19 November 2017

5+ Interesting Airplane Livery Painting Designs by Master Aviation Painter André Eisele

5+ Interesting Airplane Livery Painting Designs by Master Aviation Painter André Eisele

The Air Navigation Pro team loves hearing about stories from pilots and people in the aviation industry in general; we are always on the search for new and relevant narratives from the aeronautics community. Today, we shine a light on one of the unsung heroes of plane aesthetics and design, a livery airbrush painter named André Eisele.

André, 60 years of age, has been a freelance artist for 40 years, with mediums from motorcycles, cars, walls to airplane surfaces. The Eisele family has had generations of artists. Aircraftstyle Ltd. is a family-owned business with Max Eisele as Director, André Eisele as the creative head and Charles Eisele as the support for the company.

André shared that art is in their blood, and if he wasn't an aviation painter he would probably have been sculptor. He was 18 when he discovered that airbrush was his favorite art tool. He shared that he first got the idea to paint planes when he tried applying for a pilot license to fly an ultralight. 6 years ago he thought about why the planes were so boring and white, about 2 weeks later, he started engaging in aircraft livery with his website showcasing his impressive portfolio. A shift from attempting to fly planes to actually painting them.

Here are some of the most interesting designs from his portfolio:

FC Barcelona for Qatar Airways (Boeing 777)

FC Barcelona jersey was imprinted at the tail area of one of Qatar Airways' planes, commemorating their long partnership.

Check out the time-lapse video below!

Disney Frozen Design for West Jet (Boeing 737)

This Disney Frozen-themed aircraft has interiors to match its look. It also has on-demand Disney movies as entertainment.

Check out the time-lapse video below!

Trident by Belgian Red Devils for Brussels Airlines (Airbus A320)

The Trident was designed by the Belgian Red Devils and painted on the aircraft by professionals.

Check out the full process in the video below! 

Amare (Tomorrowland) for Brussels Airline (Airbus A320)

The plane was painted in honor of Tomorrowland, one of the world's most magical music festival, that is a gathering of people from various parts of the world.

Check out the painting process in the video!

Rackham (Adventure of Tintin) for Brussels Airline (Airbus A320)


The plane is a tribute to the Adventures of Tintin's creator Hergé. Tintin is said to be a world famous Brussels-born character, a real ambassador of their home.

Check out the feature video below! 

Magritte for Brussels Airlines (Airbus A320)

The plane design was dedicated to René Magritte, one of the greatest Belgian artists; combining elements found in different Magritte paintings.

Check out the painting process below! 

Tiger for Russian Airlines (Boeing 747)

This plane has a realistic painting of a tiger at the tip of its nose, as part of its efforts in reminding people of the importance of preserving the Amur leopard tiger population.

Check out the process in the video! 

André Eisele truly has an interesting profession that not only helps planes look better, but also add a bit of culture and history in its surface. He is surely one of the most interesting freelance artists today.

For more information about Aircraft Livery, visit their website.

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