12 September 2018

Air Navigation Pro: Useful Apps for Pilots That Love to Travel

Air Navigation Pro: 

Useful Apps for Pilots that Love to Travel

Our team at Air Navigation Pro is working hard to make the app become the pilot assistant that suits your needs. We've been busy adding features like Traffic Awareness, 3D Synthetic Vision, Night Vision and we're still working on adding more to make your flight planning easier! 

While we're still carefully tinkering and doing some tweaks on the app, we did some searching. We've come across a couple of apps that we recommend for pilots who love to travel. These apps are perfect for your future trips!

This app is perfect for your flight planning checklist. It has a well-designed interface that allows you to focus on what's important for your flight. No need to bring multiple paper checklist that you might forget at the back of the plane! It also has multiple features that show vital information like airspeeds, clearance, circuits without getting distracted while flying.

What's great about Aero Checklist is that it has an emergency checklist to ensure your safety during your flight, and you can even create your own or modify the existing checklist. You can also use the manufacturer's notes, cautions, and warnings while still going over your checklist and you can also share and publish your own checklist for others to use. Visit their website for more information and download the app.

Live ATC lets you listen to different channels of live Air Traffic Control (ATC). When you're not out on a flight and just want to listen to what's going on in the nearest airport to get tips and tricks, or if you hear about an emergency situation that's happening, this app is perfect for you.
Live ATC also allows you to browse a country to find an airport of interest, it also allows you to check the weather in the area and view the diagram of an airport's runway layout. It's a great app if you just want to listen and want to learn and take notes from other flights. 


Most pilots use this app to find out which gate they will be arriving at and at which gate they will be departing from when connecting through at any location.

If you're out traveling, you can open up this app and check which flights are delayed and see exactly how long, the app will also show you once the flight is in the air and they can accurately estimate the new time of arrival for the delayed flight.

It's useful if you want to take a nap or go to a different section of the airport for a while without worrying if you'll oversleep or be late for your flight. 

Even been a passenger in the window seat of an airplane ride and wondered what city you're flying over? Flyover Country is an educational app funded by the National Science Foundation that can help you identify which city you're flying over and it has interactive points of interest that show you the locations of fossils, craters, geo-referenced Wikipedia articles or hiking trails. You can also use this app even if you're not on the plane. You can use this app for road trips or other outdoor activities. 


This app is perfect for those pilots that are always out and about. This is an organizational app that's best for those who travel often. TripIt can hold multiple reservations, or if you're taking a trip with multiple connecting flights, you can find all of your bookings in one app.

In addition to organizing your flights, TripIt lets you add in your hotel reservations, ground transportation as well as local activities and dining plans all in one timeline and you can import it to your email as well. You can even leave anonymous feedback on your flights to enhance your future experiences!

Part of a pilot's job is traveling to different cities and countries. Cool Cousin lets you connect with the locals of the cities that you're going to visit. You can find spots that are highly recommended by locals. They'll teach you where the hidden gems in the city are, where to find cheap and good street food, or if you fancy fine dining, you can find the best restaurants in the area. You'll also find easy access to must-see areas. 

It's a great way to experience the culture of the city or the country. Although the app has a limited number of cities that it's available to, the great thing about this app is that it connects the locals and the visitors. Another plus is that you, as a local of your city, can also contribute and give tips and help out to those that want to visit your city!

Most pilots love using the GoPro because it's easy to use and very portable. GoPro Quik is a powerful photo and video editing app designed for images and video taken from a GoPro camera.

There's also a desktop version of GoPro Quik which makes editing a lot easier. You can add texts, title slides and even emojis. You can even choose songs to add as background music to your videos! Perfect for recording your flight while using Air Navigation Pro. 

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