07 November 2017

Air Navigation Pro Subscription Packages Available to Most Countries Around the World!

Air Navigation Pro Subscription Packages Available to Most Countries Around the World!

Air Navigation Pro is constantly working on improving and becoming a better pilot assistant to our valuable users. From bug fixes to our stream of updates,  to adding more improvements and features that make navigating and flight management easier. We want to make sure that you are in safe and capable hands.

Our team always wants what's best for our users, that is why our app is now free to download! We've also introduced subscription packages which include data sets and charts that are necessary for each country.

The packages allow users to get started with Air Navigation Pro immediately, granting access to relevant data sets and charts so you no longer need to browse and explore the Store for the things you need to buy. 

Each country has a custom set of charts, which helps users gain access to relevant data within a single subscription. We currently have these options available for Switzerland, France, Norway, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Chile, Colombia, United Kingdom, Philippines, Austria and just recently we added Finland and Denmark. Don't worry, we're looking into making the packages ready for other countries in the future, for the meantime, we have the Standard Worldwide Package.

The Standard subscription has a 2-week free trial, free access to the Aeronautical database, access to the latest charts, and monthly app updates. It also includes approach charts and Elevation Data of the chosen country.  We've also added Interactive NOTAMs, called Smart NOTAMs by SkyGuide, that's tailored for your flight only so that you don't need to learn information that isn't needed for your flight.

The Premium subscription is created based on what most pilots need and use. The Premium package offers a 2-week free trial, the Aeronautical Database, access to the latest charts from your country, Elevation Data, Interactive NOTAMs, and discounted access to the Streets and Places Search. For selected countries, users can get the topographic charts or Obstacle Database with the Premium package.

Each subscription is created to benefit every aviator and navigator depending on the frequency of flight and demand of function.

In order for you to avail the packages, look for the following icons in the in-app purchases:

Users can now download the app for free and with the subscription packages, they won't have to worry about paying multiple times. Although one subscription is strictly for one user only and you can't share your subscription with other pilots; your package is usable for a maximum of 3 devices. Even if you are currently using different versions of our application (iOS and Android) you can synchronize your devices on our website to use one subscription on all of them. Just remember to log-in to your Air Navigation Pro account from your application.

For more information on our subscription packages, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we have prepared for every possible inquiry. If you have questions that are not found in our FAQ then don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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