24 July 2017

11 Pilots You Should Follow on Instagram

The pilot community on Instagram has grown 5 times bigger since the app launched in 2010. It is a favorite platform among photography enthusiasts, creative brands, and influencers who want to share experiences in creative and visually appealing ways.

If you aren’t on Instagram yet, here are some really awesome pilot accounts you should follow. You’ll be surprised how the aviation community has gathered such a strong following, some garnering up to millions of followers.

Are you ready to take an Instagram stroll with us?

1. Tom Andreas Østrem

A Helicopter pilot based in Stavanger, Norway. His photos are always filled with contrasting hues and bold natural colors. His photos will take you to different adventures around Norway where you’ll see him lift heavy loads with his helicopter or landing on the ice caps of Norway’s mountains.

2. Matthias Dolderer.

A Red Bull Air Race World Champion. Get front row seats and even cockpit perspectives of this world champion’s flying adventures.

3. Stani Klajban

Is the world round? You'll probably figure it out later on and have some of Stani's photos to back up your theories. Coupled with cockpit photos are aerial shots that feature islets and the infinite horizon. You'll also be taken along some landing adventures at the Tenerife airport like the video below.

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4. Mathilde Saurat

An aerobatic pilot and beach lover, you'll love the raw photos taken by Mathilde that features her adventures in the cockpit or on the ground.

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5. Borneogeek

Borneogeek flies a B744 or an A330 between Asia and the US. His posts are a mix of photos inside the cockpit, aerial shots, crew life including a sample of his cabin meal like the photo below. You also need to watch out for this guy's hilarious post status too! If you like sarcasm and witty one-liners, you'd like to follow this dude right here.

6. Matt Dearden

Matt travels in the oddest and often, dangerous airstrips around the world. He records his flying adventures from the cockpit including a PBY-5A Catalina, considered in the aviation community as the most recognized plane used during World War 2. Matt's Instagram feed is filled with aviation and travel photos that offer interesting stories behind each post, whether they're aerial shots or escapades on the road.

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7. Helen van Dam

A First Officer based in Spain, Helen flies the B737-800 in and around Europe. You'll love the details of her photos and the different characters she features during her travels. Aside from cockpit selfies, you'll be able to play guess-what-button-that-is in some of her posts where she features the myriad of buttons in her office space.

8. Matthepilot737

An airline pilot, bike racer, and model, Matt travels all over the world while being based in Dubai. He flies the Boeing 737-800. If he's not flying, he goes on lavish vacations with his beautiful wife and features exotic destinations like the Maldives, The Alps, or his home Dubai. You'll enjoy the combination of aviation, lifestyle and motor racing posts he puts up.

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9. Luana Torres

A picture paints a thousand words but this Brazilian girl's Instagram paints a chic life. Luana flies both helicopter and airplane and has traveled the globe visiting 28 countries. She documents this in her Instagram and Youtube channel where she records her flights using her GoPro.

Luana's posts will take you outside the cockpit and into different aspects of her life. From wine tasting in Napa Valley, kayaking in the English Bay, hopping on a hot air balloon ride or taking a helicopter for a spin. On top of that, she's also an Economist, this could very well be the girl of your dreams.

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10. Captain Joe

Joe is an airline first officer and also owns a Youtube Channel that offers pilot training classes. He answers questions related to “what do I need to do to become a pilot”? His Instagram posts are a fun combination of his experiences in and out of the cockpit, motivational posts and the value of improving one's craft. Watch out for that video of him taking a basic life support refresher course with his buddies.

11. Francisco Dellocchio

Francisco is a corporate pilot who owns his very own private airline for executives. If you want a taste of the high life, you'd want to follow Francisco's Instagram account. He posts the luxurious side of the fly life, from luxurious cabins, sushi cabin meal, and driving Ferraris during the weekends. If you want your feed to be filled with fast cars, luxurious jets and another perspective of the horizon, follow him on Instagram.

Pilots from different parts of the world feel nearer with social media. What was once a personal experience for pilots can now be shared with the entire world.

Sure, call it bragging but being a pilot has its own bragging rights. Each has his own story and it isn't luxury all the time. Sometimes, most times, being a pilot is much more than cockpit photos.

It's being able to conquer what most cannot and being able to experience the magic that happens when flying that only a few get to experience.

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Blue Skies,
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  1. I think you forgot one... @pilotvlogs

  2. Mrbentley_thedog is probably the coolest co-pilot in the world AND he's on instagram ���� You'll have to "put up with" the occational aviation unrelated post though.

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