05 August 2019

Air Navigation Pro Video Feature: How do airplanes fly? by JAES

Air Navigation Pro Video Feature: 

How do airplanes fly? by JAES

Air Navigation Pro is pleased to feature JAES or Japan American European Solutions, a company specialized in providing both industrial maintenance and all the necessary industrial spare parts with customer support at 360 degrees. 

Not only JAES offers industrial services but they also produced instructional videos in immersive 3D graphics on how airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft work. 

Thus, here is an extensive video feature on how do airplanes fly in 3D animation brought to you by JAES Company. 

In this video, JAES explains how an airplane flies and how the pilots are able to control it, in a simple but very specific way.

An airliner is typically defined as an aircraft intended for carrying multiple passengers or cargo in commercial service. When the Wright brothers made the world's first sustained heavier-than-air-flight, they laid the foundation for what would become a major transport industry. 

Listing every single component of an airplane is almost impossible. The modern airliners, in fact, are composed of a huge variety of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components. 

You ever wondered how such a large object, made up of all these components, can lift off the ground and fly hundreds of people at an altitude of thousands of feet? 

So, how does the wing rise when it is by the airflow? Coanda Effect or Bernoulli effect?

Watch the video below or on JAES YouTube channel to find out how:

Aside from being constantly engaged in the supply of all spare parts necessary for the production, assembly, and maintenance of an aircraft, they are also a qualified partner to some of the most important aircraft manufacturers.

To know more about JAES Company, you can visit their official website and read their online catalog. Also, stay connected and check out their LinkedIn page.

If you have any questions or comments about the video feature, you can directly reach out to JAES Company through their sites stated above or you can also send us a message in one of our social media accounts Facebook, Instagram or send us an e-mail at sharmaine@airnavigation.aero.

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01 August 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - July 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - July 2019

While the team at Air Navigation Pro is continuously working on the Air Navigation Pro app to be the flight assistant that you need, our support team collects all your feedback every month. After that, they compile the top five questions for the month to make it easier for you to navigate the Air Navigation Pro app. 

Here's the Monthly Inbox for July 2019:

1. How can I sync purchased products across devices?

To sync all your products with your different devices, you must first connect your Air Navigation account on each device. 

To do so, go to Tools >> Account.

If purchased products are done through the App Store or Play Store, you can sync them via Air Navigation account.

First, always sync the products in the device where you originally purchased them.

Once you are logged in your Air Navigation account:

go to Configuration >> Store >> and tap Restore toolbar. 

For iOS device, enter Apple iTunes ID and password and then, press OK. 

Wait until products are shown.  From the Restore screen, you can install the product of your choice.

2. How can I rename a route?

You can rename a route based on your preference.

To do so: 

For iPad/Tablet devices, 

tap Resize toolbar to display the instruments panel. 

In the Route instrument,

 tap the Route and popover will appear >> enter the name.

In order to save changes:

For iPad, tap anywhere outside the popover to save automatically. For tablet, tap the Save button. 

For phone devices,

tap the Route tab bar and from the summary, tap the Route. Then, enter the name. 

In order to save changes:

For iPhone, tap the Close button. For Android smartphones, tap the Save button. 

3. If I buy a map, how long is it valid?

Map is classified as a non-subscription product that doesn't have a validity period. As a new map is released, an addon map becomes outdated. However, a map that is included in a country package will be valid within the package subscription validity. Within the subscription year, you will have the latest map available.

4. How can I renew package subscription in the app?

For App Store and Google Play subscriptions, both will renew automatically unless you unsubscribe.
Apple and Google will take care of storing payment information with the same payment method and will automatically charge upon purchase. 

 Here's how you check your subscriptions and next billing date:

For Android:

Open Google Play Store >> Menu.

Tap Account to see you are connected to your Google account. Then, tap Subscriptions. 

For iOS:

Go to Settings >> iTunes & App Store.

On your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID and enter your Apple ID and password or fingerprint ID when prompted. Then, tap Subscriptions.

You can also check out our blog on how to renew subscriptions via the Services Website

5. Can I log in using my Facebook or Google account in Air Navigation?

Yes, you can.

Social authentication is now available for use with your Air Navigation Account across Air Navigation Pro iOS and Android, Air Navigation Services and Air Navigation Manager. 

This feature is a single sign-on designed to simplify the login process for users. You can continue to use your existing Air Navigation Account or choose to authenticate via Facebook or Google account. 

Scenario A. Your Air Navigation Pro account uses the same email as your Facebook or Google account. 

Simply login using your desired social media account to connect directly to your Air Navigation Account. All your Air Navigation Account data continues to be served to this account.

Scenario B. Your Air Navigation Pro account uses a different email than your Facebook or Google account. 

If you wish to connect via your Facebook or Google account, simply login using your chosen social account, then from the Air Navigation Services website, navigate to My Account/Profile and click on the "link accounts" button and then enter your existing Air Navigation Pro Account credentials. This action will link your social media and Air Navigation Account together. 

We know having lots of different accounts for different apps and websites is hard to keep track of. Using this social authentication feature, managing your Air Navigation Account is now even easier. 

Air Navigation Desktop does not support social authentication yet, so if you use the social authentication on your Air Navigation Account, connect to Air Navigation Desktop using the user name code provided in your Air Navigation Account profile, then go to My Account and check AN Desktop at the very bottom of the page. 

If you have questions that are not listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center .

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04 July 2019

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story: Javier Osorio of Venezuela

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story:

 Javier Osorio of Venezuela 

One of the most motivational stories ever told are the ones molded from pure hard work and perseverance.

Our team is happy to find Javier Osorio on Instagram, a successful Business Administration graduate and a pilot from Venezuela who shares with us how he turned impossibilities into reality.

Being surrounded by aircraft and flying enthusiasts during his childhood, this young man naturally developed a passion for aviation and dreamed to become a great pilot one day. Since his parents could not afford to send him to aviation school, he strived hard on his own to be a pilot.

Luckily, his corporate job provided him the flexibility and financial resources in order to pursue his pilot training. Not to mention, it is with full pride and confidence he is showing the world about his inspiring journey of becoming a pilot on his Instagram account @pilotfromzero through photos and videos. 

What do you love most about flying an aircraft? 

When you feel the force of lift acting upon you as you take off is the precise moment you will know you are on your way to the coolest place on Earth, to the sky! Despite the noise of the engine, it feels so calm and comfortable to me when I'm up in the air, and that I know it is something I can do every single day of my life.

What is your favorite aircraft? 

I've been asked this question several times and my answer is always the same. It's simple, the one that takes me to the sky is my favorite aircraft. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to fly in so many different aircraft, both as a pilot and as a passenger. From the mythic Douglas DC-3 to the latest Airbus A380 or B787, there is just something unique and special in each of them. But there is one airplane that is dear to me, and it's the MD-11. I simply love three-engine wide-body planes.

McDonell Douglas MD - 11

What is your favorite destination so far? 

Venezuela and Spain are both closest to my heart and there's got to be some breathtaking views of each country I'll never get tired staring at.

In Venezuela, I love flying around Angel's Fall located in the state of Amazonas. It is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall measuring 3200 feet. Other than that is the Los Roques, which is an archipelago around the north of the capital Caracas in the Carribean Sea. The protected area contains more than 300 islands and cays surrounding a lagoon.

Angel's Fall in Amazonas, Venezuela 

Los Roques, Venezuela 

The North of Spain is intensely stunning. You will witness amazing sceneries by seeing mountains merged with beaches when you fly over the coastline and you can dine in several world-class restaurants awarded with Michelin stars.

Northern Spain 

What is your dream travel destination? 

I would love to visit Nordic or Norwegian Fjords and explore the most popular four fjord regions in Western Norway. If I can rent a Cessna to fly among them, that will be a dream come true.

Norwegian Fjords 

How did you come across Air Navigation Pro? 

I was looking for an application that helps increase safety in my flights. We learn in flying school on how to fly aircraft with paper charts, and by law, this is the only method we can use. But since we are living in the 21st century, you can do so much with your smartphone and it really does wonder most especially in your flight preparations. With this, being able to find Air Navigation Pro welcomes all the wonderful possibilities.

What are the five things you like about our app? 

  • The moving map lets you know exactly where you are. This is especially useful when we are flying in a visual hall or restricted airspace where the limits are so narrow and that is only possible with a moving map. 
  • The planning tool gives you a lot of information, most importantly, the heading and distance from a point to point, which is great in order to complete the paper flight planning. 
  • The ATC tab gives you information all the time of your position regarding radio NAV AIDS which is helpful when you are contacting a new ATC dependency from CTR and they need to know your position. 
  • The approach tabs wherein you can find all the relevant information of your destination, charts, elevation, frequency, and everything. 
  • Last but not least, I must say amazing work with battery management. This app is using almost every single sensor that can be used in your smartphone or tablet, and yet, manage the battery really well. So, it doesn't drain fast. 

Have you tried other navigating apps? 

Yes, I have but all I can say is Air Navigation Pro works great.

Can you please tell me a story of the best times you have had with our app? 

Flying in General Aviation means that you have to be flexible with your flight planning because anything can happen. I can still remember to this day that we were flying to Alicante, and as we arrived at the airport, a NOTAM alerts that we couldn't go to the location. So, we needed to make a new plan and opted to go to Badajoz instead. We did the whole planning again and only to realize we could not also be pushed through due to traffic restrictions. So finally we decided to go to Cordoba, and that was the third planning on the same day. If we were not accompanied by Air Navigation Pro, each of the planning would take us at least 2 hours to prepare. With Air Navigation Pro, it is just a matter of minutes and that is awesome!

If you talk to non-users about our product what would you tell them? 

I would tell them that this app will help you increase situational awareness and will surely make your flight planning easier. However, you still need to know how to do everything without the app, and especially be ready to fly without it. But, having Air Navigation Pro by your side is definitely a plus!

What do you do when you're not flying? 

I go to work and save. Since becoming a pilot is really expensive, I have to pay back for all the means. 

What do you see yourself doing three years from now? 

I can see myself working for an airline anywhere or somewhere in Europe.

What is your favorite flying memory? 

My first solo flight will always be in my memory. The exact feeling when I took off for the first time and I was just alone in the cockpit felt absolutely rewarding and amazing.

What would you tell to non-pilots about the joy of flying? 

Flying is not for everyone. I think there are so many people that are scared to fly and it probably has something to do with misinformation. Aviation is the safest transport industry in the world and there are a lot of professionals who are in constant training to guarantee the top security standards. Having said that, when you overcome that fear, you can discover and enjoy a whole new world, the skies!

Despite the financial struggle, Javier never gave up. He is a role model for all aspiring pilots to never stop chasing the beauty of their dreams.

With perseverance and the right attitude, he made it with flying colors. What else can I say? This good-looking pilot is undeniably a true testament of the sky is the limit!

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