

While I am experienced in the manual charting process, I strongly believe in advancing aviation training and operations to match with the technology available today. My experiences, which include being miles up with an in-flight emergency, and losing time flipping through piles of paper for critical information, make me an advocate for flight assistance apps like Air Navigation Pro. So while you’re packing for your flight gear, remember to charge your tablet, perform your mobile backup, and use your Air Navigation Pro!

Check out this video below:

- Jo Tracker
 For more helpful pilot tips and vlogs, check out my Youtube channel, Instagram and Blog.

Are you an Air Navigation Pro user? What are the best things you like about ANP? Let us know in the comments below!

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19 December 2017

18 New Years Resolution Ideas for Pilots to Welcome 2018

The Air Navigation Pro team is all about preparation from flight planning to year planning! Our team wants to give the best curated content possible to ensure a smooth 2018 experience. Although every aviator is innately unique and some of these don't apply to everyone, here is our list of suggestions for pilots' New Year's resolutions:

1. Improve physical appearance or strength.

A pilot needs to hit the gym not only for aesthetic purposes but because, sometimes their life could literally depend on it. If it's not already a part of your routine, try your best to be a little bit stronger everyday so that when emergencies happen, you will be equipped to handle it.

2. Plan more.

Some pilots love to plan, some don't. If you're not one of those people that plan excessively, start small. You don't need to map out an entire decade. You can just start from planning you day to planning your week then month. The next thing you know, you've already got your first quarter covered.

3. Eat healthier.

With the resolution to be stronger should come with its corresponding healthy diet choices. We're not getting any younger so we need to take extra effort in making sure we don't suddenly collapse in the middle of nowhere due to poor and unhealthy diet (like starving yourself or lacking essential nutrients).

4. Daily meditation.

One of the pilot's best defense in case of any emergency is a good and sound mind. Consistent meditation promotes mental clarity, focus and clears the mind of trivial thoughts. Those daily seconds of peace will allow your mind to reboot and be prepared for any demanding activities within the day.

5. Make efforts on learning new things everyday.

There's no doubt that aviation-related courses are some of the most difficult courses there are, but that doesn't mean that learning should stop. Learning is an everyday process that prevents our brain from stagnating. Reading books and blogs or watching video tutorials are some quick ways to learn new things.

6. Spend more time with your significant other.

Relationships are hard, especially with those whose profession makes them physically unavailable for long periods of time. If you are currently in a long distance relationship, resolve to spending more time with your girlfriend or boyfriend this year, instead of just buying them an expensive gift. Time is one of the best things that money can't buy.

7. Be more sociable.

Social settings, like some long-distance flights, can be tiring; but at the end of the day, you will need companions to feel a little less lonely. The resolution to try making more friends this year might do wonders for you! Who knows, you might find diamond underneath all the rubble.

8. Enjoy lazy days.

For aviators and those in the aeronautical industry, you have to be fast and on schedule; because of that, it's easy to forget taking things slow. This year, try spending some lazy afternoons in the couch or going out for lunch with a friend, dressing down and chilling without a care.

9. Travel more.

This might sound like an ironic advise to give to a pilot, especially since most pilots travel excessively from one place to another. Travel or go on vacation more often, try to create a bucket list of places you want to visit and take the entire year to finish the list. You'll love the sense of accomplishment after the year is done.

10. Save more and be thriftier.

We often think that having a higher income is the best way to ensure our future, but we should always put into consideration that (especially when you're a pilot) anything could happen at any moment. Don't forget to aside an emergency fund in case of injuries or problems that may arise.

11. Spend time on those TV series you've been wanting to watch.

Pilots have a lot of time to kill between long-distance flights. Sometimes, you would feel too tired to go out into the streets and you would rather stay in the hotel. Luckily, due to Netflix and other streaming services, you can easily access TV series and watch them any time.

12. Document your travels.

One of the many advantages of being a pilot is seeing views that most people don't have access to. Crossing cities and seeing sun movement through the clouds are breath-taking, it's almost like a responsibility of a pilot to share those amazing experiences with other people. If you're shy, start with sharing them to your close friends first.

13. Make a checklist for something other than an aircraft (like an event or party).

This year, try to make a checklist for something non-aviation such as a surprise party for your parent/s or kid/s, or a reunion for your relatives. The advantage of having such an orderly list is that you incorporate your pilot training with something fun and significant in a social setting.

14. Make smart investments.

Aside from creating the habit of saving money, you can also largely benefit from putting your money into something that could grow long term. Like any investment, you have to make sure you've done the necessary research in order for you to get all the information you need before embarking on investments.

15. Support an advocacy.

It's important to grow as a person every year. This year, try to give back to the community and make a small difference in your place. If you've gotten to this part, with only 1 or 2 more things to improve on this year (given that you've already had your life figured out) then you might want to support an advocacy of your choosing.

There are a lot of causes that need support from all over the world, find out what institutions matter in your local community/aviation group. Most organizations have websites that allow you to donate without needing to physically visit the area or facilities.

16. Pursue peace.

The advantage of welcoming the new year is having a reason to change. Peace is something that every human being seeks, and even though you can't control the actions of other people (who want to create chaos), you can try to do little things that pursues peace. Getting rid of negative people and choosing what you say, goes a very long way.

17. Follow social media handles of advocacies and companies that matter to you.

The digital age has brought ease and mobility to getting information from all over the world. This year, try to show support to the advocacies and companies that matter to you. Air Navigation Pro can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

18. Take more steps on safety.

Of course, we would resolve to take more steps to safety every year. To ensure safer trips this year, you can plan your flights with the Air Navigation Pro app.

Watch the video below:

What are your New Year's resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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18 December 2017

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Stanislav Klajban of the Canary Islands

The Air Navigation Pro team has been talking to different pilots in social media, trying to find a variety of pilots like those that enjoy 3D sculpting, photography and painting. We wanted stories from different parts of the world, from different age groups and professions. Today we are featuring Stanislav Klajban, a Slovakian pilot who is currently living in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. He's not a full-time pilot, working in the Tourism industry, but he loves flying and taking pictures of his flights.

Q: Hi Stan, what do you love most about flying?

It frees my mind. Once you take off, you leave all the problems and chaos on the ground. Flying resets and refreshes my mind. After a well-done approach and landing, you feel even better.

Q: What do you do when you’re not flying?

Work obviously; spend time with my family, hike, walk and dream of flying. I like to edit images taken not only during my flights, to share them either on my blog, or social networks, learning how to be a better and a safer pilot.

Q: Speaking of "safer", how did you come across Air Navigation Pro?

I was recommended it to me by a friend of my. I was on a search and he was already using it so I bought the same one

Q: What are the 5 best things you like about our app? Please elaborate.
  • Great navigation help
  • It helps me to improve the situational awareness. 
  • Flight planning and preparation (route planning, waypoints, weight & balance calculations, time, total flight time, etc.)
  • Time to next waypoint or notification point. Sometimes you get requested by the ATC to give your estimate to the next notification point; I can read it easily from the screen without having to calculate.
  • The paid version of the visual charts. They get updated every 28 days automatically. Don’t have upload them manually.

Q: Have you tried other navigating apps?


Q: What apps are these? How do you find these apps in comparison?

I was using Garmin 96C, which was for me outdated. It was great tool at that time, but with 4 buttons to insert a route it was difficult. The batteries were great, it was able to operate for almost the whole day without charging.
Obviously, installing an app on a mobile device or on a tablet gives you the possibility to zoom in or out, and get to all the options by simply touching the screen. It’s easier, quicker, and gives you much more options...
I also tried Jeppessen, liked it, but for VFR flying it makes no sense to be paying for 2 aplications, and as far as I get the help I need, it won’t be necessary to change.

Q: If you could talk to non-users about our product, what would you tell them?

Great tool to help with the VFR navigation and to improve your situational awareness, good help with flight planning and it makes flying easier and more enjoyable taking over some tasks from you. You can install it on several devices (using the same OS), so you can use it on your iPad and on your iPhone as a back-up.

Q: What is your favorite aircraft and destination?

My favorite plane is Airbus 320 family. It’s spacious, comfortable, like the idea behind it. However, I could say I like everything that flies or “hangs” in the air, and I’m very happy and thankful to fly a small Piper PA28 as well.

If you refer my favorite destination to fly to, it would be La Gomera. It’s a 45 minutes short hop over to the neighbor island. The landing strip is situated on a cliff and it looks like that you are landing on an aircraft carrier.

Video of the approach: 

Nice terminal building in Canarian style. After a 10 minutes ride with a taxi you get down to the village and can eat delicious  fish or some other specialties.

Q: What is your favorite flying memory?

I visited Africa twice; and on both occasions flown by myself to this continent, as a private flight.

Q: What do you see yourself doing three years from now?

At least 3 years older, lol. Maybe flying something “bigger” than only my Piper PA28.

Q: What would you tell non-pilots about the joy of flying?

Obviously, flying is not for everybody. You can like it or not. If you like it, and you fly, you see the world with different eyes. The world looks nicer from up there, you leave your problems on the ground, enjoy the freedom of “hanging” around and the sky becomes your home.

You can find out more about Stan in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and on his personal blog Fly with Stan.

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Are you a pilot with cool travel stories and you want to be featured on our blog?

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13 December 2017

5+ Santa Trackers You Have to Check Out this Yuletide Season!

Santa's flight is one of the most peculiar or openly-discussed aviation topic during the Holiday season. How does he fly around the world in only a few hours? More importantly, how do we know he hasn't missed a child in his trip? Does he have a flight planning application like Air Navigation Pro?

Luckily, the Internet helps in the advent as we bring to you the sites that are tracking good ol' Saint Nick:

GOOGLE Santa Tracker

The GOOGLE Santa Tracker is not the first tracker ever created but it is by far the most fun with various games and activities available for you to enjoy while you wait for Christmas Eve. Every day leading up to Christmas unlocks a new activity, and there is a countdown at the top of the page to constantly remind you. It's by far, one of the most aesthetically-pleasing and fun trackers with new activities to unlock as Christmas draws nearer.

If you're looking for a fun family activity while waiting for Christmas Day to come, check out the fun activities and challenge each other's high score! If you haven't visited the site already, watch their teasers below:

NORAD Santa Tracker

The NORAD Santa Tracker is a classic and said to be the first of all Santa trackers ever created, which also has a mini-Santa village with songs and stories that you can explore. A partnership by the United States and Canada, NORAD stands for North American Aerospace Defense Command, which is an organization that is in charge of giving aerospace warning and protection for Northern America.

If you're looking for a fun family activity while waiting for Christmas Day to come, check out the fun songs and trivia! If you still haven't visited their site, you can check out their teaser below:

E-Mail Santa

The E-Mail Santa is a simple tracker that allows you to send and receive correspondence from Santa (or one of his many customer support elves). The website is light and an entertaining read for those that are looking for an uncomplicated way to wait for presents.

Check out the video below:

Lewisville Fire Department Santa Tracker

This very simple and interesting Lewisville Fire Department Santa Tracker features a map and schedules on the right side of the site. Although it's unclear what motivated the fire department to create their own tracker, it's worth mentioning anyway.

Santa Update Site

The Santa Update website is a simple and interesting browser-based activity-filled site. Although it isn't nearly as graphic as Google's or NORAD's Santa tracking sites, Santa Update also features several interactive activities like naming a baby reindeer.

Santa Video Call and Tracker App

The Santa Video Call and Tracker App is a mobile application that lets you call Santa and track him. It has been having great reviews at the app store and a lot of parents seem to be satisfied with the software. It's available for iPhone and iPad devices, good for some family bonding time with the kids.

Watch the app preview video:

Did you know that Air Navigation Pro is also available for iOS? We can't track Santa, but we can plan, track and record flights! Download Air Navigation Pro and take us with you this Holiday season.

Fairview Santa Tracker

The browser-based Fairview Santa Tracker seems to function more like a tracker for their fire trucks more than anything. It's currently not updated (the website says Santa Tracker 2016) but if you're currently living in that area, it would be good information to know about their route.

Are you guys ready to track Santa this year? What application or site will you be using? If you see him, let us know!

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11 December 2017

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Kirsten Augustyn of Norway

The Air Navigation team has searched far and wide for stories of different pilots from different countries like Argentina, France, Italy and New Zealand. Today, let's add Norway to the mix. We are happy to have found Kirsten Augustyn in Instagram. She is a beautiful and outspoken female pilot, who also keeps her own blog and website

Outside of social media, photography, blogging and the internet in general, Kirsten works as a commercial helicopter pilot. The majority of her commercial flight experience was obtained as a Grade II Flight Instructor in the city of Durban, along the picturesque East Coast of South Africa.

She had many profound things to say about a lot of topics:

Q: What do you love most about flying aircrafts?

I love who I am becoming through it.

I love that progress, true progression only arrives at the regression of ego. That eventually you grow to learn that it’s not about chasing hours, type ratings and titles but rather about being just a little bit better than who you were yesterday. And that this “machine” can be used as a medium to teach others how to better your today, tomorrow. (The view out the window is also rather nice, I love that too ;) )


Q: What is your favorite aircraft?

My favor always lends itself to the need for its application. By their very nature helicopters are unique and distinct. Their design and mechanism is based entirely on the environment to which they’ve been designed to come alive to. I believe that part of the beauty and artistry involved in piloting is understanding how the machines differ, knowing their intricacies and limitations so that you can “dance” with the same rhythm and fly to their strengths and not around their “weaknesses”. 

Sadly, I feel that many Helicopters are flown outside of their intended role as more cost-effective machines are favored over those which are more capable and suited. Unfortunately, this compromises crew and operational safety as well as the helicopter community’s safety record and integrity. 

So, if your question was which is your favorite helicopter for ab-initio flight instruction I’d have to say the Robinsons. For air lifting and sling work? I’d have to say the AS350’s, for offshore operations I’d say the S92’s, AW189 and EH175’s for aeromedical, the introduction of the AW169 has been intriguing, and of course the 135s/145s.

Q: What is your favorite destination?

Favorite Destination? Well I guess that location pin is always moving. There are incredible places to fly around in South Africa. Most memorable flights (Which always involved the use of Air Navigation pro) Were flying along the stretch of coast that extends from Durban, to the Eastern Cape. Flying further North to visit the wildlife parks, and inland to the Drakensberg Mountains. Although at present my favorite destination is the one my fiancé’ and I have recently arrived to in order to encourage career progression. Norway is an incredibly beautiful country, and I look forward to exploring it further from the air!

Q: How did you come across Air Navigation PRO?

I recall searching for a navigation app that could be supported across multiple devices to make on-the-go flight planning and preparation effortless. The fact that it proved to be an efficient and reliable real-time navigation application was an added bonus.

Q: What are the 5 best things you like about our app? Please elaborate.
  1. User friendly (Easy to interpret and modify during flight)
  2. Supported over multiple devices
  3. Aeronautical maps and aeronautical database catalogue is extensive, easy to add on and update.
  4. Great for pre-flight route planning and chart study.
  5. Competitively priced
Q: Have you tried other navigating apps?

I’ve always stuck with Air Navigation pro. As mentioned before the database and map catalogue is pretty extensive and current. Traveling and transitioning between airspaces was fluid, I was already familiar with the user interface and developed trust in the product and felt no need to change. (The app worked equally good in South African and UK Airspace)

A post shared by K I R S T E N A U G U S T Y N (@kirzican) on

Q: Can you please tell me a story of the best times you have had with our app? If you can name more than one instance, that would be awesome!

There have been multiple. Every cross-country flight would be accompanied by my iPad and Airnav pro. Even on local/familiar routes it served its purpose and held its place. For instructional flights, the flight trace screen shot would support a good student debrief and analysis of wind conditions and required track corrections. It was a means to bring theoretical and practical navigation aspects to together, and to life. I think what I really appreciate is the collaboration of technology with traditional navigation and chart reading techniques. Reading the chart, analyzing the typography and cross referencing that information with the weather presented on the other side of the “windshield” gave me the opportunity to make better, and safer decisions to meet safe objectives. It’s so much more than just a purple line to be followed. It’s a resource to improve situational awareness, and an asset to be “unfolded” before each flight begins.

Q: If you could talk to non-users about our app, what would you tell them?

It’s an app that’s adaptable. It can be more than just a navigational aid if you’re willing to see it as so. I like to think of it as another arrow in my “quiver”, another resource, another tool I can use to keep my passengers and I safe. 

Q: What do you do when you’re not flying?

Fulfilling a creative outlet. Writing, reading, drawing, trying to better capture light (photography). Exercising. Over philosophizing. Investing time in my Fiance’, Family and Friends who are considered such. And of course, hanging out with my dogs, who keep teaching me that amidst all of this activity, creativity and ambition there is peace in just being present. 

You can find Kirsten Augustyn in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She also has a blog, that we mentioned earlier where she likes to write about her thoughts, opinions and experiences.

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- Pilot Queens from Around the World 
- Lio Mougel French Pilot for Air Race 1
- Aviation Painter André Eisele
- Mirko Ragni of Italy

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