24 April 2018

Air Navigation Pro Offers The Standard Worldwide Package!

Air Navigation Pro Offers The Standard Worldwide Package!

The team here at Air Navigation Pro is constantly working on the app, and studying the changing needs of each of our users. We've come up with the Standard Worldwide Package for the rest of the world so that we can cater to our users globally, and our users can use the Standard Worldwide Package with a 2-week free trial!

Here's a quick run-through of the inclusions of the Standard Worldwide Package:

Aeronautic Database

We have a great team of analysts that checks and publishes updates for each AIRAC cycle, which is every 28 days. Our team also gets information from different data sources, including Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP) published by the Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA), as well as data from our local partners all around the world to make sure that we are providing you, our users, with the correct information.

We also have a global aeronautical database created for private, commercial and military pilots, with worldwide coverage for VFR and IFR with over 200,000 waypoints, and 50,000 airspaces. The waypoints include Aerodromes, Reporting Points, Helipads, Sea Plane Bases, Glider Ports, Balloon Ports, IFR Waypoints, DMEs and NDBs, VORs, VORTA Cs, TACANS, VOR/DMEs.

Those updates make our database a unique tool to help our users manage, and assure in-flight safety at all times. Air Navigation Pro has a team of experienced pilots who work closely with our skilled engineers and developers. They build the best possible database in terms of data access, monitoring, control and quality assurance over the entire dataset. We manage a large part of our database through automatic processes and continuously analyze thousands of data changes, updates and creations, and removals for all countries in our coverage.

Interactive NOTAMs

We've included interactive NOTAMs to our packages! Since NOTAMs are highly important information released by aviation authority to increase the safety of your flight to help you avert from any potential issues to your future flights.

Those Smart NOTAMs by SkyGuide are updated NOTAMs tailored for your flight only so that you don't need to absorb information that is not needed in your flight!

include specific airport closures and alternative, special event hazards, obstructions, and FIR information. You would need to create and enable the NOTAMs briefing in the 'Tools' section of the menu. The information and NOTAMs will be displayed directly on the moving map. By simply tapping on the highly visible small triangle icons, a pop-up notification will display NOTAM information for a selected waypoint or region.

Air Navigation Pro NOTAMs service includes Worldwide NOTAMs Series "A", European NOTAM series "A" and "C", and Smart NOTAM for France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Add free and paid Charts

Air Navigation Pro also offers free charts from the public domain and we also have a wide selection of Aeronautical/Official Charts. You can go to our Store and purchase ICAO aviation charts for European countries, FAA charts for the US, Flyermap charts for South America, Airways NZ Aviation charts for New Zealand. Air Navigation Pro also has Visual Approach charts as geo reference documents and PDFs for many countries in Europe, South America, USA, and New Zealand.

Learn more about our charts on the Store.

For a more details and tips about our different features, go to our website or check out the Software Updates tab or you can read our other blog posts regarding our features:

Need help? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you have questions that are not found in our FAQ, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us here.

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