01 March 2019

Air Navigation Pro Android 3.1 is out! Server Error Fixed + New Flight Tracking & UI Enhancements

Air Navigation Pro Android 3.1 is out! Server Error Fixed + New Flight Tracking & UI Enhancements 

Following the release of Air Navigation Pro 3.0.1, our team extended its efforts to further improve the app to provide improved features, usability, and stability to our Android users. We listened to the feedback and suggestions regarding our latest version. Our focus was also on addressing key issues including the server error problem reported, thanks to the collaboration with affected users, and we are pleased to share with you some of the progress with our new update.

With this version, users can now share their flights and current position with the new and improved Flight Tracking tool. They can give access to their friends to follow their flight real-time and share the flight as well after landing.

Flight Tracking

Focus on your flight and enjoy viewing it later with the Flight Tracking tool. Flights are always saved to the device so you don't have to think about it. If you have a data connection, it can automatically transmit live tracking data from the device to your Services account for others to follow.

Other functions of the Flight Tracking includes sharing your flight direct to a social media platform by exporting a link from the app.

Old flights are now grouped on the same page and are categorized in months. This can be found in the "Recorded Flights" section. The menu will show the list of flights recorded in the previous months. Beside each recorded flight is an indicator that shows which flights are currently being displayed on the moving map.

If you don't have a data connection during the flight and you still wish to view it on your computer, just tap on a previous flight then select "Sync to my Account". After that, a pop-up that says "Publish success" will appear, showing that your flight has been transferred to the website. Go to the web and log into your Services account to view the recorded flights.

The settings for the flight trace used for current flights or replaying a flight is moved under the Map Options menu.  

You can also customize how you'd like the flight trace to be displayed. 

User Interface Enhancements

These interface enhancements make the app simpler to use and consistent user experience. Designed based on the latest features of Android's operating system; another reason you should download it. 

The Configuration items and settings are now improved to make the things you need easily accessible.

In Settings, you can also customize the units used to measure data such as the Altitude, Coordinates, Distances & Speed, Runways and Pressure.

For tablets, the layout is now adjusted to better adapt to your screen, whether it's in portrait or landscape mode. 

After getting the information of airspaces or waypoints, users can just simply tap anywhere outside the window to close. 

To our users in Norway, Velkommen, Piloter! The Norwegian language is now supported in Air Navigation Pro Android. 

Check out these new updates and find out why Air Navigation Pro is the best pilot assistant around! Stay tuned for more improvements, coming soon!

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Blue Skies, 
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