19 July 2018

9 Things You’ll Enjoy with the New Air Navigation Pro Services Website

If you're wondering about what we’ve been working on, we’re happy to announce that the new Services site is ready!

We love everything about the new site and we’re sure that you’ll enjoy the new look and feel. We made sure to make it as seamless as possible with all the information you need easily accessible with this updated interface.

Are you ready to find out what’s in store for you? Let’s dive right in!

1. Featured Items

When you enter the site, a slider displays all the most up to date news and features available. Just below the slider, featured items such as the latest country packages that are available.

For new comers, the Sign Up section is displayed on the upper right side corner when you’re on your desktop and just below the slider if you're on your tablet or mobile. Account holders can easily get access to their accounts by just tapping on the Sign in text displayed below the Sign up section.

2. Latest News & Updates

Learn about the latest Air Navigation Pro charts and map updates in this section or dig into some of our most enjoyable articles featuring aviation leaders and industry news.

You’ll find it just below the Featured Items list on the tablet or mobile and on the lower right side for desktop users.

3. New User Profile Page

When you sign up as a new user, you’ll need to fill in required user details like a username, email, age, gender, language and phone which can be edited anytime.

With the new services site, it’s easier to remove and add devices. You can register multiple devices with an Air Navigation Pro services account that you can use on your flights.

4. New Header Menu

We’ve made some adjustments to make sure that your experience is as easy as possible. The new header displays the important aspects that pilots use on a regular basis. This includes the store, live tracking, routes, and an extended menu for the rest of the Air Navigation Pro ecosystem.

5. New Store with the Search Function

Shopping for maps, charts and other Air Navigation Pro tools is made easier with the Store Search Function. We’ve been getting a lot of requests for this feature and we’re happy to announce that this has been implemented. 

Searching for maps and charts will now be easy as searching for your next flying destination. 

6. Store

We've redesigned the Store to make it easier for you to get the package you want with the inclusions. You can click on 'More Information' if you want more details regarding the inclusions.

 It's also easier to purchase products individually, which is perfect for cross-country flights! Just use the search bar to search for the country, then the individual products with appear below the search.

7. Live tracking Share Function

Want to send updates to friends and family? Well, now there’s a better way to keep them updated. You can share your flight details after landing with options to share via the social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) or send thru email.

Awesome, isn’t it?

8. Home button

If you have questions about the features and want to know more about Air Navigation Pro? Or  are you planning on visiting another country and you wanna see our other country packages? We've created the Home button for that exact reason to make it easier for you to navigate.

Just click on the Home button and it will route you to our Air Navigation Pro website.

9. Connectivity

The beautiful revamped services site design now comes with a QR code login (iOS only) that can be especially handy when you’re in a rush or multi tasking. 

It also gives you access to your Manager accounts with just one touch of a button!

We hope you'll love this updated look. Let us know if there's anything that we can improve to make your Air Navigation Pro experience a real treat!

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to discover more about the planning application Flight Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
You can also visit our website at 
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features. 

Blue Skies,
The Air Navigation Pro Team


11 July 2018

A Guide to Ground Support Equipment

Ground support equipment forms an integral part for any aviation setting around the world. Many people are drawn to the technological prowess that comes with compelling aircraft, but without effective equipment on the ground, these models lose a large proportion of their functionality.

Here at GSE Solutions, we have provided the aviation industry with a wide range of ground support equipment for over 25-years. In that time, we have gained an unparalleled amount of knowledge and expertise that will be shared throughout this guide.

A brief history  

Ground support equipment dates back to the early 18th century, but it wasn’t until the height of World War II that the industry started to take flight. This period oversaw increasing demands from Allied militaries, especially the US Army, which increased its aircraft fleet from 3,600 to 300,000 in just six years.

This created the first marketing opportunity for companies to get their designs into circulation. Among the many beneficiaries were Stewart & Stevenson, who supplied ordnance loaders to the US military, and FMC (Food Machinery Corp.) who designed and constructed landing craft.

The next watershed moment wasn’t until 1969, when Eagle Tugs introduced the world to the Bob Tail Tow Tractor. This design is still the best and only choice for sturdy and effective towing in the present day. 

What is Ground Support Equipment?  

Ground support equipment is needed to maneuver equipment found in the servicing area of aviation environments. They are the tools in which trailers can be towed, luggage can be transported and planes can be re-fueled.  

For more information about any ground support equipment, check out the GSE Solutions website – www.gsesolutions.eu

Here are the most common pieces of the Ground Support Equipment

Tow Tractors

Both military and domestic applications will require a strong and reliable tractor for effective maneuvering. There is a multitude of both large-scale and low-profile designs to adhere to a selection of aviation tasks.  

The most significant model is the Bob Tail Tow Tractor. This design uses an ergonomic Ford Super Duty F-350 chassis and runs on a Ford V-8 engine to ensure equipment as heavy as 95,000 lbs can be towed with ease.

Ground Power Units

These models can power and start up aircraft from the ground. They are more commonly referred to as GPU’s and run on either electric power, battery power or a combination of both. There are certain models that can produce up to 5200 amps, using a voltage of 30.3V DC. 

Passenger Access

This is an especially vital component for commercial airlines, since they provide a safe method of entering and exiting aircraft. Some of the more prominent designs can reach heights of up to 161” and use standing platforms with a weight capacity of around 1,000 lbs.

Baggage & Cargo Carts  

This enables people’s luggage to be transported around airports both safely and methodically. Closed baggage carts are the most recognizable design, with certain models able to carry up to 8000 lbs of luggage.

State of play

According to prnswsire.com, the aviation industry will reach £18.2 billion by 2022. This has largely been attributed to the increasing demands for both electric and hybrid designs.

As of July 2017, the breakdown of the primary participants in ground support equipment were as follows:

Asia-Pacific – 46%
North America – 27%
Europe – 18%
Rest of the world – 9%

This article was written by David Newman. David is the Director of UK Magento Web Design Agency Ad Lab.

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
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06 July 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - June

The Air Navigation team works round the clock on updating and constantly building improvements to our app. Last month, our support team collected the top 5 Frequently Asked Questions for the month of May 2018 to make it easier for you to find the answers to your questions.

Since we recently made changes on Air Navigation Pro, and we have different versions of the app available on different devices, and our iOS app is now free to download with a 2-week free trial. We are aware that some processes have changed. For the month of June, our team has compile another list of the top 5 frequently asked questions.

Here is Air Navigation Pro's Monthly Inbox of your questions.

1. Can I change my email address associated with my Xample account?
Unfortunately, you can't change their email address of your Xample account directly in the app or on the Xample Services website. If you want to change you email address for your Xample account, please send your requests through support@airnavigation.aero.

2. I have Air Navigation Pro for iOS, do I need to pay again for the Android version?
Air Navigation iOS and Android versions don't share the same license. They run under different Operative Systems and you need to download Air Navigation App store from different application stores. The code engine is different as well. That's why you need to purchase them separately.

For your purchased maps, charts, 3D data, subscriptions and other products, they are available to use on both versions without having to pay again. You just need to synchronize those products on a new device using your Xample account. If you don't have a Xample account, you can create it for free at http://services.xample.ch/.

3. I cannot remember my password in my Xample account, how could I recover it?
You can recover your password easily through https://services.xample.ch/

You can go to Connect >> Recover Password. A link to change you password will be sent to your email.

4. How can I revoke one of my registered devices?
You can immediately remove a device that you are no longer using, or if you wish to add another one but you have already reached the maximum of devices allowed, by logging out directly from Air Navigation Pro.

For iOS users, go to Tools >> Air Navigation Services >> Account Information and select the option 'Logout & unlink Account'

For Android users, go to Config >> Air Navigation Services >> Log Out

For MAC OSX users, go to Air Navigation >> Preferences >> Air Navigation Account >> Logout

5. I'm using an Android device, I can't find the way to remove ATT warning in red even if IMU sensor is enable. Is this a known issue?
Thanks to all of your feedback, this issues has been looked into and has been fixed and will be included in the next version, android 3.0.

- You can also check out our previous Monthly Inbox for the month of May 2018.

If you have questions that aren't listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center.

Are you a pilot with cool travel stories and you want to be featured on our blog? Send us a message on our social media accounts Facebook, Instragram or send us an e-mail at demi@airnavigation.aero.

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
you can also visit our website at 
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.

Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team

Messagerie mensuelle Air Navigation Pro - Juin

L'équipe d'Air Navigation Pro travaille en continu et améliore constamment l'application. Comme toujours, nous voulons ce qu'il y a de mieux pour vous. Le mois dernier, notre équipe de soutien a recueilli les 5 questions les plus fréquemment posées pour le mois de mai 2018 afin de vous aider à trouver les réponses à vos questions.
Nous avons récemment fait quelques modifications et depuis que nous avons différentes versions de l'application disponibles sur différents appareils, de plus, notre application iOS est maintenant gratuite au téléchargement avec un essai gratuit de deux semaines. Notre équipe de support a compilé une liste de 5 questions fréquemment posées le mois dernier.

Voici la messagerie mensuelle d'Air Navigation Pro de vos questions à notre équipe de support.

1. Puis-je changer mon adresse mail associée a mon compte Xample?
Malheureusement il est impossible de modifier votre adresse mail liée au compte Xample directement sur l'application ou sur le site de service Xample. Vous devrez, pour ce faire, nous envoyer une demande sur http://support.airnavigation.aero/.

2. J'ai Air Navigation Pro sur iOS, dois-je payer a nouveau pour l'avoir sur Android?
Les versions iOS et Android d'Air Navigation ne partagent pas la même licence. Ils fonctionnent sous différents systèmes d'exploitation et vous devez télécharger l'application Air Navigation à partir de différents stores d'applications. Le logiciel est également différent. C'est pourquoi vous devez les acheter séparément.

Pour vos cartes, graphiques, données 3D, abonnements et autres produits achetés, ils sont disponibles et peuvent être utiliser sur les deux versions sans avoir à payer à nouveau. Vous avez juste besoin de synchroniser ces produits sur un nouvel appareil en utilisant votre compte Xample. Si vous n'avez pas de compte Xample, vous pouvez le créer gratuitement sur http://services.xample.ch/.
3. J'ai oublié mon mot de passe, comment puis-je le retrouver?
Vous pouvez retrouver votre mot de passe sur https://services.xample.ch/
Vous pouvez aller dans Se Connecter >> Mot de passe oublié. Un lien pour modifier votre mot de passe vous sera envoyé par mail.

4. Comment puis-je révoquer un de mes appareils enregistrés?
Vous pouvez immédiatement supprimer un appareil que vous n'utilisez plus ou si vous voulez en rajouter un mais que vous avez déjà atteins le maximum d'appareils autorisés, en vous déconnectant directement sur Air Navigation Pro.

Pour les utilisateurs d'iOS, allez dans Outils >> Air Navigation Services >> Informations sur le compte et sélectionnez l'option 'Déconnexion & dissocier le compte'

Pour les utilisateurs d'Android, accédez à Configuration >> Air Navigation Services >> Déconnexion

Pour les utilisateurs de MAC OSX, accédez à Air Navigation >> Préférences >> Compte Air Navigation >> Déconnexion

5. J'utilise un appareil Android, je n'arrive pas à supprimer l'avertissement ATT en rouge, meme si le capteur IMU est activé, est-ce un problème connu?

Merci à tous pour vos commentaires, ce problème a été analysé puis corrigé et sera inclus dans la prochaine version, Android 3.0.

- Vous pouvez aussi aller voir Messagerie mensuelle du moi de Mai 2018

Si vous avez des questions qui ne figurent pas ci-dessus, vous pouvez nous laisser un commentaire sur Facebook ou visiter notre page FAQ et le support center.

Vous avez de bonnes expériences avec Air Navigation Pro que vous aimeriez partager? Envoyez-nous un message sur nos réseaux sociaux Facebook, Instragram ou envoyez-nous un mail: demi@airnavigation.aero.

Pour en savoir plus sur l'application de planification de vols Air Navigation Pro, 
vous pouvez aussi visiter notre site:
et consultez le manuel pour plus de détails sur l'utilisation des nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Blue Skies, 
L'équipe d'Air Navigation

03 July 2018

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story on Latécoère Aircraft Rally 2018

Last March 2018, Air Navigation Pro sponsored the Latécoère Aircraft Rally on their cross-country journey across the beautiful country of Argentina. We were able to do a little Q&A with the pilots, Arnaud and Lorris, about their adventure across Argentina, their love for flying and their experience with Air Navigation Pro.

What do you love more about flying?
Both the commitment and the freedom it delivers, it sounds perhaps a bit antinomic but it's true! 

What is your favorite aircraft?
In GA? I've been learning on a PA28 Archer and used to love that aircraft but I must admit that I'm getting fond of the C172 G1000

What's your favorite destination so far?
If you're talking about flying GA airplanes, I have to answer Patagonia! Otherwise, I do love South Iceland and West USA landscapes

What is your dream travel destination?
I don't have a particular dream. I love to discover new places and aim to visit as many as possible; that said I'd love to go to New Zealand or South Africa next, but let's wait to have the proper funding which mean probably a long way after my training!

How did you come across Air Navigation Pro?
I think in quite a common way, thanks to another pilot who had the app and then I downloaded it, tried it and adopted it!

What are the 5 best things you like about our app?
-ATC info right away with the dedicated tab at the right of the screen
-VAC plates right in the airports info page, so convenient when you need an alternate route,
-Elevation data provided with a vertical view; really useful when planning your route to check your MSA
-Flight tracking feature, a real plus to let your family know you're safe and to debrief your flight afterwards!
-The possibility to have all of these one click away

Have you tried other navigating apps?
Airmate and FlightDeck mainly, which are quite elaborate but I do like the ANP layout and ease of use, and the international coverage is a plus.

If you could talk to non-users about our product, what would you tell them?
A hassle-free navigation and briefing app for pilots!

What do you do when you're not flying?
Thinking of where the next flight could take place, of course. Joking aside, working on my ATPL syllabus!

What do you see yourself doing three years from now?
If I can earn decently by flying then I will be fulfilled.

What's your favorite flying memory?
Curiously, it is a recent and not peaceful one, but thinking backwards when we were struggling in the downstream winds in South Argentina with our little C172 145hp aircraft, it was a challenging yet a great flying experience where you do feel flying against the elements, surrounded by magnificent landscapes.

What do you tell non-pilots about the joy of flying?
Well for me, it is an activity that makes you have a whole new perspective of things, there is a before and an after. Distances are shortened, you get to understand the weather, physics and mechanics, you do have a direct link between your decisions and their consequences and do have magnificent sights! It is a way of life on its own. For me, flying or not flying is a bit like spending one's life only in one country or traveling worldwide.

How did you plan your cross country flight? And how long did you plan it?
Mainly according to fuel contingencies and alternate airfields available en-route. The plan was also not to exceed 5-6 of flight per day with one day off in order to have time to visit (the place). The total planning period took around 2 weeks. 

What were your preparations for the cross country flight?
We did a training on a C172 in France as we were mainly used to Piper aircrafts, so flying Cessna was part of the adventure I guess. Otherwise we did stay in touch with the other pilots of the rally in order to synchronize our flight paths and confirm our contacts in Argentina. 

What are the challenges that you expected while planning the flight and what were the challenges that you actually encountered?
Apart from the administrative aspect, that is unfortunately a challenge nowadays in everything you do, wherever you do it, we were quite concerned about the wind conditions especially in South Patagonia. The reality did match our expectations as I personally broke a record with a 3.3kt ground speed in some down winds! 

In what way did Air Navigation Pro help out with your cross country flight?
ANP was very helpful for terrain awareness and log during planning. During flights, it was a relief to have this sure value as a backup and kind of EFB within immediate reach, especially regarding airfield info for the arrival briefings.

What were the unforgettable moments during your cross country flight?
 There are so many but in a nutshell and without any particular order, I would say the down winds in the south (full throttle, climbing pitch, but still descending 1000ft/mn sometimes!), the compass caselinking abouve 9000ft, the landscapes between Bariloche and Mendoza, the hike to Laguna Del Diamante where Guillaumet crashed in 1930, and of course, the Argentinian people always welcoming and the 'Asados' during the stopovers!

Do you have any advise to those that are planning a cross country flight?
Like for every flight, do anticipate, wind, fuel, what can go wrong. It always seem boring on the ground but it is such an asset inflight when you just have to mentally switch from one plan to another instead of finding the alternate one! If you have all the possible storylines saved in ANP, it is even better and more handy! Apart from that, especially if you're going abroad, I would suggest to take info from locals and pilots who already flew onsite as it is always valuable.

You can find the Latécoère Aircraft Rally pilots on Facebook, Instagram and check out their blog as well. 

If you're interested to read more about our users and some interesting persons in the aviation industry, you can check out our other features:
- Marcelo Riegel from Brazil
- Juan Carlos Ala Luna from Peru
- Bruno Temporetti from Argentina
- Lio Mougel French Pilot for Air Race 1
- Mirko Ragni from Italy
- Kirsten Augustyn from Norway
- Stanislav Klajban from The Canary Islands

We've got other articles for you to know more about our other features and highlights:
- Air Navigation Pro Offers The Standard Worldwide Package
- Air Navigation Pro Subscription Packages are now available on iOS with a 2-week free trial!
Are you a pilot with cool travel stories and you want to be featured on our blog?

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Need help? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have questions that are not found in our FAQ, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us here.

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Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team


25 June 2018

L'essai gratuit d'Air Navigation Pro est maintenant disponible dans l'App Store!

Air Navigation Pro a toujours eu pour objectif d’être l'assistant de pilotage le plus utile et le plus fiable pour nos chers utilisateurs à travers le monde. Les principaux objectifs de l'entreprise sont de donner l'assurance, la sécurité en vol, et de comprendre et d'anticiper les besoins de nos collègues pilotes pour faciliter la planification de vol et la navigation.

Nous avons toujours relevé le défi, avec une technologie en constante évolution. Ce changement constant nous a permis d'en faire un avantage, et de montrer a nos utilisateurs, ainsi qu'à l'industrie de l'aviation, que nous sommes innovateurs.

Auparavant, notre offre était basée sur le paiement par produit et les utilisateurs devaient se rendre dans le store, rechercher les articles dont ils avaient besoin et payer plusieurs fois.

Notre objectif a toujours été d'offrir un service équitable à tous nos utilisateurs et d'accueillir de nouveaux utilisateurs dans la famille d'Air Navigation Pro. Après le succès du lancement, et avec les bons retours de nos utilisateurs iOS. Notre équipe a travaillé continuellement et a fait un autre ensemble de recherches approfondies qui ont rendu possibles les prochains développements de notre application.

Les nouvelles ne s’arrêtent pas la, nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer que vous pouvez dès à présent télécharger la version iOS de l'application gratuitement! Oui! Vous avez bien lu, vous pouvez l'utiliser avec un essai gratuit de deux semaines pour une sélection de pays. Vous pouvez donc consulter nos nouvelles fonctionnalités et voler avec moins de soucis! 

Voici comment la nouvelle version d'Air Navigation Pro fonctionne. Il suffit juste de télécharger l'application dans l'App Store. L'autre chose que nous avons amélioré et mis à jour est le nouvel écran de démarrage, plus ergonomique, afin que nos utilisateurs puissent mieux y naviguer. Une fois l'application installée, cliquez simplement sur "commencer maintenant" pour lancer une toute nouvelle expérience de planification de vol avec Air Navigation Pro. 

Ensuite, vous devez vous inscrire et créer un compte, les utilisateurs peuvent cliquer sur "Plus tard", cependant il est recommandé de créer un compte. Après cela, une fois que votre compte est configuré, vous pourrez utiliser Air Navigation Pro avec l'essai gratuit de deux semaines. Si vous avez déjà un compte chez nous, vous n'aurez pas besoin de vous inscrire, vous êtes donc prêts a utiliser Air Navigation Pro.

 Nous avons aussi des paques pour vos différentes convenances. Voici une brève descriptions des différentes options de paquets, et comment elles fonctionnent:

Chaque pays dispose d'un ensemble de cartes personnaliesées pour aider les utilisateurs à obtenir des données utiles sur chacun des différents types d'abonnements. Alors que nous trravaillons encore dessus ici, sur Air Navigation Pro, pour avoir l'option nationaux disponible et prête pour d'autres pay. Pour l'instant nous avons ces options disponibles pour la Suisse, la France, l'Espagne, la Norvège, l'Allemagne, l'Argentine, l'Argentine, l'Italie, ou encore l'Afrique du Sud et le Brésil.
Pour les abonnements aux paquets nationaux, nous avons introduit ces différentes offres: L'Essentiel, le Standard et le Premium.

Le paquet Essentiel inclus l'Abonnement à la Base de Données Aéronautique, ce qui permettra a nos utilisateurs d’accéder aux mises a jours mensuelles de l'application et d'acheter des produits dans la boutique.

Le paquet Standard comprend des options qui permettent à nos utilisateurs d'avoir accès à la base de donnée, aux cartes ICACO, aux cartes d'approche visuelle, aux NOTAM interactifs et aux données d'altitude de chacun des pays choisis.

Le paquet Premium offre aux utilisateurs, en plus des fonctionnalités du paquet Standard, l'accès à la base de donnée des obstacles, uniquement pour certains pays, et aux cartes topographiques, également pour certains pays uniquement. De plus, notre abonnement Premium a aussi des réductions. 

Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez consulter nos paquets nationaux.

Pour nos autres utilisateurs ailleurs dans le monde, nous avons mis en place le paquet mondial juste pour vous! Le paquet mondial inclue l'abonnement à la base de donnée aéronautique et l'abonnement aux NOTAM.

*Prix non inclus; les images ci-dessus et ci-dessous
sont basées sur les paquets France

Les abonnements sont créés pour maximiser les fonctions de l'application pour l'avantage et la facilité de chacun de ses utilisateurs. Les abonnements sont strictement destinés à un seul utilisateur, et ne peuvent être partagés avec d'autres utilisateurs. Bien que votre paquet soit utilisable sur d'autres appareils, vous pouvez simplement synchroniser vos appareils sur notre site web pour utiliser pleinement votre abonnement sur les versions iOS et Android de l'application. 

Pour bénéficier des forfaits d'abonnement, recherchez ces icônes dans iTunes: 

Maintenant que la sélection et la configuration du paquet du pays de votre choix est terminée, vous êtes prêts à décoller! Vous pouvez maintenant utiliser les meilleurs fonctionnalités  de notre application pour la planification  de votre vol et vous pouvez vous concentrer d'avantage sur vos vols! Voici quelques-unes de nos fonctionnalités préférées de nos utilisateurs: 

Notre fonctionnalité de widget est parfaite pour identifier 
les pistes, étendre les voies et plus encore!

Notre fonctionnalité de vue 3D vous permet de voir le 
relief au sol sous votre route de vol. 

Notre fonctionnalité d'instrument 
vous permet de lire les différents instruments 
utilisant des aides à la navigation réelles. 

Notre fonctionnalité d'alertes vous permet de personnaliser quelle alerte 
vous voulez recevoir parmi celles-ci: la proximité du sol, 
les alertes d'espace aérien et bien d'autres! 

Notre fonctionnalité de vision nocturne est parfaite pour les vols du soir 
ou en conditions de faible luminosité. 

Le Traffic Awarness est l'outil qui affiche 
le trafic sur votre carte en mouvement, et vous pouvez 
maintenant perfectionner votre formation de vol avec des amis!  

Pour plus de détails et de conseils sur nos différentes fonctionnalités, rendez-vous sur notre Site ou consultez l'onglet mises à jour logicielles, vous pouvez aussi consulter nos autres articles sur nos fonctionnalités:

Besoin d'aide? Consultez notre Foire Aux Questions (FAQ). Si vous avez des questions qui ne figurent pas dans notre FAQ, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter ici. 

Vous avez de bonnes expériences avec Air Navigation Pro que vous aimeriez partager? Envoyez-nous un message sur nos réseaux sociaux Facebook, Instragram ou envoyez-nous un mail: demi@airnavigation.aero.

Pour en savoir plus sur l'application de planification de vols Air Navigation Pro, 
vous pouvez aussi visiter notre site:
et consultez le manuel pour plus de détails sur l'utilisation des nouvelles fonctionnalités.

Blue Skies, 
L'équipe d'Air Navigation