03 July 2018

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story on Latécoère Aircraft Rally 2018

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story on Latécoère Aircraft Rally 2018

Last March 2018, Air Navigation Pro sponsored the Latécoère Aircraft Rally on their cross-country journey across the beautiful country of Argentina. We were able to do a little Q&A with the pilots, Arnaud and Lorris, about their adventure across Argentina, their love for flying and their experience with Air Navigation Pro.


What do you love more about flying?

Both the commitment and the freedom it delivers, it sounds perhaps a bit antinomic but it's true! 

What is your favorite aircraft?

In GA? I've been learning on a PA28 Archer and used to love that aircraft but I must admit that I'm getting fond of the C172 G1000

What's your favorite destination so far?

If you're talking about flying GA airplanes, I have to answer Patagonia! Otherwise, I do love South Iceland and West USA landscapes

What is your dream travel destination?

I don't have a particular dream. I love to discover new places and aim to visit as many as possible; that said I'd love to go to New Zealand or South Africa next, but let's wait to have the proper funding which means probably a long way after my training!

How did you come across Air Navigation Pro?

I think in quite a common way, thanks to another pilot who had the app and then I downloaded it, tried it and adopted it! 

What are the 5 best things you like about our app?

-ATC info right away with the dedicated tab at the right of the screen.
-VAC plates right in the airport's info page, so convenient when you need an alternate route.
-Elevation data provided with a vertical view; really useful when planning your route to check your MSA. 
-Flight tracking feature, a real plus to let your family know you're safe and to debrief your flight afterward!
-The possibility to have all of these one click away.

Have you tried other navigating apps?

Airmate and FlightDeck mainly, which are quite elaborate but I do like the ANP layout and ease of use, and the international coverage is a plus.

If you could talk to non-users about our product, what would you tell them?
A hassle-free navigation and briefing app for pilots!

What do you do when you're not flying?
Thinking of where the next flight could take place, of course. Joking aside, working on my ATPL syllabus!

What do you see yourself doing three years from now?
If I can earn decently by flying then I will be fulfilled.

What's your favorite flying memory?

Curiously, it is a recent and not peaceful one, but thinking backwards when we were struggling in the downstream winds in South Argentina with our little C172 145hp aircraft, it was a challenging yet a great flying experience where you do feel flying against the elements, surrounded by magnificent landscapes.

What do you tell non-pilots about the joy of flying?

Well for me, it is an activity that makes you have a whole new perspective of things, there is a before and an after. Distances are shortened, you get to understand the weather, physics, and mechanics, you do have a direct link between your decisions and their consequences and do have magnificent sights! It is a way of life on its own. For me, flying or not flying is a bit like spending one's life only in one country or traveling worldwide.

How did you plan your cross country flight? And how long did you plan it?

Mainly according to fuel contingencies and alternate airfields available en-route. The plan was also not to exceed 5-6 of flight per day with one day off in order to have time to visit (the place). The total planning period took around 2 weeks. 

What were your preparations for the cross country flight?

We did a training on a C172 in France as we were mainly used to Piper aircraft, so flying Cessna was part of the adventure I guess. Otherwise, we did stay in touch with the other pilots of the rally in order to synchronize our flight paths and confirm our contacts in Argentina. 

What are the challenges that you expected while planning the flight and what were the challenges that you actually encountered?

Apart from the administrative aspect, that is, unfortunately, a challenge nowadays in everything you do, wherever you do it, we were quite concerned about the wind conditions especially in South Patagonia. The reality did match our expectations as I personally broke a record with a 3.3kt ground speed in some down winds! 

In what way did Air Navigation Pro help out with your cross country flight?

ANP was very helpful for terrain awareness and log during planning. During flights, it was a relief to have this sure value as a backup and kind of EFB within immediate reach, especially regarding airfield info for the arrival briefings.

What were the unforgettable moments during your cross country flight?

 There are so many but in a nutshell and without any particular order, I would say the down winds in the south (full throttle, climbing pitch, but still descending 1000ft/mn sometimes!), the compass case linking above 9000ft, the landscapes between Bariloche and Mendoza, the hike to Laguna Del Diamante where Guillaumet crashed in 1930, and of course, the Argentinian people always welcoming and the 'Asados' during the stopovers!

Do you have any advice to those that are planning a cross country flight?

Like for every flight, do anticipate, wind, fuel, what can go wrong. It always seems boring on the ground but it is such an asset inflight when you just have to mentally switch from one plan to another instead of finding the alternate one! If you have all the possible storylines saved in ANP, it is even better and more handy! Apart from that, especially if you're going abroad, I would suggest taking info from locals and pilots who already flew onsite as it is always valuable.

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