20 December 2018

Air Navigation Pro 2018 Highlights

This year has definitely been a great year for our team here at Air Navigation Pro and that wouldn't be possible if it weren't for you, our users, who gave us your feedback and suggestions so that we could develop our app into a better flight assistant.

2018 has definitely been a year of change for us here at Air Navigation Pro. We've been listening to all your suggestions and our team of developers have worked hard to add all of your suggestions.

And because of these updates, Air Navigation Pro family has increased and Air Navigation Pro has helped pilots fly safely all over the world. It's been positively overwhelming for us to see the growth of our users and we want to share the success with you.

From September 2017 to September 2018, the total distance flew using Air Navigation Pro is 795,8176 km and the total time flew is 921,089 days. The images below shows all our users flights all over the world and the different regions.

This map shows our users' flight coverage from all over the world.

This picture shows the flights of our users from Switzerland. 

This picture shows the flights of our users from Paris, France. 

This picture shows the flights of our users from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  

This picture shows the flights of our users from Moscow.

This picture shows the flights of our users from South America. 

This picture shows the flights of our users from Israel. 
This picture shows the flights of our users from Southeast Asia. 
This picture shows the flights of our users from India. 

This year has brought series of milestones in the app. We made the big switch and made both versions of the app free to download with a 2 week free trial to use. Now, everyone can give it a try and see how much time pilots can save in preparing his flight, and all the other features that makes their flight safer.

-Air Navigation Pro Subscription Packages are now available on iOS with a 2-week Free Trial
-Air Navigation Pro Android 3.0 now Available with a 2-week Free Trial

Last year, in 2017, the country packages was only available to 6 countries, Switzerland, France, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Norway. Now, thanks to your support, we were able to add 7 more countries that can use the country packages. We added Italy, South Africa, Philippines, Austria, Chile, Colombia, Finland and Denmark. For the countries that aren't included, we made the Standard Worldwide package that can help you fly all over the world.

-Air Navigation Pro Subscription Packages Available to Most Countries Around the World!
-Air Navigation Pro Offers The Standard Worldwide Package!!

We've also updated the Services site and gave it a new look with a better interface to increase the productivity and to give more ease when it comes to navigation.

-9 Things You’ll Enjoy with the New Air Navigation Pro Services Website

We've also added new features to the app on both Android and iOS versions to maximize your enjoyment in flying.

-Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Air Navigation Pro
-Air Navigation Pro Android 2.2 Updates and Features!
-Air Navigation Pro ATC Flight Plan
- Air Navigation Pro Features: Obstacles
-Air Navigation Pro iOS 7.2. is out with New Scratchpad and AD Sheet

"All along the year we have worked hard to make the app easier to use. We’ve subtly changed many screens, and many experienced users did not even notice these changes but we’ve dramatically reduced the time it takes for new users to be confident enough to fly with the app." - Alexis Ruyant, Senior Project Manager

We've also created the Monthly Inbox where we compile and choose the top 5 questions that you ask us every month.

-Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - May
-Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - June
-Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - July
-Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - August
-Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - September
-Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - October
-Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - November

We also met a couple of great pilots who took us to places and shared their stories with all of us. You can read all their inspiring stories here:

-Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Marcelo Riegel of Brazil
-Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Juan Carlos Ala Luna from Peru
-Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story on Latécoère Aircraft Rally 2018
-Air Navigation Pro Pilot Feature: Benjamin Sanders from Germany
-Air Navigation Pro Pilot Hightlight: Dimitris Ververelis
- Air Navigation Pro Pilot Highlight: Francesco Passeri

Aside from their stories, we also received tons of awesome pictures and videos of pilots using the app. Some of them shared photos while they are in the cockpit while others showed us some of the beautiful views and places that they have traveled to. We've rounded up some of the best photos as The Top Photos of the Year.

With the improved and new enhancements of the app, we've been also receiving various feed backs from Air Nav users. These feedbacks, both positive and negative is what drive us to work even harder in making Air Navigation Pro bigger and better.

"What helps us improve the app is getting feedback from our users on new features and what features they really like and use a lot. This helps us prioritise these for AN Android. So whilst we are focused on making the next version even better, our users can really help us focus on making the next version even better, they can really help us focus on what they need to fly. So I invite them to reach out to us via our different channels and give us feedback on features. The best version of the app will be the one our users love to use." - Steven Hampson, Senior Project Manager Android

Not only do we have our valued legacy users who have been supporting us since day one but at the same they also give us their insights about the app, give their suggestions and tell us the areas that we have to improve. With this, our team will be extending our efforts to further improve our old and latest features and we aim for something bigger to maximize the enjoyment of flying.

Over the years of operating Air Navigation Pro, we've learned that not only the aviation industry is changing but also the needs of pilots and aviators alike. With the fast paced technology, a much greater future could be on the horizon - that translates to a more advanced in-flight procedures thus, the necessity of relying to this digital advancement increases.

We at Air Navigation Pro are not only committed to keep up with the latest technology available but we'll see to it that with the possible changes to occur, we'll stay to be the reliable flight planning assistant that we are by providing the most up to date and accurate aeronautical information equipped with the tools to make navigation easy and to continue to be innovative in our software development while maintaining safety in the skies.

With gratitude in our hearts, we at Air Navigation Pro will join hands to provide the finest service to our valued users, never forgetting the support we have received from pilots all over the world and to do our best to become the industry's most preferred and valued pilot assistant.

Air Navigation Pro wants to wish you and your family 
Happy Holidays!

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro iOS, 
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and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.


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