11 October 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - September

While we're continuously working on developing the Air Navigation Pro app to be the flight assistant that you need, our support team gathers all your questions and feedback. After that they compile it into a list so that it can be easier for you, our users, to navigate through Air Navigation Pro.

Here's the top questions for the month of September.

1. How do I share my recorded flights?

You can share your Air Navigation Pro flight details to your friends and family with options to share via the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) or send thru email.

From the app, enable the "Share all flights on the web". This feature is applicable for iOS only. From Live Tracking, select the flight and tap arrow button to get the Live Tracking link or share via social media buttons.

For the Android version, you can share the recorded flights to your Service account. To do so, go to Flight Recorder >> select from the "Recorded Flights" list and tap "Add to Flight Tracking".

 Go to Services website, click Live Tracking and select which flight you want to share.

By sharing the link or share via social media buttons, you can share and give access to a specific flight only to the recipient.

Remember to login to your Services account in order to share your flight.

2. Why am I unable to delete a route in my Services account through your website?

We removed it for while but with the website's latest update we've reinstated the delete button so you can now delete a route on the services site.

3. Is an ADS-B or Flarm hardware required to show traffic?

Yes, with a "Flarm" or "iLevil2" device connected, you can enable the traffic awareness feature and broadcast your position via the Air Navigation Pro traffic server.

With this feature, Air Navigation Pro will show traffic information on your Moving Map, and alert you in case of a collision risk.

To do so, go to Maps >> Maps Options >> Traffic Awareness >> enable the "Show Traffic on Map" option and the tap on TCAS mode.

4. How to use the "Street and Places search" charts?

Once it is installed in your device, tap "Edit Mode" to start. By tapping "Waypoint and typing the country or place under "Quick Search", results will show at the bottom.

*mobile view for Streets and Places Search

5. Why I cannot see the map in the background?

In order to show the maps, go to Map Options >> Maps and toggle on. If it is not showing, make sure that you have successfully installed.

*Cover image from Tiesler Pacheco and Marcelo Riegel

If you have questions that aren't listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center.

Are you a pilot with cool travel stories that you want to share? Send us a message on our social media accounts Facebook, Instragram or send us an e-mail at demi@airnavigation.aero.

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Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team

25 September 2018

Air Navigation Pro ATC Flight Plan

Update your Air Navigation Pro application with the latest version available on the app store to enjoy the ATC Flight Plan feature. An Air Navigation Account is required to file ATC Flight Plan: Create a free account now on https://services.xample.ch/

We have updated the ATC Flight Plan feature to help you lessen your time when it comes to flight planning. You now have more choices on which flight plan would best suit you. You can now create your flight plan within the Air Navigation Pro app. All you need to do is fill out all the details needed for a flight plan then tap on submit.

All you need to do is go to Tools >> ATC Flight Plans then tap "New flight plan" then make sure to fill all the important information. (Example: Aircraft Identifier = A, Type of Aircraft = C140 and etc.)

Remember to connect to your account.

*Prices are included in the actual app

We also made sure that Air Navigation Pro is helping you out with every flight plan that you make and we wanted to make sure that you won't miss any details needed for your flight plan.

If you tap on submit and there are still details that are missing, the Air Navigation Pro app will not allow you to submit. A pop-up notification will inform you that there's are still parts missing and these missing parts will be highlighted with red.

Also, if ever your entered the wrong type of aircraft, the app will not allow you to submit and will inform you that there's an error so you can still redo your flight plan before submitting it.

Our ATC Flight feature gives you the option to delete stored flight plans. There are two ways to delete your flight plan. If you want to quickly delete a flight plan, select the flight plan you want to delete then swipe left, an option to delete the flight plan will show then tap on 'Delete'.

If you want to delete more than one flight plan, go to the bottom of the ATC flight plans tab, then tap on 'Delete a Flight Plan', and it will allow you to choose which flight plans you want to delete.

You can even choose to reuse a flight plan that you've previously submitted and keep flight plans as draft if you're still unsure of the details to put in.

Another change that we've added are new options so that you can choose what type of flight plan will suit well with you, and we're here to break it down for you.
With this new update, submitting a new flight plan will show you options to choose whether you want the Standard Flight plan or if you prefer the Premium flight plan.

 *Prices are included in the actual app

So what the difference between the Standard Flight plan and the Premium Flight plan?

Let's start with the Standard Flight plan.

It's our cost effective offer, specially designed for those simple and non-complex flight plan. For only €1.09, you can already file for a flight plan. You can also purchase the Standard Flight plan in bulk, depending on how many you think you need.

Once you submit your Standard Flight plan, it gets sent to EuroFPL, then their algorithm will read your flight plan. If you file a flight plan for VFR, you won't be receiving any notification, but if you file a flight plan for IFR, after submitting, within a short period of time, you'll receive an email and a direct notification on the Air Navigation Pro app to inform you that your flight plan has been received.

Now, for the Premium flight plan.

Our premium flight plan is designed for pilots that want to save time. After you submit your flight plan, it is sent to SkyGuide. For €19.99, what SkyGuide does is that an actual human who is professionally trained to check flight plans will read your flight plan thoroughly. Also, the premium flight plan is for one time purchase and you need to use it right away as soon as you purchase it.

One thing you also have to remember, even the slightest inconsistency in your flight plan can be the reason why it gets rejected. The great thing about the Premium Flight plan with SkyGuide, since it's a human that's reviewing your flight plan, they'll find the possible errors and then they will correct your flight plan. After that, they will send you the corrections and submit your flight plan correctly.

This will allow you to save so much time when it comes to flight planning!

After you submit your Premium flight plan, it will show a pending status while SkyGuide reviews your flight plan. The pending status will show under your flight plan.

For those that have Air Manager, you can also synchronise your ATC Flight Plans to your Air Manager. All you need to do is activate your Air Manager.

So, have you decided which flight plan is best for you?

**The ATC Flight Plan and synchronizing your ATC Flight Plan to your Air Manager is only available for the iOS version.

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Need help? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have questions that are not found in our FAQ, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us here.

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
you can also visit our website at 
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.

Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team


24 September 2018

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Highlight: Francesco Passeri

Last August, we met Air Navigation Pro user, Francesco Passeri, a student pilot from Puglia, south of Italy who currently resides in Tuscany, north of Italy. He plans on becoming a full time pilot in the near future. He shared his journey with us here at Air Navigation Pro, on becoming a pilot.

Hello Francesco, tell us a little bit more about yourself.

My passion for aviation began before I can even remember, there was a time when I wasn't passionate about aviation. I grew up from a poor, little family. My mother is a farmer and in Italy, a farmer's life isn't so easy.  The situation made it hard for me to go to flying school, let alone secondary school.

When I was a teen, I planned on going to an aviation school but the only aviation school near in my place was a private school which was very expensive. So I choose another school with a promise that I will become a pilot.

When I was 19, on the 7th of March 2008, I decided to join Italian army so that I could pay for my licenses with my little salary and I decided to join "Folgore Brigade".

I did a heavy selection and almost after 2 years of military physical and mental tests and courses. I got a military parachutist, an honour for me, but I always wanted to be pilot.

During my first years in the army, my salary was very little and so I couldn't pay for a license. So I had to save all the money I could in that period. I got my PPL license in 2013 and I got it in only 9 months. For me that's a very short period because I was working and was also doing flying classes.

In 2016, I started an ATPL theory course, obviously I did wait some years to save some money which allowed me to pay for it and my last license. I did my first exam session in May 2017, 'cause of my work, in August 2017 till April 2018, I was deployed in the Middle East, an exciting experience for me but during this period the limited time for my exams pass without getting other exam sessions. During my deployment, especially during my only free time sometimes, the night, I studied and prepared for my exam which I could get when I should come in Italy because I never forgot that I wanted to be a pilot.

I came back to Italy in the middle of April and got my second ATPL exam session, I've been able to pass all my subjects at the first attempt and until December, I have to do the last 6 subjects. I'll immediately take the last part of my course, CPL/IR/MEP MCC and JOC, hoping to get enough money to pay for it, because I don't want to wait another time, I want to be a pilot!

What do you love most about flying an aircraft?

I don't know what I love about flying, but what I'm sure of is that when I'm flying, I enter in another dimension. The fact that you've overhead and all the problems get so little. In fact, I'm often worried about my license and my courses. I sometimes get sad because I think about that maybe I won't ever become a pilot because it's too expensive for me or I have little time to prepare the exam, so I run to my aeroclub, I get in an airplane and I fly to remind myself what I'm fighting for.

What is your favorite aircraft?

I love to fly all of Cessna's family aircraft, because I think that Cessna, like Piper and other aircraft brands are the essence of flying. But if you want specifics, my favourite aircraft is the Cessna 150. I did a part of my PPL license with the machine.

What is your favorite destination so far?

My favourite destination, this might be common, but I love to fly overhead my city and place where I'm grow up, it's almost a magic to fly remembering the entire days passed on my bouse's roff watching the aircraft fly, but now I'm that flying over my memories.

What is your dream travel destination?

Obviously, my flying dream destination is the USA west coast, also this it's a commonplace, but I think that fly overhead US it's fantastic to a pilot. I hope that could permit it a day.

How did you come across Air Navigation Pro?

I've known about Air Navigation Pro through some airplane magazines and I read a lot of good feedback about it on pilot forums, so I decided to buy it.

What are the 5 best things you like about our app?

- I like the aspect of your app, it's more intuitive and easy to use but also more elaborate and very good for professional use.

- It's very useful for me, the function which permits me to save a documents which I could use during my flight.

- I also love the maps in your app, it is very clear and easy to read. I have used a lot of maps especially for my job, and sometimes I work with maps that are very very hard to read because of the signs and sometimes the colours make it difficult to read.

- The function that allows me to read METAR and NOTAMs in real time

- The function that permits me to look up on the Map to see the closest Aircraft when there's connection.

- Another useful feature is that the chart interface can be customized. You can insert and customize airplane data and you can choose what airplane you want to use for your flight without wasting time inserting the data again.

Have you tried other navigation apps?

I tried SkyDemon for a free period some years ago but I didn't like it but it was my first aviation app. For me, Air Navigation Pro is irreplaceable, the only little issue that I have are that more extensions and updates needs payments.

Can you please tell me a story of the best times you have had with our app?

The best time with our app was when I bought it. I looked forward to testing it during our flight, in fact, the day after, early in the morning, I was in the airport, ready to fly with Air Navigation Pro around Italy. When I landed, I was already thinking about the next flight and was planning to customize the app for the flight. 

If you could talk to non-users about our product, what would you tell them?

I'll tell them that the app is easy to use and you can even customize. Try it and for sure you can't fly without the app after using it.

What do you do when you're not flying?

When i don't fly it's because I'm working or I'm studying for my exams, especially in this last period of my life "turns around" my licenses.

What do you see yourself doing three years from now?

Three years from now, I see myself in some airline company, flying around the world with a lot of memories about my past and sacrifices to get to my dream.

What is your favorite flying memory?

My favorite flying memory is what I mentioned above, when I fly above my city, a dream which became reality. 

What would you tell to non-pilots about the joy of flying?

I can't tell them anything, I can tell them to just to try and fly.  Just like what Leonardo Da Vinci said, "For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." I can show them some of my flying pictures so they can see how flying is like magic.

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Are you a pilot with cool travel stories and you want to be featured on our blog?

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12 September 2018

Air Navigation Pro: Useful Apps for Pilots That Love to Travel

Our team at Air Navigation Pro is working hard to make the app become the pilot assistant that suit your needs. We've been busy adding features like Traffic Awareness, 3D Synthetic Vision, Night Vision and we're still working on adding more to make your flight planning easier!

While we're still carefully tinkering and doing some tweaks on the app, we did some searching. We've come across a couple of apps that we recommend for pilots who love to travel. These apps are perfect for your future trips!

Aero Checklist
This app is perfect for your flight planning checklist. It has a well designed interface that allows you to focus on what's important for your flight. No need to bring multiple paper checklist that you might forget at the back of the plane! It also has multiple features that shows vital information like airspeeds, clearance, circuits without getting distracted while flying.

What's great about Aero Checklist is that it has an emergency checklist to ensure your safety during your flight, and you can even create your own or modify the existing checklist. You can also use the manufacturer's notes, cautions and warnings while still going over your checklist and you can also share and publish your own checklist for others to use. Visit their website for more information and download the app.

Live ATC
Live ATC lets you listen to different channels of live Air Traffic Control (ATC). When you're not out on a flight and just want to listen to what's going on in the nearest airport to get tips and tricks, or if you hear about an emergency situation that's happening, this app is perfect for you.
Live ATC also allows you to browse a country to find an airport of interest, it also allows you to check the weather in the area and view the diagram of an airport's runway layout. It's a great app if you just want to listen and want to learn and take notes from other flights.

Most pilots use this app to find out which gate they will be arriving at and at which gate they will be departing from when connecting through at any location.

If you're out traveling, you can open up this app and check which flights are delayed and see exactly how long, the app will also show you once the flight is in the air and they can accurately estimate the new time of arrival for the delayed flight.

It's useful, if you want to take a nap or go to a different section of the airport for a while without worrying if you'll oversleep or be late for your flight.

Flyover Country
Even been a passenger in the window seat of an airplane ride and wondered what city you're flying over? Flyover Country is an educational app funded by National Science Foundation that can help you identify which city you're flying over and it has interactive points of interest that show you the locations of fossils, craters, geo-referenced Wikipedia articles or hiking trails. You can also use this app even if you're not in the plane. You can use this app for road trips or other outdoor activities.

This app is perfect for those pilots that are always out and about. This is an organizational app that's best for those who travel often. TripIt can hold multiple reservations, or if you're taking a trip with multiple connecting flights, you can find all of your bookings in one app.

In addition to organizing your flights, TripIt lets you add in your hotel reservations, ground transportation as well as local activities and dining plans all in one timeline and you can import it to your email as well. You can even leave anonymous feedback on your flights to enhance your future experiences!

Cool Cousin
Part of a pilot's job is traveling to different cities and countries. Cool Cousin lets you connect with the locals of the cities that you're going to visit.You can find spots that are highly recommended by locals. They'll teach you where the hidden gems in the city are, where to find cheap and good street food, or if you fancy fine dining, you can find the best restaurants in the area. You'll also find the easy access to must-see areas.

It's a great way to experience the culture of the city or the country. Although the app has a limited number of cities that it's available to, the great thing about this app is that it connects the locals and the visitors. Another plus is that you, as a local of your city, can also contribute and give tips and help out to those than that want to visit your city!

GoPro Quik
Most pilots love using the GoPro because it's easy to use and very portable. GoPro Quik is a powerful photo and video editing app designed for images and video taken from a GoPro camera.

There's also a desktop version of GoPro Quik which makes editing a lot easier. You can add texts, title slides and even emojis. You can even choose songs to add as background music to your videos! Perfect for recording your flight while using Air Navigation Pro. Don't forget to share the videos and tag us at #AirNavPro on Instagram and tag us on Facebook!

Do you have awesome stories and photos using Air Navigation Pro to share with us?

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Blue Skies, 
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