10 May 2019

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story: Benjamin Krebs of Austria

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story: Benjamin Krebs of Austria

The best stories ever told are the ones tailored with genuine emotions and insights from real-life experiences.

Air Navigation Pro Team is always on the search for pilots, not only to those who never stop flying airplanes but, most especially to those who never give up soaring high the beauty of their dreams. 
It is a jackpot to find Benjamin Christian Krebs on Instagram, 19 years old pilot from Austria who shares with us his ultimate journey in the world of aviation. His pride and joy are to fly GA Airplanes, write aviation journals and train young flight students in his flying school. What keeps him on the grind today is his immense training to attain ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) while preparing to compete internationally in Aerobatic Flying. 

This young man is incredibly an inspiration and not to mention, he is the youngest pilot ever featured in our blog so far! 

What do you love most about flying an aircraft? 

There are so many great things I love about flying. Top three things I find best are flying to different places, meeting new people and enjoying the beautiful scenery from above.

What is your favorite aircraft? 

I am beyond happy to have the opportunity to fly different categories of aircraft. Among those I tried, my favorite aircraft is the Piper PA-28 Arrow III as it is quite fast and has enough room for four people and space for the baggage inside. It is an ideal aircraft to fly longer routes with.

What is your favorite destination so far?

There is an indescribable feeling flying to new destinations and being able to visit another glimpse of any majestic view is absolutely rewarding. Of all the places I have been, my favorite is Graz Airport (LOWG), it's one of Austria's International Airports and I already flew there countless times. It is a great airport with an awesome restaurant at the top with a cool departure approach out of the area as you can fly directly over the city which is very nice. I can say that Graz is not only a fabulous city, but you will also find the most friendly and open-minded people around.

What is your dream travel destination? 

There's got to be two places I yearn to visit, it is in Bahamas or Hawaii. I choose these destinations because they have beautiful weather, great culture, and nice small airports. I just can't wait to go there and see how I can face the challenge in flying since those locations are mostly windy.

Paradise Island, Bahamas 

Wakiki Beach, Ouahu Hawaii 

How did you come across Air Navigation Pro? 

It was the time when my dad and I bought our aircraft, the Comco Ikarus C-42 and came up with an idea to build our Ipad Mini as a navigational device in our cockpit. After we did some research and test, we discovered Air Navigation Pro. We really like the application because it offers brilliant features at a good price. We use it ever since.

What are the five things you like about our app?
  • It is a great thing. I usually utilize the Import and Export Route. 
  • I also love the Altitude Information feature which alerts you when you're about to fly into controlled Airspace. 
  • Another awesome feature is the included charts which are very helpful with the moving map.

Have you tried other navigating apps? 

Yes, I tried a few and there is a lot of competition out there but I still have to admit that Air Navigation Pro is believably the best I used so far. 

Can you please tell me a story of the best times you have had with our app? 

I can remember as clear as day that sometime last year, my good friend and I who is also a pilot flew from my home base at Western Neusadt, Austria (LOAN) to Portoroz, Slovenia (LJPZ) in a Cessna C172. There was no onboard GPS, so we pretty much relied on the Air Navigation Pro App as Slovenia has quite complex routes for VFR. It was very useful to have a detailed moving map during the flight and I can say it was truly an empowering moment with this great flight planning application tool.

If you talk to non-users about our product what would you tell them? 

Oh well, there's no doubt that Air Navigation Pro offers a lot of quality features at a valuable price. All you need as a pilot is an aircraft, yourself and Air Navigation Pro.

What do you do when you're not flying?

Aside from that, I love to keep on learning, I would also love to share my knowledge with the people. When I'm not up in the air, I'm mostly teaching young flight students about radio communications in school grounds. Next, to that, I'm a chief editor of an Austrian Aviation online magazine called Young Pilots Austria where I spend plenty of time writing articles. You can visit our official page to find out more about it.

What do you see yourself doing three years from now?

I greatly hope that I will acquire a type rating certification on an Airbus at United Airlines, soon.

What is your favorite flying memory? 

That's a tough one because most of my memories in aviation are spectacular. One thing I will forever cherish is every time my flying school and flying club organize an airport festival at LOAN yearly, and it was just last year, I had the most wonderful time of this event. I was responsible for the public relations department and during the occasion, I did some flights for the VIP guests. I was proudly wearing a Military Pilot uniform with my own logo and the one of the flight club. Indeed, it was a pleasant day and we had a successful celebration with a lot of VIP tours.

What would you tell the non-pilots about the joy of flying?

To top it all, flying is sensational. You have the utmost responsibility and control for the aircraft and the passengers. Being a pilot gives you infinite possibilities to see a lot of different places and meet a lot of new people. I just recommend everybody to take a flight in the cockpit and convince themselves.

So if you want to know more about this amazing young pilot, head over to his personal blog and you guys check it out! 

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08 May 2019

Air Navigation Pro German Package is Now Available! Subscribe and Experience Great Flight Planning in Germany

Air Navigation Pro German Package is Now Available! Subscribe and Experience Great Flight Planning in Germany

Air Navigation Pro iOS and Android users can now access to the latest updates of the whole country's Germany Country Package.

Air Navigation Pro Country Package for Germany is available with a two-week free trial! With the Germany Country Package subscription, you will have a monthly update to the worldwide aeronautical database, Germany DFS ICAO 500k, Germany Georeferenced Visual approach charts, Interactive NOTAMS, Elevation Graph, and the Street and Places Search.

Aside from the Germany Country Package's inclusions, you will also have the access to a set of other useful features or products that will efficiently provide you a more improved flight planning preparations. 

You can now acquire the following products separately that best fit to your flight needs:

  • Germany DFS ICAO 500k 2019
  • Germany 3D Data
  • Germany - Georeferenced Visual approach charts 
  • Germany North Rogers Data 2019 500k 
  • Germany South Rogers Data 2019 500k 
  • Germany VFR 2019 1000k Air Million 
  • Interactive NOTAMS 
  • ATC Flightplan credit 
  • Heli Routes North Sea 2018 DFS Visual 500 
  • Germany Topographic 200k 
  • Streets and places search 

All accessible in Air Navigation Pro iOS and Android.

Air Navigation Pro flight planning app contains an accurate and up-to-date database of German's aeronautical waypoints and airspaces, directly available for all Air Navigation Pro users. 

Visit our store at http://services.xample.ch and download the latest charts of your country.

We hope this post was helpful. If you have any questions or there are other useful features that you'd like to share with us, please leave a comment below. You can also send us a message in one of our social media accounts Facebook, Instragram or send us an e-mail at sharmaine@airnavigation.aero.

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07 May 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - April

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - April

It has always been the constant pursuit of Air Navigation Pro Team to provide the best pilot assistant to our users everywhere in the world. With non-stop dedication for quality application feature enhancements, the innovation of everyone's ideas are continuously aligned to the right amount of satisfaction that our service has to offer.

Last Month, our support team worked hard to efficiently deliver to your needs and concerns. Thus, we collected all your queries and compiled the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions to supplement the best answers. 

Here are the Top 5 FAQ’s for the month of April.

1. Why I cannot connect my account using my login credentials?

Whether you want to connect your account in Air Navigation Pro Application or Services Website, always make sure to input your email or username and password correctly.

For example, your registered account is testonly.airnavigation, do not enter Testonly.airnavigation or TESTONLY.AIRNAVIGATION. This is case sensitive.

2. How can I renew subscriptions via the Services Website?

Available via Services Website, you can access a full range of Subscription products such as Aeronautical Database, Standard Worldwide, and Country Packages.

To renew your subscriptions, go to this link https://services.airnavigation.aero/. Click Sign In and enter your registered account.

 Proceed to the Store >>  All my products >>  find the product and click Renew

After that, Pay Pal will pop-up to process your payment.

3. How can I install the products acquired via the Services Website? 

Always make sure that your application is connected to your Air Navigation account in order to sync your purchased products. 

If you are using an Ipad or Tablet, open the app go to Tools >> Account >> Account information.

If you are using a mobile device, you will find it under Configuration >>  Account >>  Account Information.

To restore products from the Store:

For an iPad/Tablet, go to Configuration >> Store >>  Restore

For a mobile device, go to Configuration >> Store >> Restore

Thereafter, tap the product of your choice to download.

4. How to delete imported PDFs? 

Air Navigation Pro has an advanced feature that allows you to attach or import PDF documents to any type of waypoint you want to save. Thus, to delete imported PDF files:

For iOs, your device and desktop computer must be connected on the same wifi network to enable Embedded Web server.

First, go to Configuration >> Settings >> toggle on “Data import or export over http”

To access the Embedded Web server, type the address in the URL bar to an internet browser. Air Navigation web site should appear in your navigator.

On the browser, open Approach Charts bar to see the list of imported PDFs and click the selected files to delete.

For Android, you can directly delete imported PDF files from the root folder.

To locate the root folder on your Android device, go to File Manager >> tap Internal Storage, and click AirNavPro to open the list of imported documents.

Inside the AirNavPro folder, long press the selected imported PDF files to delete.

To know more about the Embedded Web server, please read the user manual.

 5. How to backup custom waypoints from an old device to a new device? 

As of the moment, this feature is only available in Air Navigation Pro iOS with the help of iTunes File Sharing.

Before you can use iTunes File Sharing,  select Backup Waypoints from your old device.

To do so, go to Tools >>  tap User Waypoints >>  and click More Options. 

This will create a file that you can move to the new device. Now, attach your iPhone or iPad to your Mac Computer to start File Sharing.

First, go to iTunes >> click the connected iOS device icon >> and open File Sharing.

From the Apps menu, select Air Navigation to open the list of Documents and click Backup.sql to add the transferred file.

Next, click Save, and choose any file location of your preference.

After importing files on the new device, go to the same menu and select the option Restore Waypoints. 

For more information about iTunes File Sharing, you can refer to Apple Support Web page.

If you have questions that are not listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center .

Are you a pilot with cool travel stories that you want to share? Send us a message on our social media accounts Facebook , Instragram or send us an e-mail at sharmaine@airnavigation.aero.

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