15 December 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for Pilots and Aviation Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Pilots and Aviation Lovers

The most-anticipated and most-awaited Season of Giving is fast-approaching and the Air Navigation Pro team has searched far and wide, hoping to curate the best gift ideas for any pilot. If you're looking for something to buy for your lover, spouse, family member, friend, coworker or even a boss, we've got you covered. These gender-neutral selections are not only in-depth but they are also mindful of a person's needs and wants. For every category or option, there is a wide assortment of various products that range from affordable to really expensive, that will surely please aviators and aviation lovers alike.

We understand that giving a gift to a pilot is a tricky thing. The gift has to be functional, yet elegant; and since pilots usually have high pay grades, it might be even trickier to find something that he or she hasn't already bought for himself or herself. Our list may not be the most perfect one but it will give you enough ideas to plan for what you should buy.

Here are our holiday gift ideas for pilots:

Power Bank ($14 to $150)

A power bank is a chargeable portable gadget that stores power and allows you to transfer it to any mobile device by the means of a USB cable. It's a handy device to have around especially during long trips when you don't get a lot of opportunities to plug to an electric source.

A pilot would love a power bank as a present because one could never have too many power banks, and it's extremely helpful during emergencies when he needs to charge up to a gadget. A practical and useful gift like a power bank would tell the pilot that you are concerned about his or her well-being.

Video Camera ($175++)

A video camera is a device that creates, records and stores moving images. In a world dominated by social media and other vlogging platforms, a pilot's ability to freely travel from one place to another will surely bring about stories worth telling and video recording. Although mobile phones can also record videos, pilots would need a camera that can be easily mounted.

Some pilots buy video cameras with their first paycheck so it's not uncommon for a pilot to already possess one or more video recording equipment. If the pilot already has a video camera then it might be beneficial to get him an accessory that complements his or her use as the next item on our list.

Suction Cup Mount ($10-$40)

One of the interesting things about being a pilot is taking videos while flying an aircraft. Sometimes, he or she won't have time to manually hold and record his or her device; and a tripod won't be able to hold on its own because it's not on a stable flat surface.

Suction cup mounts are inexpensive and sturdy mounts meant to hold a video recorder steady while in flight, which makes vlogging and general documentation much easier. If the aviator already has his own set of cameras and mounts, then you can buy him or her something he or she can still use in-flight such as the next item.

Pilot Headset ($120++)

Professional noise-canceling headsets are expensive, which is why a lot of pilots just opt to borrow those supplied by the airfields or airports. A personalized pilot headset would show your beloved aviator that you care. If he or she already has one, at least your present could be used as spare in case of emergency.

Air Navigation Pro Subscription

A pilot assistant mobile app that helps in navigation is important. It's not exactly the main source of aviation navigation but it's an essential backup tool in case of emergencies or when you're planning flights in advance. The Air Navigation Pro is a GPS real-time navigation app that is available in iOS, Android and Mac.

It has a lot of features like alerts that give you situational awareness and allow you to respond smartly to any circumstance; waypoint search function to give you the freedom to choose which way you want to go; as well as various updated approach charts from all over the world.

Give your favorite pilot the gift of safety this Holiday season with the Air Navigation Pro for iOS, Android and Mac.

Watch the video below:

DSLR/HD Camera ($400++)

A digital single-lens reflex camera is perfect in capturing landscapes, portraits, and images under low light situations. Since aviators get to explore beautiful heights and views that only a few get to see, equipped with a professional camera would help tell their story better. Buying a DSLR camera for pilot is not only sweet but also useful. 

Leather Bomber Jacket ($150-$200)

Most pilots will already have one but they could never have too many. Although this leather bomber jacket is a traditional look for every pilot, it never fails to go with any outfit and the advantage is they could wear this in or out of the cockpit. 

Flight Bag ($100++)

Traveling from time to time involves a lot of packing needed. But unlike other occasional travelers, pilots don't have the luxury of packing their entire closet. Instead, what they need is something that doesn't take up so much space but can carry all their essential gears and accessories easily.

Travel Adapter ($120++)

This travel essential is a good backup in case they didn't know the local voltage of a specific country they're traveling to. This safely tested and upgraded hardware converts voltage and is applicable in different countries around the world. It's easy to use and could charge any kind of electronic device.

Fashion Pieces ($120++)

They say that accessories can possibly make or break a look. One of the sure ways to show that you care is buying pilot fashion pieces like scarves, aviator sunglasses (fittingly named after their profession), and other clothing that they could use in any season or weather. You can even add a personalized touch like a name embroidery or customized patch.

Journal ($25-$150)

The ability to travel around the world will always come with a lot of stories worth telling and documenting. If the pilot already has a camera and video recorder for documentation, then you can give him or her the gift of traditional keepsakes like a leather-bound journal or a big scrapbook (if you know for a fact that the pilot is a creative person).

Personalized Do It Yourself (DIY) Holiday Presents ($1-$30)

If you're working on a tight budget, you don't have to worry because we also got that covered. Pilots are simple beings who get homesick from time to time especially during long trips to foreign places; so a simple photo of family in a small do-it-yourself paper frame would already suffice (especially if the pilot is your father or mother).

Check out this DIY video for ideas:

Laptop/Notebook ($200++)

Since an aviator is always on the go, it's important for them to have a device with most of their files wherever they go. A laptop is one of the most versatile gadgets that operate like a desktop but still has the convenience of a smaller and more mobile device.

Sites that Specialize in Products for Pilots

If you're still unsure after all the items we've shown you then you can head on down to a site that specializes in pilot products like X-Naut. They currently have a holiday promo, $50 off of active cooling mounts and bundles. They ship their stylish pilot items worldwide for your convenience.

Something Money Can't Buy

If all else fails, you can always just give them something that money can't buy: time, love and affection. Pilots get homesick, so a simple photo of family in a small do-it-yourself paper frame would already light up their hearts. In the spirit Yuletide gift-giving season, always remember that it's the thought that counts; and sometimes, the things that money can't buy are worth more than any present from the store.

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