09 November 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - October

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - October 2018


The Air Navigation Pro support team happily answers your questions regarding the Air Navigation Pro app. Like every month, they collect your questions and compile the top questions for the month to make it easier for you to navigate the Air Navigation Pro app.

Here's the Monthly Inbox for October:

1. How can I hide the elevation view?

In order to hide the elevation view, toggle off the button of "Profile view" under Map Options.

For iOS:

For Android:

2. How can I change the language setting in the app?


Air Navigation Pro different languages are English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

For Air Navigation Pro iOS version you can change its language settings in the application. Go to Settings >> Air Navigation Pro language >> Tap your preferred language.

For the Android version, you can change the language from the device setting settings. To do so, go to Settings >> Languages >> select your preferred language. (Chinese test is disabled and continued to English in Android devices.)

Make sure to restart your device to apply the changes.

3. How can I use the approach charts?

From Settings, you can choose to open the approach charts manually or auto, for all airports in the route, only for departure and arrival or for just the nearest airport from the current position.

Approach charts can be opened by selecting a waypoint on the map. Tap on the airport waypoint information to display all the options available.

Another way is by tapping "Waypoint" and type under "Quick Search"

The available approach charts for this specific airport is listed at the bottom. Simply tap on the desired approach charts and it displays on the Moving Map.

The PDF documents will be also stored in the 'Document Browser', where you will be able to search by ICAO code Airport and open them.

4. How can I use the screen lock and notepad?

In order not to press non-desirable buttons while in flight you can lock the screen of your device. This feature is applicable for Air Navigation Pro iOS version using iPad devices.

To lock the screen, you need to swipe 3 fingers from right to left over the Moving Map and do the reverse to unlock. 

When the screen is locked, you can use it as a notepad to write down the necessary information. You will write to them using your fingers.

Up to 6 pages which are accessible by scrolling up or down with three fingers. Pages are saved and stored while not erased. To blank the page, tap the screen 3 consecutive times with three fingers. Tap the delete button to erase the notes.

*For iOS 7.2. update, the Scratchpad feature will be enhanced for easier access and will be found in 'Tools'.

5. How can I display satellite images on the Moving Map?

Air Navigation Pro iOS will display satellite images as long as 3D data is installed. To do so, enable "Satellite Photos" under Map options.

Once the satellited view is activated, the other maps are disabled.

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