23 February 2017

[INFOGRAPHIC] 13 Training Tips for Student Pilots

Thinking of becoming a pilot? Or training to be one? Check out this infographic that we've put together for students training to be a pilot! 

We hope you enjoy this!

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14 February 2017

Top 10 Most Romantic Views For a Flying Date

Brewing up some plans for the big V day? Where are you taking your Valentines date this February 14? 

It’s almost Valentines and if there aren’t enough reasons to be giddy about dating a pilot, here’s a post that would prove that. We’ve put together the top 10 most romantic views you can take your date for an unforgettable Valentines day date. 

Single? Get some friends together and no matter who you spend Valentines day with, these destinations will surely be a date to remember!

1. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon offers a single 9,000-foot runway perfect for this intimate date. If you’re not familiar with the Grand Canyon Special Flight Rules, we suggest you study it first. Certain traffic patterns need to be observed but the majestic view will be worth the effort. 

You and your date (which can also be just yourself) will be able to fly over the 1.6 million-acre (6,500 km²) Kaibab National Forest and see from the top the world’s largest ponderosa pines. 

If you’d like to make the date more romantic by flying yourself, you can use the Grand Canyon VFR Aeronautical Chart to help you during the flight. Lodging is available all year round while you can park your plane for 24 hrs and get gas as well.

2. Great Exuma Islands, The Bahamas

From major airlines, charter planes to private planes, the Bahamas is a popular destination for those seeking paradise. One of the three international entry points is on the Exumas with a 7,000-foot runway. 

The Exumas is made up of 365 islands surrounded by the famous white sand beaches that the Bahamas are known for. From an aerial view, you and your date will love the long and narrow chain of islands glittering under the sun among the crystal blue waters. After a romantic date from the top, you can take your date to the numerous posh resorts in the archipelago.

3. Northern Lights in Iceland

Named after the Roman goddess of the dawn, the aurora borealis, now popularly called the Northern Lights is now a destination for travelers. Most spectators view the lights on the ground but you can also witness the natural coloured light displays while in the cockpit. 

This experience will not only impress your date but you as well. The lights are said to be a breathtaking view of the natural phenomena on Earth and it will surely change your ideas about the world. 

The best times to travel to see the lights would be in late October to November and February to March when solar activity is high. If you’re backpacking in Iceland and just want to fly out for the Northern Lights, a couple of flight schools are available in Reykjavik where you can rent an aircraft and even take an instructor on the trip.

Here's a really cool view from the cockpit by Alessio Perboni.

4. Mongolia

For a more provincial feel, Mongolia offers an amazing spread of green landscapes with tawny-rolling hills where the land and sky collide. The country is nicknamed the "Land of Blue Skies” since the whole year is filled with clear skies and sunny days. 

If you and your date are searching for a nature trip, Mongolia would be the ideal destination. You can land freely in a green field and create your own runway. Fly over Ikh Nart National Park and enjoy the striking natural greenery, rock formations, and wildlife that roams free in the area. It’s the perfect getaway from city life.

5. Chicago O'Hare 

Night Approach Chicago O

One of the busiest airports in the world is Chicago O’Hare with big planes coming in from international points. Only a few small planes would attempt to land at this airport but it’s a dream destination. Chicago offers a fantastic view of the city skyline and flying down at night is a romantic affair you and your date will remember. 

Although it’s a rare occasion that small planes request for landing, it’s possible to be granted access to their busy runway. Check this gutsy pilot who requested landing into Chicago O’Hare’s airport.

6. Geneva, Switzerland

From the cockpit of a Ju-52 by Alex Teuscher on 500px.com

Geneva comes second as the busiest private jet destination in Europe. It’s a popular starting point to get to the Swiss Alps and the flight itself is fun and exciting. Numerous helicopters and private jets fly in directly to ski resorts offering an aerial view of stunning glaciers and Lake Geneva. 

In 2016, The Telegraph wrote that it would be cheaper to take a private jet when you’re heading to the Alps over February half term over flying commercial. So if you’re around the area and planning a ski trip for V day, flying your date over the Alps would make for a more memorable date for sure! Imagine showing those landing skills and having your date hold on to you during the landing. Sweet sweet escape indeed!

7. Africa

Most may view Africa as poverty stricken, but the continent is made up of very diverse landscapes that have blossomed into a progressive paradise. If your date loves the outdoors and fond of adventures, Africa is a beautiful destination to go. The possibilities are endless and the destinations quite unique on its own. 

You can fly above Table Mountain prominent for its plateau structure. Sometimes you may chance upon low lying clouds hovering over the mountains. You can also fly over the dunes in Namibia or peek over the drop of Victoria Falls. You can also opt for a Safari adventure, passing thru running cheetahs and giraffes. 

8. The Peak, Hong Kong

Asia’s best shopping destination is Hong Kong. Now, a busy city with numerous towering skyscrapers, you can only imagine the colourful city lights that will greet you on your flight. It may be a small city but it also offers a wonderful view of the cityscape, The Peak which is Hong Kong’s highest mountain or the busy harbour bringing passengers across the outlying islands.

Since the city is now the centre of trade connecting China to international markets, flying in would have to be scheduled ahead of time. For a fantastic view of Hong Kong's skyline, you can fly from Hong Kong International Airport or Macau International Airport where both require at least three working days before the anticipated flight.

Flying and shopping might just be your perfect date activity!

9. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Best known for its amazing diving adventures like swimming with the sharks, the Great Barrier Reef also grants a majestic aerial view even from outer space. The blue expanse is an overwhelming deep blue with 900 distributed islands surrounding the 2900 individual reefs. 

If your date is a beach bum, this would be an equally exciting date which can be multiplied ten more times. You and your date would be able to see the indigo-stained waters coupled with swirls of golden sand touching the waves.

 A helicopter trip would be ideal which mostly takes off from Cairns. Take your date around the lovely blue expanse that can be enjoyed for 30mins to an hour depending on your flying options. You can hop on the shores after to enjoy the white sand shores or go diving to see exotic marine species like the white tip reef sharks and colourful coral gardens.

10. The Philippines

The Philippines is best known for its white sand beaches, whale shark adventures or the underground river which is named one of the 7 wonders of nature. At the same time, the Banaue Rice Terraces also claims the 8th wonder of the world which boasts a magnificent view. 

You have two options to fly around the terraces, by private plane or helicopter. There are three available airports near Banaue: Cauayan, Tugegarao and Bagabag airports. Bagabag airport is the closest point to the terraces. It was reported to have been closed due to an antenna tower obstruction at the Approach of Runway 09 preventing inbound flights from coming in. Although they serve fixed-wing aircrafts in their private airport. There is also an option to fly in from Manila, although it may take longer and more fuel—where you can land on a helipad of Banaue Hotel.

BONUS: The Great Blue Hole, Belize

There is no bigger mystery than what lies beneath under this natural blue hole off the coast of Belize. The Great Blue Hole (GBH) is a giant sinkhole found 70km from the mainland and boasts an enthralling aerial view of the indigo abyss which makes you wonder what awaits you below the surface—108m deep to be exact.

The Great Big Hole has been ranked number one by Discovery Channel in 2012 on "The 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth” list. It is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Fly your date over this romantic getaway and spend an hour relishing the summer sun, warm Belize air and enchanting deep blue barrier reef. If you’re a couple who dives, head on over after the flying tour to an underwater adventure. Witness the impressive stalactites and unique marine species of this 15,000 year old blue hole. 

There are numerous private airstrips throughout Belize so it should be easy to arrange flying in from different points of the world. The most popular and nearest air strip to the Blue Hole is Caye Caulker where you need to obtain permission 48 hours before landing at the Belize International Airport before connecting a flight there. Parking and landing fees are charged according to aircraft weight. 

So this is our guide to taking your Valentines Day date to the next level. Make sure to bring your handy Air Navigation Pro tool on these romantic flights to keep you safe and updated!

Pilots are indeed fortunate enough to see the world in a bird’s eye view. And it could not get any romantic than that. If you haven’t convinced your date yet, maybe let them read our post on the 7 Reasons Why You Should Date a Pilot!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Have any flying date adventures? Share your story!

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08 February 2017

Air Navigation Pro's New Feature for Drone Users

Major New Features for Drone Users

The aviation landscape is changing. The utility of the “eye in the sky,” once accessible only to governments and wealthy individuals, is now available to people and businesses of every size through drone technology. From aerial surveys, to agricultural monitoring, to law enforcement, to search and rescue, to real estate, to Amazon Prime Air—the potential uses and users of drones is endless. With the exponential increase in drone traffic, the question must be asked: How are we going to keep drones apart from manned aircraft? Drone safety is quickly becoming one of the most important aviation topics today.

Air Navigation Pro and senseFly have joined forces to create an exciting, innovative aviation safety solution that radically transforms the way drone operators and manned aircraft interact. The Safer Together initiative will provide senseFly drone operators and Air Navigation Pro pilots with a graphical display of each other’s operations, giving them the information they need to avoid a collision. This initiative is a game changer in the industry; Air Navigation Pro is the first application to offer this radical new drone safety and situational awareness tool.

The Safer Together Initiative highlights Air Navigation Pro’s two key drone safety components :

Component One: Drone Awareness for General Aviation Pilots

Drone operators using Air Navigation Pro and registered drone operators can upload their flight plan information (called an advisory activity) to the Air Navigation Pro servers. Air Navigation Pro pushes this notification out to all of the iOS users of its flight navigation platform, allowing each user to have an awareness of the drone’s presence in the area. The drones’ operational areas are depicted in graphical form on the Air Navigation Pro moving map, using both a drone symbol and a dotted blue circle corresponding to the area that the drone will be flying in. Tapping on the drone symbol reveals vital information about the unmanned aerial vehicle, including its operating radius, maximum altitude and times of operation. This one-of-a-kind drone safety service offers general aviation pilots NOTAM like information regarding potential conflicts with drone operators in an intuitive graphical format.

For example, here is an unmanned aerial vehicle operation area east of Lausanne: By zooming in on the map display, the operating radius of the drone can be seen as a dashed blue circle. 

              To get more information about the drone operation, tap the blue drone symbol. 

All of this information is available to Air Navigation Pro iOS users. This is a FREE drone safety enhancement.

The information that generates the unmanned aerial vehicle advisories for GA (general aviation) pilots comes from the drone users themselves. This capability is available to Air Navigation Pro users by simply using a long press on the map screen when you are in the app. Drone safety isn’t just about our users; to be effective it must be available to others as well. UAS (unmanned aerial system) operators who do not currently use Air Navigation Pro can easily alert others who do use the app in their operating areas. To set up a drone advisory activity, these UAS operators can follow these simple steps:
  1. Each company operating a drone must register at http://uav.airnavigation.aero.
  2. Each drone pilot must be registered at http://myuav.airnavigation.aero/signup/.
Other software vendors can also participate in our drone safety initiative by publishing advisory activities through Air Navigation Pro using a simple three-step process:
  1. Select Register Vendor on the top right hand side of the screen.
  2. Complete the registration form. Be sure to select the Advisory Activities and Push Position boxes. Tutorials are provided to help you get started.
Component Two: GA Awareness for Drone Operators

As important as it is for General Aviation pilots to be aware of potential drone activity in the area, it is equally important for drone operators to be aware of aircrafts nearby. This two-way communication is the key to the Safer Together concept. Drone operators can view the position of flights planned using Air Navigation Pro, giving them time to change the drone's course, altitude or abort the flight to ensure not just drone safety, but the safety of other airspace users as well.

Live Drone Position Awareness and Collision Avoidance

By using Air Navigation Pro’s API integrated into your drone management software, live position tracking is available using our navigation app. This will enable the drone’s position to be transmitted every two seconds to your Air Navigation Pro equipped iOS device. Since the drones position is being transmitted through Air Navigation Pro, other aircraft in the area will also be able to view the drone’s position, enhancing situational awareness and permitting collision avoidance at the earliest possible opportunity. This cutting edge drone safety feature is available only with Air Navigation Pro!

On the Air Navigation Pro map display, drones and aircrafts will appear as black arrowheads. 

As an aircraft using Air Navigation Pro approaches a drone the symbol changes to yellow to indicate a potential conflict. In this case, the drone is 400 feet below the aircraft and climbing. 

If the aircraft continues to fly closer to the drone, the symbol changes to an upgraded warning. Gradually from white, yellow to red.

The First and Best Solution for Safe Drone Operations

Air Navigation Pro’s initiative offers a first of its kind solution to the most vexing drone safety issue that operators face: the danger of collision with manned aircraft. Through innovative and cost effective technology, the Safer Together initiative has increased the awareness level of both pilots and drone operators, providing the most effective mitigation to date of this very real threat. As the numbers of drones aloft continue to increase, be sure to look to Air Navigation Pro to meet all your navigation and monitoring needs, whether you are in the air or on the ground.

If your company is interested in using this important drone tracking feature, reach out to Xample through our contact link http://airnavigation.aero/contact-us/. We’ll be happy to evaluate your requirements and to build you the safety system that you need.

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06 February 2017

Safer Together: Combined Drone and Aircraft Technology to Avoid Mid-Air Collisions


Safer Together: A senseFly & Air Navigation Pro Initiative to Reduce the Risk of Mid-air Collision

Safer Together addresses one of the biggest issues facing the General Aviation and unmanned aircraft communities: the risk of mid-air collision. This dual-phase initiative will provide General aviation pilots and drone operators with awareness of each other’s airborne activities—giving them the knowledge they need to take any actions necessary to avoid mid-air incidents.

With Air Navigation Pro having one of the best aeronautical databases, it joins forces with senseFly to drive awareness on drone operations and aviation safety. The initiative makes senseFly and Air Navigation Pro both pioneers in drone collision avoidance.

Safer Together opens the lines of communication between the drone-operator and the pilot. “With the increasing number of vehicles in the air, it is essential that we focus on the improvement and awareness of mid-air safety.” - Johann Huguenin, CEO of Air Navigation Pro.
senseFly’s dedication to aviation safety and global customer reach, makes them the right organization to collaborate with first. Other drone makers are also urged to join this cause to expand the benefits that Safer Together offers by allowing General Aviation pilots to view the activity of every drone operation, whatever the brand of UAS.

Building awareness

Phase 1: Drone awareness for General Aviation pilots

During the summer of 2016, senseFly released a new General Aviation functionality for its eMotion flight planning software. This enables drone operators such as its popular eBee mapping platforms and albris inspection UAV to create a special ‘advisory’ when planning their automated drone flights. sensefly’s eMotion feature will transmit a batch of flight information advisory via internet, to Air Navigation Pro.

Air Navigation Pro will then push this information out to the smart devices of connected Air Navigation Pro users, enabling them to see details of senseFly operator’s planned drone flight, such as its location, likely timings, height above the ground and many other key features—both prior to, and during* the General Aviation pilot’s flight.

Phase 2: General Aviation awareness for drone operators

In the coming months, senseFly drone operators will, in turn, gain the ability to view the trajectories of planned Air Navigation users’ flights real time**.

This will make the Safer Together project the first system to provide bi-directional awareness of aerial activity for General Aviation pilots and drone operators.

“Many of our founders and team members are pilots, so we understand how crucial ‘see and avoid’ awareness is for operational safety. This collaboration is about bridging the awareness gap between operators of our UAS—such as civil engineers, surveyors and agricultural professionals—and Air Navigation Pro’s community of General Aviation users." - Cyril Halter, COO of senseFly
Discover how to use those features on Air Navigation Pro iOS. 

About senseFly

senseFly develops and produces aerial imaging drones for professional applications. It was founded in 2009 by a team of robotics researchers and quickly became the industry leader in mapping drones.

Safe, ultra-light and easy to use, senseFly’s highly automated data collection tools are employed by customers around the world in fields such as surveying, agriculture, GIS, industrial inspection, mining and humanitarian aid.

* Requires the smart device running Air Navigation Pro to have an internet connection during flight.
** Requires the device running eMotion to have an internet connection. 

To learn more about safer together, you can also visit our website at www.safertogether.aero

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31 January 2017

The Pilot Who Created Air Navigation Pro from his Garage

Read this pilot’s story of how he created an air navigation app from his garage to enjoy for himself then built a 40 people company spread over 3 continents. 

During his military duty, he refilled gas tanks of military planes while looking up at the sky, enchanted by the heavy metals flying above him. 

While serving in the Swiss air force during his teens, Johann Huguenin became a fan of flying. During his shifts, he refilled gas tanks of military planes while looking up at the sky, enchanted by the heavy metals flying above him. Being a wide-eyed spectator of the metal birds doing low passes over the base he works in, he soon found his way to a free seminar that talked about how to become a pilot. 

Anyone who has felt the sound and vibrations of a military jet's take-off from the ground would not be able to help the pull that flying induces. This was how he felt, watching all those jets fly ingrained a sense of wonder in him that he could not shake off. He was curious how it would feel like flying a huge metal up in the sky. 

The emotion one might feel from the ground is a far cry from the actual flying. The real magic happens inside the cockpit, in mid-air. Johann found this to be true. 

Once he experienced his first flight sitting inside the cockpit and flying his first plane, a Cessna 150, he couldn’t get enough.

“While most people train flying for more than a year before getting a license, I managed to get mine in 6 months.” This is how hungry he is with flying. 

After learning the basics, he would then pursue aerobatic flying and entered his first national competition after graduation. A bit worried that he might not be good enough, he came out to win a gold medal in the Sportsman category. He continued attending national competitions every year up to the Unlimited category, gathering more bronze and silver medals along the way. 

Among his trainers are Catherine Maunoury and Patrick Paris, French aerobatic world champions and aerobatic flying experts. 

From airplanes to software 

Credit: Tom Arppe

As a teenager, Johann was very invested in tinkering with software. Developing his talents further, he became a software developer working on games and mobile apps and flying on the weekends. His favorite spots would be flying over the mountains of Switzerland. 

On a few occasions, as the aerobatic airplane is not equipped with fancy navigation equipment, he would get lost, unsure of his location. There would be times that he would fly with poor visibility seeing only a few kilometers ahead. Determined to make his flying experience smoother and more enjoyable, he thought about developing a handy navigation app that he can use during his trips. 

Working from his home garage, and taking it out for testing during the weekends, the first version of Air Navigation Pro was born only after 2-3 months of development and testing. 

Upon release of the iPhone 3G, readily making GPS available to the public, he decided to list his app on the AppStore and launched it in December 2008. Like any aspiring entrepreneur, Johann got excited with the progress and anticipated positive results. 

The first month only returned a handful of downloads which was short of his expectations. Nonetheless, that did not stop him from improving the app. Those few downloads returned very encouraging feedback from first-time users that he also used in improving the app. He found that the more he improved the app, the more downloads there were.

Flying adventures 

He used his flying experiences to dissect the common problems a pilot would encounter and integrated those solutions into the app. He remembers one hair-raising experience while training in an airbase that was reserved for military training: “I was advised by the control tower not to go below 1500 ft.” 

While going down from a hammerhead (an aerobatic manoeuvre where the aircraft nose is pointing directly toward the ground), 2 military jets suddenly came below him wing rocking towards the control tower. It was an exhilarating moment that left him breathless, a learning experience nonetheless. This served as an inspiration for the intruder feature in the Air Navigation Pro app which integrates the TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system) alerting pilots when there’s a risk of collision. The feature also allows a user to tap an aircraft and tag it as a favorite which comes super handy when flying with a friend. 

Another experience was when he took off during calm winds for a short aerobatic training session over the field only to find in the middle of his flight that strong cross winds were blowing caused by a rapid change of weather. Due to the limited quantity of fuel in mid-air, he was not able to wait for favorable conditions and chose to land. Crossing some fingers, he managed a safe landing. That risky experience inspired the TAF and METAR features that help the pilot identify the weather and forecast nearby aerodromes. 

Air Navigation Pro: The Future

Air Navigation Pro CEO Johann Huguenin

By the second year after Air Navigation Pro launched on the iOS platform, the team had already grown to seven people. Johann quit his job and developed it further into a full business running it as CEO along with one of his good pilot friends. They soon expanded operations to South America and Asia continually improving air navigation initiatives. 

The mother company, Xample, which develops the app also provides customized navigation solutions to professionals and aviation companies like aircraft manufacturers, helicopter operators, drones and much more. 

When asked what his future goals are for the company, he says “I hope to make navigation apps that are rock stable, easy to use, powerful and user-friendly. I want to provide pilots a handy flight navigation tool that helps lessen the time in flight planning and increase the safety which will make the flying experience more enjoyable.” On top of that, he’d like for professionals, hobbyists and small businesses get the benefits of professional pro functionalities readily available in the Air Navigation Pro app. 

Today, Air Navigation Pro is being used by pilots all over the world with over 160,000 downloads since its release. Johann and his team continually seeks feedback from their users to improve air navigation for pilots. If he’s not working on app improvement, he flies at night or travel around the tropics. He just passed the theoretical exam for his ATPL (commercial flying license) last year just because he wants to learn more about the professional aviation field. If he’s not traveling for adventures, he seeks to break more barriers in the air navigation field.

to learn more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, you can also visit our website at www.airnavigation.aero
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features. 
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23 January 2017

The Best Aeronautical Database Features You Should Use on Your Next Flight

We fly in a continually changing environment. Everything about our job as pilots is dynamic: weather, traffic, air traffic control and even the aircraft itself—all of this demands that we have the best and most up to date data available so that we can do our job as pilots safely and efficiently. Information is power in every field of endeavor; in flying, having the right information is a powerful aid to flying efficiently and safely.

One of the elements about flying that changes all the time is the airports we operate from and the airspace that we fly through. Just take a look at a list of NOTAMS—there are always new one to examine. The schedule of changes to enroute charts and VFR charts, including obstacle information, occurs on a 28 day cycle under an ICAO program known as AIRAC—the Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control system. Remember the “good old days” of updating your paper charts? The AIRAC schedule is what drives all of those changes. Information about AIRAC can be found in their official site.

At Air Navigation Pro, we understand your need to have the most up-to-date information; we know that our first job is to help you getting from point A to point B. In order to make sure that you are equipped with all of the navigation information that you need, we have increased our staff of analysts to make sure that the database information you rely on isn’t just good—it’s highly accurate. Even as we have redoubled our efforts, the costs of obtaining global navigation information have increased. In view of this fact, we now offer a two-tiered approach to navigation information for our Air Navigation Pro subscribers.

If you’ve been using Air Navigation Pro, you’re accustomed to the aeronautical database information being supplied free of charge. This will continue to be true, but with the free database you will only have an update once per year. This is enough to get you started with Air Navigation Pro, but it doesn’t allow you to take advantage of the powerful information updates that the app is capable of supplying. Once you install Air Navigation Pro, you’ll receive a reminder within the app once the database no longer represents the most current information available. If the aeronautical database is up to date, that message will show as well when you select map options.

Air Navigation Pro: Aeronautical Database Subscription

Our new subscription database allows you to take advantage of the powerful information updates that Air Navigation Pro is capable of supplying. Subscribers will get the most up to date aeronautical information from AIRAC's 28-day cycle that will be downloaded to your Air Navigation Pro equipped devices every cycle.

With the subscription database service, you’ll be assured of worldwide coverage with the most relevant and current information about the following:
  • Over 200,000 waypoints including: Aerodromes, Reporting Points, Helipads, Sea Plane Bases, Glider Ports, Balloon Ports, IFR Waypoints, DMEs, NDBs, VORs, VORTACs, TACANs, VOR/DMEs.
  • More than 50,000 airspaces containing classes A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Danger Areas, Restricted Areas, Forbidden Areas, Glider Areas, Glider Prohibited areas, CTR, TMZ, TSA, TRA, MATZ, Recreational Areas, and Natural Reserves.

For the professionals using Air Navigation Pro’s Cloud service to manage a group of pilots, you are able to subscribe to the database for all of your members—No more worrying about whether your pilots have received the most recent critical navigation updates or not. 

More Features

The Air Navigation Pro aeronautical database subscription comes with additional added features for our users. Each airport in the database comes with a PDF attachment filled with vital information that will make flyer more convenient. Tapping on an airport and viewing the data block currently reveals:
  • Airport name and elevation
  • Latitude/longitude and bearing/distance to the field
  • NAVAIDs on the airport
  • Runways, including runway length and surface type
  • Communication frequency information

For subscribed members, a document symbol can be found in the information box for each airport selected from the map view. By tapping on this symbol, you can view a PDF document that contains additional current, regularly updated information about the following:
  • Airport magnetic variation—know the accuracy of your directional instrumentation before you ever leave the ramp without consulting cumbersome charts.
  • In-depth communication information— this allows you to reduce your workload. You can set you radios prior to departure since you know what to expect.
  • Runway analysis data, including TODA/ASDA/LDA—there is no need to consult other airport charts or to guess about aircraft performance. The exact numbers you need are available at with the simple tap on the screen.
  • Weight bearing capacity—know if you can use a runway at a glance.
  • Lighting—knowing what you’ll see when you break out at minimums is a big part of easing the transition from instrument to visual flight and ensuring that you’ve identified the landing surface. With a tap of the screen, you’ll have the information you need to plan ahead.
  • ILS frequency and identification—preplan your approach well in advance.
  • Time zone, operating hours and PPR information—it is a shame to find out the airport is closed once you are already in flight. Know before you go with the easy to use airport PDF.
  • Detailed fuel availability information—using our database subscription service, you’ll know what fuel and oil are available, right down to the number and capacities of the fuel trucks.
  • Customs availability and hours of operation—customs issues are ubiquitous to international operations. Make entry and exit easier with the PDF document provided to our subscribers.
  • Ramp, parking and hanger availability—parking facilities and hanger information are all available through our database service.
  • ATIS/AIS availability and hours of operation—At some airports, ATIS/AIS information is not a 24 hour per day service. Know what to expect before you ever leave the ground.
  • Important local notes about operations and airport specific restrictions—every airport is different. Using this information, you’ll have access to information that might only be known to local pilots.
  • Contact information, including the address and relevant phone numbers if you need more information

With a tap on the screen, you’ll have the information you need to plan ahead. Air Navigation Pro’s aeronautical database subscription service aims to give you the most convenient flying experience possible by giving you key insights and up to date information to the very best airports and airspace databases worldwide.

The aeronautical database subscription service can be purchased through the online store or within the app at €19.90. For more information about Air Navigations Pro’s database, visit our database page.

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, you can also visit our website at www.airnavigation.aero
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.