18 December 2017

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Stanislav Klajban of the Canary Islands

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight:

Stanislav Klajban of the Canary Islands

The Air Navigation Pro team has been talking to different pilots in social media, trying to find a variety of pilots like those that enjoy 3D sculpting, photography, and painting. We wanted stories from different parts of the world, from different age groups and professions. Today we are featuring Stanislav Klajban, a Slovakian pilot who is currently living in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. He's not a full-time pilot, working in the Tourism industry, but he loves flying and taking pictures of his flights.

Hi Stan, what do you love most about flying?

It frees my mind. Once you take off, you leave all the problems and chaos on the ground. Flying resets and refreshes my mind. After a well-done approach and landing, you feel even better.

What do you do when you’re not flying?

Work obviously; spend time with my family, hike, walk, and dream of flying. I like to edit images taken not only during my flights, to share them either on my blog or social networks, learning how to be a better and a safer pilot.

Speaking of "safer", how did you come across Air Navigation Pro?

It was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I was on a search and he was already using it so I bought the same one. 

What are the 5 best things you like about our app? Please elaborate.
  • Great navigation help
  • It helps me to improve situational awareness. 
  • Flight planning and preparation (route planning, waypoints, weight & balance calculations, time, total flight time, etc.)
  • Time to the next waypoint or notification point. Sometimes you get requested by the ATC to give your estimate to the next notification point; I can read it easily from the screen without having to calculate.
  • The paid version of the visual charts. They get updated every 28 days automatically. Don’t have to upload them manually.

 Have you tried other navigating apps?


What apps are these? How do you find these apps in comparison?

I was using Garmin 96C, which was for me outdated. It was a great tool at that time, but with 4 buttons to insert a route it was difficult. The batteries were great, it was able to operate for almost the whole day without charging.
Obviously, installing an app on a mobile device or on a tablet gives you the possibility to zoom in or out, and get to all the options by simply touching the screen. It’s easier, quicker, and gives you much more options...
I also tried Jeppesen, liked it, but for VFR flying it makes no sense to be paying for 2 applications, and as far as I get the help I need, it won’t be necessary to change.

If you could talk to non-users about our product, what would you tell them?

A great tool to help with the VFR navigation and to improve your situational awareness, good help with flight planning and it makes flying easier and more enjoyable taking over some tasks from you. You can install it on several devices (using the same OS), so you can use it on your iPad and on your iPhone as a back-up.

What is your favorite aircraft and destination?

My favorite plane is the Airbus 320 family. It’s spacious, comfortable, like the idea behind it. However, I could say I like everything that flies or “hangs” in the air, and I’m very happy and thankful to fly a small Piper PA28 as well.

If you refer my favorite destination to fly to, it would be La Gomera. It’s a 45 minutes short hop over to the neighbor island. The landing strip is situated on a cliff and it looks like that you are landing on an aircraft carrier.

Here's a video of the approach:

Nice terminal building in Canarian style. After a 10 minutes ride with a taxi, you get down to the village and can eat delicious fish or some other specialties.

What is your favorite flying memory?

I visited Africa twice; and on both occasions flown by myself to this continent, as a private flight.

What do you see yourself doing three years from now?

At least 3 years older, lol. Maybe flying something “bigger” than only my Piper PA28.

What would you tell non-pilots about the joy of flying?

Obviously, flying is not for everybody. You can like it or not. If you like it, and you fly, you see the world with different eyes. The world looks nicer from up there, you leave your problems on the ground, enjoy the freedom of “hanging” around and the sky becomes your home. 

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