15 January 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox December 2018

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - December 2018


While we're continuously working on developing the Air Navigation Pro app to be the flight assistant that you need, our support team gathers all your questions and feedback. After that they compile it into a list so that it can be easier for you, our users, to navigate through Air Navigation Pro.

Here are the top questions for the month of December:

1. How can I create custom waypoints?

For iOS, by adding the exact coordinates or using your current position, go to Tools >> Customer Waypoints Editor >> Add a new waypoint.

For Android, go to Tools >> Custom waypoints editor >> and tap the icon "+" then indicate the waypoint information. 

Another way to do this is when or when you're not in Edit mode. All you have to do is long-press the exact location from the map then select "Save Waypoint". After that, a waypoint editor will pop up and you have to fill out and edit the information needed. This is applicable to both iOS and Android.

2. Why can't I see the Elevation View?

The Elevation Graph is one of the features that you can get with our Country Packages subscription. You can download this data for free and once you already have it installed in your region, the elevation graph will display terrain information.

In order to display the Elevation View, enable the "Profile View" from "Map Options".

3. The charts look like some parts are missing.

After purchasing charts from different countries, these set of charts will automatically display on the map that will cause it to Overlay. Different layers of the map will display and it will look like some parts are missing but they're not. To avoid the charts from overlaying, simply move it up or down, placing the specific chart that you want to use on top of the list. 

Go to Map Options >> Long press the line-marks and drag it up or down depending where you want to place it.

Another way is to select one chart that you want to be displayed on the map and turn off the rest.

4. Is 3D Data required for Terrain Awareness?

The 3D Data is another feature of terrain awareness that displays a layer on the moving map showing terrain that is or at the above current altitude. Red-colored terrains are zones that are above current altitude while yellow terrains are below the current position which is up to 50m. It requires the 3D Data of a particular region for this feature to work. After purchasing, install it on your device and then enable "Terrain Awareness" from Map options to display.

5. Can I import a list of waypoints using an iOS device?

Yes, you can. Importing a list of waypoints can be done through an embedded Web-server. Make a  spreadsheet and encode all the information needed by following the file structure. After encoding, save it as a UTF8 format to support special characters. Then, you just need to turn on a few settings on your device.

Go to Configuration >> Settings >> scroll down to see "Data import/export over http".

Enable the Data import/export setting then copy the website URL.

To access the embedded web server, type the address in the URL bar. After that, Air Navigation web site should appear in your navigator. To import a file, press the file icon with the blue arrow on the right side of the group name.  

A popup will appear on top of the page. Choose the file that you want to import. 

After a file is selected, it will automatically upload in the webserver. 

To check the imported file, go to Tools >> Custom Waypoints Editor. The imported files will automatically appear. 

For more information about the Embedded Webserver, please read the user's manual from this link below: www.manual.arinavigation.aero 

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Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team


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