07 May 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - April 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - April 2019

It has always been the constant pursuit of Air Navigation Pro Team to provide the best pilot assistant to our users everywhere in the world. With non-stop dedication for quality application feature enhancements, the innovation of everyone's ideas are continuously aligned to the right amount of satisfaction that our service has to offer.

Last Month, our support team worked hard to efficiently deliver to your needs and concerns. Thus, we collected all your queries and compiled the Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions to supplement the best answers. 

Here are the Top 5 FAQ’s for the month of April.

1. Why I cannot connect my account using my login credentials?

Whether you want to connect your account in Air Navigation Pro Application or Services Website, always make sure to input your email or username and password correctly.

For example, your registered account is testonly.airnavigation, do not enter Testonly.airnavigation or TESTONLY.AIRNAVIGATION. This is case sensitive.

2. How can I renew subscriptions via the Services Website?

Available via Services Website, you can access a full range of Subscription products such as Aeronautical Database, Standard Worldwide, and Country Packages.

To renew your subscriptions, go to this link https://services.airnavigation.aero/. Click Sign In and enter your registered account.

 Proceed to the Store >>  All my products >>  find the product and click Renew.

After that, Pay Pal will pop-up to process your payment.

3. How can I install the products acquired via the Services Website? 

Always make sure that your application is connected to your Air Navigation account in order to sync your purchased products. 

If you are using an Ipad or Tablet, open the app go to Tools >> Account >> Account information.

If you are using a mobile device, you will find it under Configuration >>  Account >>  Account Information.

To restore products from the Store:

For an iPad/Tablet, go to Configuration >> Store >>  Restore

For a mobile device, go to Configuration >> Store >> Restore

Thereafter, tap the product of your choice to download.

4. How to delete imported PDFs? 

Air Navigation Pro has an advanced feature that allows you to attach or import PDF documents to any type of waypoint you want to save. Thus, to delete imported PDF files:

For iOs, your device and desktop computer must be connected on the same wifi network to enable Embedded Web server.

First, go to Configuration >> Settings >> toggle on “Data import or export over http”

To access the Embedded Web server, type the address in the URL bar to an internet browser. Air Navigation web site should appear in your navigator.

On the browser, open Approach Charts bar to see the list of imported PDFs and click the selected files to delete.

For Android, you can directly delete imported PDF files from the root folder.

To locate the root folder on your Android device, go to File Manager >> tap Internal Storage, and click AirNavPro to open the list of imported documents.

Inside the AirNavPro folder, long press the selected imported PDF files to delete.

To know more about the Embedded Web server, please read the user manual.

 5. How to backup custom waypoints from an old device to a new device? 

As of the moment, this feature is only available in Air Navigation Pro iOS with the help of iTunes File Sharing.

Before you can use iTunes File Sharing,  select Backup Waypoints from your old device.

To do so, go to Tools >>  tap User Waypoints >>  and click More Options. 

This will create a file that you can move to the new device. Now, attach your iPhone or iPad to your Mac Computer to start File Sharing.

First, go to iTunes >> click the connected iOS device icon >> and open File Sharing.

From the Apps menu, select Air Navigation to open the list of Documents and click Backup.sql to add the transferred file.

Next, click Save, and choose any file location of your preference.

After importing files on the new device, go to the same menu and select the option Restore Waypoints. 

For more information about iTunes File Sharing, you can refer to Apple Support Web page.

If you have questions that are not listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center .

Are you a pilot with cool travel stories that you want to share? Send us a message on our social media accounts Facebook , Instragram or send us an e-mail at sharmaine@airnavigation.aero.

to discover more about the Flight planning application Air Navigation Pro in iOS and Android, 
you can also visit our website at 
and check the manual for additional details on how to use the new features.

Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team


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