06 July 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - June

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - June


The Air Navigation team works round the clock on updating and constantly building improvements to our app. Last month, our support team collected the top 5 Frequently Asked Questions for the month of May 2018 to make it easier for you to find the answers to your questions.

Since we recently made changes on Air Navigation Pro, and we have different versions of the app available on different devices, and our iOS app is now free to download with a 2-week free trial. We are aware that some processes have changed. For the month of June, our team has compiled another list of the top 5 frequently asked questions.

Here is Air Navigation Pro's Monthly Inbox of your questions.

1. Can I change my email address associated with my Xample account?

Unfortunately, you can't change their email address of your Xample account directly in the app or on the Xample Services website. If you want to change your email address for your Xample account, please send your requests through support@airnavigation.aero

2. I have Air Navigation Pro for iOS, do I need to pay again for the Android version?


Air Navigation iOS and Android versions don't share the same license. They run under different Operative Systems and you need to download Air Navigation App store from different application stores. The code engine is different as well. That's why you need to purchase them separately.

For your purchased maps, charts, 3D data, subscriptions, and other products, they are available to use on both versions without having to pay again. You just need to synchronize those products on a new device using your Xample account. If you don't have a Xample account, you can create it for free at http://services.xample.ch/.

3. I cannot remember my password in my Xample account, how can I recover it?

You can recover your password easily through https://services.xample.ch/

You can go to Connect >> Recover Password. A link to change your password will be sent to your email. 

4. How can I revoke one of my registered devices?


You can immediately remove a device that you are no longer using, or if you wish to add another one but you have already reached the maximum of devices allowed, by logging out directly from Air Navigation Pro.

For iOS users:

go to Tools >> Air Navigation Services >> Account Information and select the option 'Logout & unlink Account'

For Android users:

 go to Config >> Air Navigation Services >> Log Out

For MAC OSX users:

go to Air Navigation >> Preferences >> Air Navigation Account >> Logout

5. I'm using an Android device, I can't find the way to remove ATT warning in red even if IMU sensor is enabled. Is this a known issue?


Thanks to all of your feedback, these issues have been looked into and have been fixed and will be included in the next version, android 3.0.

You can also check out our previous Monthly Inbox for the month of May 2018.

If you have questions that aren't listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center.

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