07 September 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - August

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - August


The Air Navigation Pro support team works tirelessly to answer your questions regarding the Air Navigation Pro app. Like every month, they collect your questions and compile the top questions for the month to make it easier for you to navigate the Air Navigation Pro app.

Here's the Monthly Inbox for August:

1. Why is the app unable to find my location?

Make sure that your device is equipped with an internal GPS sensor. If this is not the case, an external GPS sensor is needed.

Remember to enable the Location Service under Settings >> Privacy for iOS device. Select 'Air Navigation Pro', then set location to "Always" 


From the app, go to Tools >> Sensors >> iOS Location Services (must be green).

From your Android device, check the settings under Location. It must be on High Accuracy Mode.

From the app, check the Location Sensor. To do this, go to Tools >> Sensors >> Location Sensors >> Android Location Services (must be green).  

2. How can I delete user waypoints?

For iOS devices, go to Tools >> Custom waypoints editor >> swipe the user waypoint from right to left. The button "delete" will appear. 


For Android devices, go to Tools >> Custom waypoints editor >> select the checkbox of the user waypoint and tap the Trash can icon to delete. 

3. How can I install the app for another device?

As long as you stay on the same OS, you will be able to install Air Navigation Pro up to a maximum of 3 devices without further costs.

Make sure to log in using your registered iTunes/Google account.

From your iOS device, go to Settings >> iTunes & App store >> Apple ID >> to check that you are logging in your registered iTunes account.

Go to App Store >> Updates >> Purchased >> find Air Navigation Pro to install. 

Another way is from the App Store, go to Search and type Air Navigation Pro. Then tap to install.

From your Android device, go to Settings >> Accounts >> Google >> to check that you are logging in your registered Google account. 

Go to Play Store, search Air Navigation Pro, then you'll find our app and tap on 'Install'


4. Can I install the app to another device using a different iTunes/Google account?

In order not to further cost you, remember to log in using the same registered account. otherwise, you will be asked to buy it again.

5. I have an older version of the app, how can I update with the latest available version?

From iOS device, go to App Store >> Updates >> Available Updates >> find Air Navigation Pro and tap Update.

For Android devices, go to the Play Store >> Menu >> My apps & games >> find Air Navigation Pro and tap on 'Update'

Also, by searching Air Navigation Pro in the Play Store, simply tap Update.

If it doesn't allow you to download the latest version, make sure that your OS version is supported. Otherwise, you need to update the OS version first.

Always remember to log in your registered account.

6.  How come brightness setting goes as dark as almost 100% solid black?

This was due to the inconsistent behavior of iOS devices brightness control. More specifically, it was our way to avoid having the brightness setting jump from dark to bright to vice versa at will. Also, setting the brightness to the minimum wasn't dimming the screen enough to be used with night vision goggles.

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