11 December 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - November

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - November 2018

The team at Air Navigation Pro is not just committed to improving the app, its database, and features but as well as our service. We see to it that we reach out to our users as much as possible. In order to do that, we continue to compile the top questions frequently asked by our users every month and publish it so other Air Nav users could see the information as well.

Here are the top questions for the month of November:

1. I bought a package subscription, can I use it to both Air Navigation Pro iOS and Android?

Yes, you can use it both in the iOS and Android versions as long as you have a valid package subscription. Always make sure to login with your Services account to sync in all of your devices. This is just one of the many advantages of subscribing to the country packages, you can easily switch from iOS to Android anytime without having to pay for the application on each platform. 

2. How can I delete a PDF document from iOS devices?

In order to do so, go to Tools >> Documents >> Select the file from User Documents >> Swipe it from right to left. 

The user documents will appear here. Just select the specific document that you want to delete then swipe that arrow from right to left. 

3. How can I change the password of my Services account?

To change your Services account password, go to the Services website- https://services.xample.ch/ then log in your Services account. 

After login, proceed to My Account >> Profile >> Change password.

4. What email address should I select from the start of the application?

After the release of the Air Navigation Pro Android version 3.0, we require users to use their PlayStore account that they used before when they purchased the application. Other than that, we also require to check other accounts of the user so we can further identify his prior purchases.

For your services account, it should be logged in under "Account".

5. Why are my purchased products missing when I signed out from the Services account? 

When using the app, always remember to log in using your Services account in order to sync all the products you have purchased. If you sign out, we might not be able to store all your purchase history on that device. As much as possible, we try to implement this so that the next time you sign in with another account, you won't be getting different purchase sets from two different devices.


"I purchased the application before and now, why I have to pay for an annual subscription?"

- With the recent update of the Android application (version 3.0), we found an issue that users cannot unlock the promotional screen of the application even though they purchased the application prior to the latest update. Most cases are not being recognized from their Play Store account whose devices are unknown to us and without any Air Navigation Pro purchases via PlayStore.

We are doing our best to track and validate all purchases being made. That is why it's best to use the specific Play Store account that you used during the purchase rather than the account that is signed-in in the device.

If you encounter such issue, please contact support@airnavigation.aero and indicate your Services account (username or email address)

If you have questions that aren't listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center.

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