19 December 2017

18 New Years Resolution Ideas for Pilots to Welcome 2018

18 New Years Resolution Ideas for Pilots to Welcome 2018

The Air Navigation Pro team is all about preparation from flight planning to year planning! Our team wants to give the best-curated content possible to ensure a smooth 2018 experience. Although every aviator is innately unique and some of these don't apply to everyone, here is our list of suggestions for pilots' New Year's resolutions:

1. Improve physical appearance or strength

A pilot needs to hit the gym not only for aesthetic purposes but because, sometimes their life could literally depend on it. If it's not already a part of your routine, try your best to be a little bit stronger every day so that when emergencies happen, you will be equipped to handle it.

2. Plan more

Some pilots love to plan, some don't. If you're not one of those people that plan excessively, start small. You don't need to map out an entire decade. You can just start from planning your day to planning your week then a month. The next thing you know, you've already got your first quarter covered.

3. Eat healthier

With the resolution to be stronger should come with its corresponding healthy diet choices. We're not getting any younger so we need to take extra effort in making sure we don't suddenly collapse in the middle of nowhere due to poor and unhealthy diet (like starving yourself or lacking essential nutrients).

4. Daily meditation

One of the pilot's best defense in case of any emergency is a good and sound mind. Consistent meditation promotes mental clarity, focus and clears the mind of trivial thoughts. Those daily seconds of peace will allow your mind to reboot and be prepared for any demanding activities within the day.

5. Make efforts on learning new things everyday

There's no doubt that aviation-related courses are some of the most difficult courses there are, but that doesn't mean that learning should stop. Learning is an everyday process that prevents our brain from stagnating. Reading books and blogs or watching video tutorials are some quick ways to learn new things.

6. Spend more time with your significant other


Relationships are hard, especially with those whose profession makes them physically unavailable for long periods of time. If you are currently in a long-distance relationship, resolve to spend more time with your girlfriend or boyfriend this year, instead of just buying them an expensive gift. Time is one of the best things that money can't buy.

7. Be more sociable

Social settings, like some long-distance flights, can be tiring; but at the end of the day, you will need companions to feel a little less lonely. The resolution to try making more friends this year might do wonders for you! Who knows, you might find a diamond underneath all the rubble.

8. Enjoy lazy days

For aviators and those in the aeronautical industry, you have to be fast and on schedule; because of that, it's easy to forget taking things slow. This year, try spending some lazy afternoons on the couch or going out for lunch with a friend, dressing down and chilling without care.

9. Travel more

This might sound like ironic advice to give to a pilot, especially since most pilots travel excessively from one place to another. Travel or go on vacation more often, try to create a bucket list of places you want to visit and take the entire year to finish the list. You'll love the sense of accomplishment after the year is done.

10. Save more and be thriftier

We often think that having a higher income is the best way to ensure our future, but we should always put into consideration that (especially when you're a pilot) anything could happen at any moment. Don't forget to aside an emergency fund in case of injuries or problems that may arise.

11. Spend time on those TV series you've been wanting to watch

Pilots have a lot of time to kill between long-distance flights. Sometimes, you would feel too tired to go out into the streets and you would rather stay in the hotel. Luckily, due to Netflix and other streaming services, you can easily access TV series and watch them any time.

12. Document your travels

One of the many advantages of being a pilot is seeing views that most people don't have access to. Crossing cities and seeing sun moves through the clouds are breath-taking, it's almost like a responsibility of a pilot to share those amazing experiences with other people. If you're shy, start by sharing them with your close friends first.

13. Make a checklist for something other than an aircraft (like an event or party)

This year, try to make a checklist for something non-aviation such as a surprise party for your parent/s or kid/s, or a reunion for your relatives. The advantage of having such an orderly list is that you incorporate your pilot training with something fun and significant in a social setting. 

14. Make smart investments

Aside from creating the habit of saving money, you can also largely benefit from putting your money into something that could grow long term. Like any investment, you have to make sure you've done the necessary research in order for you to get all the information you need before embarking on investments.

15. Support advocacy

It's important to grow as a person every year. This year, try to give back to the community and make a small difference in your place. If you've gotten to this part, with only 1 or 2 more things to improve on this year (given that you've already had your life figured out) then you might want to support advocacy of your choosing.

There are a lot of causes that need support from all over the world, find out what institutions matter in your local community/aviation group. Most organizations have websites that allow you to donate without needing to physically visit the area or facilities.

16. Pursue peace

The advantage of welcoming the new year is having a reason to change. Peace is something that every human being seeks, and even though you can't control the actions of other people (who want to create chaos), you can try to do little things that pursue peace. Getting rid of negative people and choosing what you say, goes a very long way.

17. Follow social media handles of advocacies and companies that matter to you

The digital age has brought ease and mobility to getting information from all over the world. This year, try to show support to the advocacies and companies that matter to you. Air Navigation Pro can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

18. Take more steps on safety

Of course, we would resolve to take more steps to safety every year. To ensure safer trips this year, you can plan your flights with the Air Navigation Pro app.

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