20 June 2016

What You Need to Know When Flying to Australia Find out more of the Australian pilot VFR guide in 3D

I mean, let’s face it, Australia is one of the world’s most visited countries. Not only is it famous for its already well-known tourist destinations, Australia is also known for its breathtaking view from the sky. For amateur pilots, hobby pilots or even the pros - the country will amaze you with a breathtaking view. Well, flying will always take anyone’s breath away especially with a great view like this.

Twelve Apostles, Victoria (Australia)
Twelve Apostles, Victoria (Australia)

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Planning for a skydive but you got fear of heights? Nah! It only takes a little drop of courage and a little less nervousness to actually enjoy Australia hundreds of feet from the air. Need a little encouragement? Well, let’s just say that, not seeing the country from the air is like being unable to eat a deliciously good cake, you just took a glance at it but never had the chance to actually enjoy it.

Australia is famous for skydiving. Why, you ask? It is possible one of the best places to get a magnificent scenic view of a very picturesque country apart from really flying an aircraft.

australia from the sky

High up in the air, you will be able to enjoy a spectacular scenic flight over Australia’s Coasts, with breathtaking views over the Blue Mountains, their beaches and of course, Sydney’s iconic skyline which stretched out in the distance. Australia’s coastline is also as magnificent as its skyline: beaches with white sands and blue waves splashing all over it, and yes, these can be clearly seen from above.

This month (June) is one of the coldest months in Australia. It is winter season! Yes, different from the winter seasons that we have known all our lives. So, at this very moment, how do you think Australia looks like from the sky? Any guesses before you continue reading?

Yes! You are definitely right! Snow is found all over the place. And well, what else could you do to get a better view of this white picture than to skydive or fly? Yes, you can ride or better, fly a plane. That actually sounds better and safer. (*wink!)

Australia from the sky

According to many skydivers, winter is actually the best time of the year to skydive. Yes, it is certainly colder, however, according to them, all you have to do is wear your most bad-ass hoody and you will be fine. Lighter winds and colder temperatures also means that the parachutes fly nicer and the landings are more fun.

Australia in this time of the year, looks like a city filled with cotton balls (like how you see a Christmas display in a store). It is white all over! And it is certainly beautiful. Never mind the cold (*wink!). It might not be as colourful as it seems during summer but trust me, the whiteness of it all just seems to connect into you making everything look simpler, more pure and absolutely relaxing, not just to the eyes but to the mind and body, as well.

Australia from The Sky

One of the hindrances that you can possibly face when trying to look at a place from above is your fear of height, may it be just by looking at it from a higher place or actually jumping off to land on it. No words can soothe a person with such fear but Nike’s words can do the trick. All it needs is a little push of encouragement to experience it while you are on top of the world. “Just Do It,” (words from Nike), short but one of the best help life has to offer.

But if you’re that lucky one who can maneuver those controls and fly by your own, many would envy you. So much. Air Navigation in Australia could be so much fun as sky diving or even paragliding. 

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Flying to one of the most visited countries in the world and getting that awesome view of it from the sky would seem to be easy as pie for you. Take advantage and see the country from above right before your very eyes! 

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