10 August 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - July

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - July  

The team behind Air Navigation Pro is always working hard round the clock to make our app suitable for your needs and to make flight planning easier for you. Last month, our wonderful support team collated all the concerns and inquiries and compiled the top 5 questions asked for the month of July 2018 to make it easier for you to find the answers to your questions.

Here's the Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox.

1. How can I get rid of the 'database is outdated' warning?

The 'database is outdated' warning pops up after opening the Air Navigation Pro app. It means that you need to update your Aeronautical Database.

If you want to remove this warning, all you need to do is tap 'More Info' on the pop up then it will direct you to the Map Store to upgrade your Aeronautical Database. You need to regularly update your Aeronautical Database subscription to ensure that you have the most recent data.

2. What OS version does Air Navigation Pro support?

Currently, for iOS devices, the Air Navigation Pro app still supports devices that run on iOS 9 for the 7.0 version, the latest version, Air Navigation Pro 7.1 and upcoming versions are compatible only with Apple iOS 11. Devices running iOS 9 and iOS 10 should be updated with the latest iOS 11 in order to get benefits from the latest Air Navigation Pro app updates.

For Android devices, the app version 2.2 is supported from Android version 4.2 (IceCream Sandwich API level 17) upwards.

3. Can I change the symbol of the aircraft?

Yes, you can! The symbol of the aircraft can be changed. 

To do this, go to Documents > Aircraft > name of aircraft, from there you can choose which symbol you want for your aircraft.

For iOS devices:

For Android devices:

4. I have subscribed using my iOS device, do I need to pay again for the desktop version (MAC OS X)

Yes, Air Navigation Pro iOS and Desktop (MAC OS X) versions do not share the same license, since they run under different Operative Systems. The code engine is different as well. Therefore, you need to purchase them separately.

Regarding maps, charts, 3D data, subscriptions and other products that you already purchased. They will be available to use on both versions without having to purchase the product again.

All you need to do is synchronize the purchased products on the new device using your Xample account.

If you don't have a Xample account yet, you can create it for free at our Services Site.

5. How can I backup including my recorded flight using an iOS device?

The easiest way of backing up and restoring an iOS device is using iTunes File Sharing. If you want to know how iTunes File Sharing works, you can check Apple Support for instructions on how to share your files to your Mac desktop.

6. I've already subscribed to Aeronautical Database and I'm interested in one of your country packages, could you explain how your pricing works for this?

Yes, we can definitely give you a breakdown of how it works. We'll give you two example scenarios that most likely happen. (Note: The scenarios are just examples and are not based on real data.)

Scenario 1 - The user has more than 3 months left in his first product subscription (example product: Aeronautical Database), and the user decides to purchase a country package (example package: France), since the user still has more than 3 months left on his first subscription (Aeronautical Database), then the expiration date of the user's country package will be carried over to the first subscription and will have the same expiration date as the user's first subscription.

Pilot has subscribed to Aeronautical Database last March, currently, he has 6 months left for his Aeronautical Database subscription and he decided that he wants to subscribe to the Standard France Package.

9.99/12 = France Package is 8.33 per month; Pilot has 6 months remaining; 8.33 * 6 = 49.99

19.99/12 = Aeronautical Database is 1.665 per month since Pilot has already paid for his subscription, so we minus the 6 months that he's paid for his Aeronautical Database subscription 1.665 * 6 = 9.99

(6/12) * 99.99 - (6/12) *19.99 = 40.00

0.5 * 99.99 - (0.5 * 19.99) = 40.00 (Simplified)

49.99 - 9.99 = 40.00€ (Simplified)

Scenario 2: The user has less than 3 months remaining to his first purchased subscription (example subscription: Aeronautical Database), and the user decided that he wants to purchase a country package, then remaining months left of his first subscription (Aeronautical Database) will be added on top of the whole year of the user's new package expiration date.

Pilot has subscribed to Aeronautical Database and has 1 month left in his subscription and he decided that he wants to subscribe to the France Standard Package.

(1/12) + 99.99 - 1.665 = 106.66€

8.33 (remaining 1 month) + 99.99 - 1.665 (Aeronautical database) = 106.655€

7. I see that you have multiple products, what kinds of products do you have?

We have categorized our products to non-subscription products and subscription products.

Products that are classified as non-subscription have a once-off purchase, products that don't have a validity period and can still be accessed within your account after purchasing. 


Take note that:

  • Non-consumable ICAO charts aren't categorized as a subscription. 
  • You can still access and use the ICAO chart that you purchased but it becomes outdated as new charts are released. 
  • You need to purchase again to get the updated charts.

The products that are classified as subscriptions have annual payment and has a validity period.

Subscription products that can be purchased individually: 

If you have questions that aren't listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center.

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Blue Skies, 
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