08 March 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - February 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - February 2019


While our team of developers continues to work on making the app better and more functional for you our valued users, we, the support team at Air Navigation Pro will also make sure that we're giving enough assistance to reach out to your concerns and needs. In line with this, we compile the top five frequently asked questions and write it on our monthly inbox wherein we answer these questions. We also add other essential information to serve as a reference for all of our users whenever they need it.

In case you missed last month's monthly inbox, you can read it here.

Here are the top five frequently asked questions for the month of February:

1. How can I delete recorded flights from the device?


Recorded flights are categorized in months, under the Flight Recorder section in Tools. In order to delete a recorded flight:

For iOS, go to Tools >> Flight Recorder >> Recorded flights >> swipe each flight from right to left.

For Android, go to Tools >> Flight Tracking >> Recorded flights >> swipe each flight from right to left and tap delete.

Before you decide to delete a recorded flight, you might consider synchronizing it to your Services account so you can still access it. For iOS devices, you can tap on a recorded flight and select "Push to web" to sync. For Android, select "Share on the web". Don't forget to login your Air Navigation Services account.

2. How can I disable the airspaces ahead alert?

The airspace alert is another factor that helps you increase your situational awareness. When you're about to enter particular airspace, you will receive an Alert five minutes beforehand. You can disable this feature and you can also choose the list of airspaces that you want to get an alert from.

To disable the airspaces alert, toggle off the button "Airspaces ahead alert".

For iPhone/iPad, go to Configuration >> Alerts >> Airspaces Ahead Alert.

For Android tablet/smartphone, go to Flight Parameters >> Alerts >> Airspaces Ahead Alert.

3. I bought Air Navigation Pro Android previous version (3.0). Can I install and access the app on my iOS device?

Now that both Air Navigation Pro Android and iOS are free to download on Play Store and App Store, purchasing a package subscription will allow you to unlock your subscription freely on both Android and iOS applications. 

For add-on products, there's no need to buy them again. You can just sync it on your devices by connecting it to your services account.

4. How can I display in the app the information of the speed, distance, destination, etc?


The lower section of the app where you see the information on the speed, distance, destination, etc. is called the Data bar. In order to display it, tap the Resize icon.

For Android smartphones, go to the floating widget for the different options and tap the resize icon - fourth button down. 

For iPhone, go to the floating widget for the different options and tap the resize icon - fourth button down.

5. How do I find my ATC Flightplan credit?

For the meantime, this feature is applicable in Air Navigation Pro iOS only.

In order to do this, go to the store and tap the tab restore. ATC Flightplan credit will show how much is the remaining credit that you are entitled to. Remember to always connect your Air Navigation Services account from the application.

You can also do this on the Services website. Go to the Services site, login your account then go to Store. Click "All my Products". It will show the list of your products including your ATC Flight Plan Credit.

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