07 November 2018

Air Navigation Pro Features: Obstacles

Air Navigation Pro Features: Obstacles


Air Navigation Pro Obstacle feature is specifically created to assist you with being able to spot obstacles. Without a reliable flight assistant, it can be dangerous especially if you're doing cross country flights or if you're not familiar with the area you're flying over.

The Obstacle feature shows man-made and certain natural obstacles extracted from digital and paper sources provided by governmental civil aviation authorities and military agencies worldwide.

You can view obstacles as points and lines and you can filter also the obstacles depending on how far below you want to see. If you prefer to show all the obstacles above the limit, including those higher than you are displayed. 

If you're from Norway, you can customize and change the colors of the power lines in by height. You can also enable and disable the power line obstacles. Once you enable the feature, you can adjust the sliders and it will show you the figures of the power lines.

You can get the Obstacle Database if you purchase the Air Navigation Pro Premium package for Switzerland, France, Norway, and the United Kingdom. You can also check out our Store for more information on our different products.


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