01 August 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - July 2019

Air Navigation Pro Monthly Inbox - July 2019

While the team at Air Navigation Pro is continuously working on the Air Navigation Pro app to be the flight assistant that you need, our support team collects all your feedback every month. After that, they compile the top five questions for the month to make it easier for you to navigate the Air Navigation Pro app. 

Here's the Monthly Inbox for July 2019:

1. How can I sync purchased products across devices?

To sync all your products with your different devices, you must first connect your Air Navigation account on each device. 

To do so, go to Tools >> Account.

If purchased products are done through the App Store or Play Store, you can sync them via Air Navigation account.

First, always sync the products in the device where you originally purchased them.

Once you are logged in your Air Navigation account:

go to Configuration >> Store >> and tap Restore toolbar. 

For iOS device, enter Apple iTunes ID and password and then, press OK. 

Wait until products are shown.  From the Restore screen, you can install the product of your choice.

2. How can I rename a route?

You can rename a route based on your preference.

To do so: 

For iPad/Tablet devices, 

tap Resize toolbar to display the instruments panel. 

In the Route instrument,

 tap the Route and popover will appear >> enter the name.

In order to save changes:

For iPad, tap anywhere outside the popover to save automatically. For tablet, tap the Save button. 

For phone devices,

tap the Route tab bar and from the summary, tap the Route. Then, enter the name. 

In order to save changes:

For iPhone, tap the Close button. For Android smartphones, tap the Save button. 

3. If I buy a map, how long is it valid?

Map is classified as a non-subscription product that doesn't have a validity period. As a new map is released, an addon map becomes outdated. However, a map that is included in a country package will be valid within the package subscription validity. Within the subscription year, you will have the latest map available.

4. How can I renew package subscription in the app?

For App Store and Google Play subscriptions, both will renew automatically unless you unsubscribe.
Apple and Google will take care of storing payment information with the same payment method and will automatically charge upon purchase. 

 Here's how you check your subscriptions and next billing date:

For Android:

Open Google Play Store >> Menu.

Tap Account to see you are connected to your Google account. Then, tap Subscriptions. 

For iOS:

Go to Settings >> iTunes & App Store.

On your Apple ID, tap View Apple ID and enter your Apple ID and password or fingerprint ID when prompted. Then, tap Subscriptions.

You can also check out our blog on how to renew subscriptions via the Services Website

5. Can I log in using my Facebook or Google account in Air Navigation?

Yes, you can.

Social authentication is now available for use with your Air Navigation Account across Air Navigation Pro iOS and Android, Air Navigation Services and Air Navigation Manager. 

This feature is a single sign-on designed to simplify the login process for users. You can continue to use your existing Air Navigation Account or choose to authenticate via Facebook or Google account. 

Scenario A. Your Air Navigation Pro account uses the same email as your Facebook or Google account. 

Simply login using your desired social media account to connect directly to your Air Navigation Account. All your Air Navigation Account data continues to be served to this account.

Scenario B. Your Air Navigation Pro account uses a different email than your Facebook or Google account. 

If you wish to connect via your Facebook or Google account, simply login using your chosen social account, then from the Air Navigation Services website, navigate to My Account/Profile and click on the "link accounts" button and then enter your existing Air Navigation Pro Account credentials. This action will link your social media and Air Navigation Account together. 

We know having lots of different accounts for different apps and websites is hard to keep track of. Using this social authentication feature, managing your Air Navigation Account is now even easier. 

Air Navigation Desktop does not support social authentication yet, so if you use the social authentication on your Air Navigation Account, connect to Air Navigation Desktop using the user name code provided in your Air Navigation Account profile, then go to My Account and check AN Desktop at the very bottom of the page. 

If you have questions that are not listed above, feel free to leave a comment below or message us on Facebook or visit our FAQ page and support center .

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Blue Skies, 
The Air Navigation Team 


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