09 November 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - October

The Air Navigation Pro support team happily answers your questions regarding the Air Navigation Pro app. Like every month, they collect your questions and compile the top questions for the month to make it easier for you to navigate the Air Navigation Pro app.

Here's the Monthly Inbox for October:

1. How to hide the elevation view?

In order to hide the elevation view, toggle off the button of "Profile view" under Map Options.

For iOS:

For Android:

2. How to change the language setting in the app?

Air Navigation Pro different languages are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

For Air Navigation Pro iOS version you can change its language settings in the application. Go to Settings >> Air Navigation Pro language >> Tap your preferred language.

For the Android version, you can change the language from the device setting settings. To do so, go to Settings >> Languages >> select your preferred language. (Chinese test is disable and continued to English in Android devices.)

Make sure to restart your device to apply the changes.

3. How to use the approach charts?

From Settings, you can choose to open the approach charts manually or auto, for all airports in the route, only for departure and arrival or for just the nearest airport from current position.

Approach charts can be opened by selecting a waypoint on the map. Tap on the airport waypoint information to display all the options available.

Another way is by tapping "Waypoint" and type under "Quick Search"

The available approach charts for this specific airport is listed at the bottom. Simply tap on the desired approach charts and it displays on the Moving Map.

The PDF documents will be also stored in the 'Document Browser', where you will be able to search by ICAO code Airport and open them.

4. How to use the screen lock and notepad?

In order not to press non-desirable buttons while in flight you can lock the screen of your device. This feature is applicable for Air Navigation Pro iOS version using iPad devices.

To lock the screen, you need to swipe 3 fingers from right to left over the Moving Map and do the reverse to unlock.

When the screen is locked, you can use it as a notepad to write down necessary information. You will write them using your fingers.

Up to 6 pages which are accessible by scrolling up or down with three fingers. Pages are saved and stored while not erased. To blank the page, tap the screen 3 consecutive times with three fingers. Tap the delete button to erase the notes.

*For iOS 7.2. update, the Scratchpad feature will be enhanced for easier access and will be found in 'Tools'.

5. How to display satellite images on the Moving Map?

Air Navigation Pro iOS will display satellite images as long as 3D data is installed. To do so, enable "Satellite Photos" under Map options.

Once satellited view is activated, the other maps are disabled.

If you have questions that aren't listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center.

Are you a pilot with cool travel stories that you want to share? Send us a message on our social media accounts Facebook, Instragram or send us an e-mail at demi@airnavigation.aero.

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Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team

07 November 2018

Air Navigation Pro Features: Obstacles

Air Navigation Pro Obstacle feature is specifically created to assist you with being able to spot obstacles. Without a reliable flight assistant, it can be dangerous especially if you're doing cross country flights or if you're not familiar with the area you're flying over.

The Obstacle feature shows man-made and certain natural obstacles extracted from digital and paper sources provided by governmental civil aviation authorities and military agency worldwide.

You can view obstacles as points and lines and you can filter also the obstacles depending on how far below you want to see. If you prefer to show all the obstacles above the limit, including those higher than you are displayed.

If you're from Norway, you can customise and change the colors of the power lines in by height. You can also enable and disable the power line obstacles. Once you enable the feature, you can adjust the sliders and it will show you the figures of the power lines.

You can get the Obstacle Database if you purchase the Air Navigation Pro Premium package for Switzerland, France, Norway and United Kingdom. You can also check out our Store for more information on our different products.

Are you a pilot with cool travel stories and you want to be featured on our blog? Send us a message on our social media accounts Facebook, Instragram or send us an e-mail to demi@airnavigation.aero.

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
you can also visit our website at 
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.

Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team

26 October 2018

Air Navigation Pro: Places to Fly Over and Travel for Halloween

Air Navigation Pro wants you to travel as much as you can and experience different kinds of culture around the world to give your inner adventurer an exercise. We've gathered a list of places all around the world where you can celebrate the feel of Halloween, plus you can use the list below as trivia to share to your passengers and co-pilots.

Some of the places listed below are rumoured to be haunted, like maybe you want to go on a ghost hunting trip to add to your bucket list of places to travel with Air Navigation Pro, or go sight seeing for beautiful places that could be great backdrop for your Halloween costumes, or party and go trick or treat with creatures and costumes that only come out on Halloween.

If you don't like crowded places and want to get away from the parties, we have places that are perfect to fly over and enjoy Halloween from above. If any of these places are near your area, with our Street and Places Search feature, you can easily search the place where you want to fly to. So grab a witch's brooms, get your Air Navigation Pro app ready and let's fly around the places around the world.

North America

Oaxaca, Mexico - Dia de los Muertos or The Day of The Dead, a celebration that happens on the first two days of November. Locals in Mexico pay tribute to those who have passed away by celebrating their life with parades, dances, vibrant colors, music and good food. It's part of their culture where they believe that on the 1st of November, the souls of the children pass and the adults follow on the 2nd of November. If you're flying by Mexico on this day, you'll see their streets light up with their festivities.

*Dia de Los Muertos/ Day of the Dead in Mexico City featured in Spectre 007 James Bond movie

Xochimilco, San Lorenzo, Mexico - La Isla de la Minuecas/ Island of the Dolls - Don Julian Santana started collecting dolls and placing them around the island after an incident where he claimed to have seen a little girl drowned in a lake in the island. Some might find it fascinating, others might find it creepy, the Island of the Dolls is a perfect place for Halloween. Some say when you fly over, you can see the clusters of dolls hanging in the trees like fruits.

Houston, Texas - Eclectic Menagerie Park - A private collection of 26 giant steel monsters by artist Ron Lee guarding a Texas pipe works. Flying over the park, the sculpture would seem very small but up close, the sculptures are gigantic.

Tucson, Arizona - The AMARC Davis-Monthan Air Force Boneyard (just outside of Tucson) - With more than 4,000 military aircraft are on this base. This airplane graveyard looks just like an area in horror movies where abandoned aircraft are left to rest. From above you could see B-52, wings and fuselage are separated from the body and left in place for Soviet satellites could see they were destroyed to comply with arms control agreements. You can also check out how big it is on Google Earth, make sure to zoom out.

Louisiana, USA - New Orleans - Known to be as one of the most haunted city in America, New Orleans lights up during Halloween. People dress up into their best Halloween costume, then they also have a horror movie marathons and have haunted house tours.

Toronto, Canada - Casa Loma - A beautiful castle created by a millionaire who dreamed about living in a castle since his teenage years. You can marvel at this castle from above in your airplane but you should also know that there have been reports of strange activity and sightings of strange figures in the castle.

South America

Antofagasta Province, Chile - VLT or the Very Large Telescope - If you're the nerdy kind of Halloween lover, this is a perfect place for all your sci-fi fantasy dreams. The VLT looks surreal from above, like you're flying over Mars.

Santiago Sacatepuquez, Guatamela - All Saints Day Kite Festival - On the 1st of November, the locals in Guatemala would gather together to celebrate All Saints day. They would make huge kites with vibrant colors, religious designs that were made of cloth and paper, and made with bamboo frames. The locals dress up in colorful clothing, decorate and clean the graves, have a picnic and they fly the kites in honor of the dead.

A word of caution if you plan to fly near or around the area, the kites are big enough to cause an accident, it is suggested to view the festival from a far since the enormous kites can be seen from afar.


Tokyo, Japan - Kawasaki Halloween Parade - This parade takes places every last Sunday of October, the people that attend the parade, dress up in different outfits, from gory vampire to cute animés to Japanese monsters, everyone dresses their best. After parade, there are parades all over Tokyo. The whole of Tokyo would light up for Kawasaki Halloween Parade and it looks beautiful from above.

Baturiti, Indonesia - Ghost Palace Hotel - An beautiful abandoned hotel that sits at the side of a mountain ridge. The hotel has wild stories and different reasons why it's abandoned. From corrupt politicians, to mystical disappearances of an entire crew to ghost stories, this place is perfect for Halloween and a good place to fly over, to give a creepy trivia to your passengers.

Ubud, Indonesia - Sacred Monkey Forest - Serving as the Hindu Temple of The Dead, with intricate with hundreds of long-tailed macaques. In the temple, the monkeys are fed and cared for as part of the spiritual life of the temples and are believed to be manifestations of the Hindu monkey gods.


Venice, Italy - The Doge's Palace - A beautiful historic palace that looks lovely from above but the reason why it's included in the list, aside from the beautiful Gothic architecture and amazing paintings on the inside, it also has a creepy past. This place also has secret passages, prisons, torture chamber and an interrogation room.

Clermont-Ferrand, France - Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption - A beautiful cathedral that's constructed from black lava rock with Gothic architecture. If you're flying from above, you can spot it right away if you're flying from afar.

Machecoul, France - Château de Machecoul - Ruins of once a beautiful castle owned by Gilles de Rais who was a wealthy lord and a knight who owned multiple castles all over Machecoul. The castle, now a part of a farm, was where once Gilles de Rais dabbled in occult dark magic, failed demon summoning and committed some gruesome murders. He is believed to be the inspiration for Charles Perrault's Bluebeard.

Transylvania, Romania - Home to the infamous Corvin Castle and Vlad the Impaler, with it's dark forests and towering medieval castles, it's no wonder why Bran Stoker chose Transylvania as the setting for his famous novel, Dracula. Spend your day touring this town or fly over to see the beautiful city from above.

Edinburgh, Scotland - Edinburgh Castle - one of the most famous castles in Scotland, it is absolutely beautiful from afar and even more beautiful of you're flying over it. Aside from being beautiful, it's worth checking out because of the multiple rumours about ghosts that roam around the castle. The castle has been turned into a hotel so you have the chance to sleep and try to experience.

Prague, Czechia - Prague Astronomical Clock - The Astronomical Clock is one of the most beautiful in the world but this magnificent clock has a dark legend to it. Legend says, due to its beauty, many representatives from different foreign nations, wanted an astronomical clock for their own town square. Even though Mikulas, the clockmaker, refused to show the plans for his work, the Prague Councilors blinded him. Mikulas went mad and threw himself over the clock's gears and ended his life. Some say that he cursed the clock and those who have tried to fix it, died or went insane.


Monduli, Tanzania - Lake Natron - A salty red lake in Tanzania where endangered flamingos live. If you fly over the lake, it doesn't really look scary, in fact it's a very beautiful but the lake does look like it's full of blood, making it seems like it came straight out of a science fiction horror film.

Molepolole, Botswana - Kobokwe's Cave - The historic cave was both a symbol of superstition and black magic. A legend says that a witch named Kobokwe was thrown from these rocks and used her magic to land unharmed.

 Cape Town, South Africa - Castle of Good Hope - This giant fortress that served as a station for ships to reload thier goods. There are rumours that the castle is haunted by a Gray Lady who is sometimes seen crying around the halls. Plus, you can only see the castle's shape clearly from above.

 Ehlanzen, South Africa - Adam's Calendar - Discovered by a South African pilot Johan Heine in 2003, when he unfortunately crashed over the hills of Mpumalanga region. When he got out, he saw these stones standing on the ground and behind the stone is a giant stone circle. The place is rumoured to have magical elements and has been a place where locals practice magic.


Leonora, Australia - Gwalia Ghost Town - Once a small town for a gold mining company that is now a ghost town after the gold mining company, the town's main source of employment, closed. A great place to fly over and see a place where time has stopped.

Jenolan, New South Wales, Australia - Blue Mountains and Jenolan Cave - If you prefer to have an intergalactic Halloween and you're a Star Trek nerd, check out one of the most visited caves in Australia. If you want an out of this world tour for Halloween, you can opt for the Nettle Cave in Klingon tour. Fun Fact: Klingon is a fictional language of an alien race in the Star Trek universe. In Star Trek: The Next Generation, they named one of their ships as "USS Jenolan". If you don't want to go underground, you can fly over the Blue Mountains, the mountains protecting the Jenolan Cave.

Camden, New South Wales - Studley Park House - One of the most famous haunted house in Australia that's been featured in multiple multiple paranormal reality TV shows. Back in 1909, a teenager drowned in the property's dam and in 1949, the owner's son died due to appendicitis, the spirits of both the boys are reportedly seen across the property and other reports say that there's a lady that stares out from the window. The owner has debunked these claims of the sighting but the house itself has an eerie vibe. If you fly over the house, you could see that it resembles the house in the movie conjuring with the lovely architecture of the house. The black and white exterior gives it an eerie vibe.

Spirits Bay, New Zealand - Kapowairua, Spirit Bay - This beautiful beach has a campsite where people claim to have seen figures walk along the beach and disappear at one particular spot. There is a legend that says that this is the place for people to pass on to the afterlife.

Let us know if ever you plan on flying above any of the places mentioned above and don't forget to take a picture and share it with us.

Do you know any creepy/bizarre places or events? Share it with us and send an email to demi@airnavigation.aero.

Do you have awesome stories and photos using Air Navigation Pro to share with us?

Send us a message in one of our social media accounts Facebook, Instragram or send us an e-mail at demi@airnavigation.aero.

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Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team


11 October 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - September

While we're continuously working on developing the Air Navigation Pro app to be the flight assistant that you need, our support team gathers all your questions and feedback. After that they compile it into a list so that it can be easier for you, our users, to navigate through Air Navigation Pro.

Here's the top questions for the month of September.

1. How do I share my recorded flights?

You can share your Air Navigation Pro flight details to your friends and family with options to share via the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) or send thru email.

From the app, enable the "Share all flights on the web". This feature is applicable for iOS only. From Live Tracking, select the flight and tap arrow button to get the Live Tracking link or share via social media buttons.

For the Android version, you can share the recorded flights to your Service account. To do so, go to Flight Recorder >> select from the "Recorded Flights" list and tap "Add to Flight Tracking".

 Go to Services website, click Live Tracking and select which flight you want to share.

By sharing the link or share via social media buttons, you can share and give access to a specific flight only to the recipient.

Remember to login to your Services account in order to share your flight.

2. Why am I unable to delete a route in my Services account through your website?

We removed it for while but with the website's latest update we've reinstated the delete button so you can now delete a route on the services site.

3. Is an ADS-B or Flarm hardware required to show traffic?

Yes, with a "Flarm" or "iLevil2" device connected, you can enable the traffic awareness feature and broadcast your position via the Air Navigation Pro traffic server.

With this feature, Air Navigation Pro will show traffic information on your Moving Map, and alert you in case of a collision risk.

To do so, go to Maps >> Maps Options >> Traffic Awareness >> enable the "Show Traffic on Map" option and the tap on TCAS mode.

4. How to use the "Street and Places search" charts?

Once it is installed in your device, tap "Edit Mode" to start. By tapping "Waypoint and typing the country or place under "Quick Search", results will show at the bottom.

*mobile view for Streets and Places Search

5. Why I cannot see the map in the background?

In order to show the maps, go to Map Options >> Maps and toggle on. If it is not showing, make sure that you have successfully installed.

*Cover image from Tiesler Pacheco and Marcelo Riegel

If you have questions that aren't listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center.

Are you a pilot with cool travel stories that you want to share? Send us a message on our social media accounts Facebook, Instragram or send us an e-mail at demi@airnavigation.aero.

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
you can also visit our website at 
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.

Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team