12 December 2016

Want to Save Power on Your Apple Watch While Flying? Follow this tip when using Air Navigation Pro on your device

Apple watch is one of the top connected product that all Apple's fan must have. At Air Navigation Pro, we have enjoyed working around this product to propose to our users the best experience possible in the air of the internet of things and connected devices. We have come up with this apple watch feature that pilots will surely like and use in-flight for a maximum awareness at all time.

Air Navigation Pro iOS is compatible with the Apple watch. On your screen you will have access to a safety page showing the airspaces around you and any noticeable terrain along your path. This increases your safety, even if you are flying a local flight with no planned route or if you don’t want to bring your iPad for a short flight. The Apple watch is able to give you all the relevant airspace  and terrain information of your surrounding.


Customizable flight feature

Air Navigation Pro displays information about the surrounding airspace and terrain. The apple watch feature is customizable via the iOS application. Select your plane icon and airspaces selection from the iOS application and those settings will apply on the watch.

Airspace and terrain awareness

Apple watch display any airspaces or terrain located in front of you with a range of 50 nautical miles ahead. The watch display a mountain in front of you if the current altitude of your aircraft minus 300ft would cross the path of the terrain. In case of terrain presence, the watch will prioritize and display the terrain over the airspace.

All airspaces situated above and below you will be displayed as well.

To save the battery of your watch and make it displaying information only when you need it, we recommend the following settings :
Open Settings -> General -> Activate on Wrist Raise, and make sure Wrist Raise is turned on. Then scroll down to choose opening to the last-used app. You can also do this using the Apple Watch app on iPhone: tap My Watch, go to General -> Activate on Wrist Raise, then choose Resume Previous Activity.

Blue skies,
The Air Navigation Pro team

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