06 June 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - May 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - May 2019

Air Navigation Pro Support Team is always alert and happy to reply to all the reports and suggestions from our users. A compilation of the top five frequently asked questions for the month of May is now arranged to give you an easier review of all the answers to these queries. 

Here's the Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox for May 2019. 

1. I cannot purchase products. It says, "This subscription can only be acquired from your Air Navigation account". How can I proceed?

All subscription products (except aeronautical database and packages) of Air Navigation Pro can only be acquired via our Air  Navigation Services website.

To do so, go to https://services.airnavigation.aero  and sign in with your Air Navigation account.

Proceed to the "Store",  choose which country and select the product of your choice.

You can then restore the purchase onto your device. 

To make the whole experience easier, country packages offer the monthly aeronautical database, NOTAMS, and country relevant charts with periodic updates. Our packages can be purchased via our Air Navigation Services website as well as via in-app purchases from the Apple and Google stores. Our worldwide standard package is also available for pilots. More information is available at https://airnavigation.aero/countryPackages.html

2. How can I manually adjust the screen brightness?

You can set the level of screen brightness within the application according to your preference. In order to do so:

For iPad/tablet, go to the Toolbar >> Map >> Map Options >> Brightness

For phones, to open the floating toolbar  >> Map Options >> Brightness

3. What are the airspaces marked DGR on the map? 

DGR means Danger. You can find all airspace classes by going to Map Options and select Airspaces.

You can select which airspace classes you want to display on the moving map. 

4. How can I share a Logbook via email?

This feature is applicable in Air Navigation Pro iOS and will be available shortly on Air Navigation Pro v3.2 for Android.  You can choose to send all log entries or specific ones.

Here's how you can send Logbook entries via email:

For iPad, go to Tools >> Logbook >> Edit

Select Send log by email

You can choose flights to send as All flights or Select flights. Select the specific flight(s) if the option is selected, then, Send to send the log entries via email. 

For iPhone, go to Configuration, Tools >> Logbook 

tap Edit, then, select Send log by email

You can choose flights to send as All flights or Select flights.

Select the specific flight(s) if the option is selected, and tap Done. 

Then, Send to send the log entries via email. 

For Android tablet, go to Tools >>  Logbook >> Share icon

Select All flights or Select flights.

Then, send it via email. 

For Android phone, go to Configuration, Tools >> Logbook 

Tap the Share icon >> then select All flights or Select flights

Select the specific flight(s) if this option is selected, then tap Send to send the log entries via email.

5. How can I transfer routes from one device to another?

Transfer by exporting from one device and importing in another.

To Export routes, you can send it via email. Send it to an email address accessible on the device where you want to import the route file. Here's how:

For iOS devices, there are two ways on how to export the routes.

First, open the Route Instrument >> Share icon and send it via email.

Second, in the Toolbar, open Route >>  More Options >> Share and choose a route you want to export.

Yellow check marks will be displayed to indicate selected routes. Tap Share to email.

For Android devices,

Open the Route Instrument >> tap the Share icon  >> select action "Export and Email GPX file". Then, send it to the desired email address.

To Import routes for iOS, you can use "Copy to Air Navigation" and for Android, you can use "Open with Air Navigation".  Here's how:

Open the email received on your device and tap on the GPX file. 

Then, choose the option "Copy to Air Navigation".  

Air Navigation Pro will display an alert dialog "Document saved, Import completed" when finished. 

If you use other means to transfer the route file to your device, you should be able to still tap on the route GPX file and choose the option "Copy to Air Navigation". All routes are in GPX format.

If you have questions that are not listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center .

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Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team


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