10 July 2017

7 Types of Partners a Pilot Should Date (At Least Once)

7 Types of Partners a Pilot Should Date

Pilots are adventurous types but quite picky when it comes to their partners. True, right? It must be from the perfectionist characteristic that most pilots possess. 

Sure, you’ve dated a good number while your friends would say that you date the same types over and over again. What a shocker! They may have a few differences but you almost always are attracted to a certain type that is common in each person you’ve dated. 

But it’s not your fault. Humans often follow a pattern in all things, either with personal routines or people you choose to interact with. Then again, one has to venture out into the unknown in order to grow or evolve into the kind of person you are destined to be.

Most of the time, the kind of partner you choose creates a big ripple in your life. It often changes the course of your routine that would inspire you to push your limits. So if you’re limiting yourself to cockpit adventures, maybe it’s time to discover a new adventure on the dating table.

Here are 7 types of people you should date at least once before landing the right copilot.

1 - The Fan

As a pilot, you continuously perfect your craft by consistently applying what you learn. You have a schedule in place for flights that you’ve planned ahead. The Fan is the type of support that you crave for when nonpilot friends and family could not understand the passion and dedication you have for aviation.

This person enthusiastically devotes their time to make you feel like the master of the sky, proposes to be your copilot, shares your cockpit photos on their timeline and often sends you words of encouragement. 

In this person, you’ll find validation to your passion. You’ll love the attention too… only up to a point when it’s not nauseating.

2 - The Adventure Seeker

3 - The Homemaker

You know that saying that a way to a person’s heart is thru their stomach? Well, dating The Homemaker will feel like a buffet most of the time. Landings will be greeted with home-cooked lunches and takeoffs are sweeter with baked goodies.

This type of partner bids you with so much warmth and eagerly awaits your return. You’ll love the stability this type provides like the kind of order you follow in most of your pre-flight planning. If you’ve always been used to the more sophisticated type with a career, try this one out for size. 

You may find something endearing in homemakers that you won’t find in alpha types.

4 - The Wild Cat

This type is very intense, emotionally in touch with themselves, and believes in openly discussing the more intimate details of your relationship. Dating a Wild Cat helps you improve your communication skills which are often a pilot’s weakness.

You may both love parties and social mingling but talking about your feelings may put you at an uncomfortable spot. Learning how to express yourself thru dating a Wild Cat is another way to push against your boundaries.

Trust is a very big factor when talking about yourself to someone else. More so because being self-sufficient is a common trait among pilots that often make you suspicious of other people’s intentions. Either that or if they measure up to your expectations at all. 

This is where Wild Cats play an integral part in opening you up just a little bit.

5 - The Career Person 

The most successful relationships work because of so much understanding and support about what the other person is pursuing. Not everyone will understand how or why you do what you do

No other type would understand the stamina you have for aviation more than a career person. Often times, the Career Person will have the same dilemma about finding a partner who will understand the late working hours that extend to the weekends. 

If you want someone who challenges you, keeps you on your toes and gives you the space you long for while on those big wings, date this type. You’ll find that they would fit the bill perfectly especially when scheduling plans ahead.

6 - The Intellectual

Pilots are great at pulling things apart and think in building-block fashion. You are able to deconstruct what you’ve done after you have carefully built something with the right reasoning behind it.

When you date an Intellectual, you get to enjoy the conversations and intellectual banter that other types would rarely enjoy. This type would eagerly listen to your explanations behind your methods and would willingly offer insights to improve your strategies. 

This type will perfectly understand why it takes you some time to finish a task that others would finish in a day. Perfection takes time and the intellectual knows that proper methodologies enforced take careful thinking and practice.

7 - The Right Copilot 

The right copilot is a combination of all the previous types rolled into one. When you mature and grow into an aviation master, you’ll find the type of traits in a partner that would fit right in with your strengths and shortcomings.

When you find what the right traits would fit your lifestyle and personality, you would find the Right Copilot who will cheer you on like The Fan, share your love for cockpit views like the Adventure Seeker; prepare your favourite childhood meals like the Homemaker; open you up like a bag of jelly worms like a Wild Cat; offer important insights to your flying goals as would an Intellectual; and keeping the balance by having their own pursuits like the Career Person.

If you haven't found the right copilot by now, it would be worth a shot to date outside of your own league. After all, perfection is not achieved by trying just one way, right? 

And if you’ve found the right copilot, don’t ever let this one go.

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