05 August 2019

Air Navigation Pro Video Feature: How do airplanes fly? by JAES

Air Navigation Pro Video Feature: 

How do airplanes fly? by JAES

Air Navigation Pro is pleased to feature JAES or Japan American European Solutions, a company specialized in providing both industrial maintenance and all the necessary industrial spare parts with customer support at 360 degrees. 

Not only JAES offers industrial services but they also produced instructional videos in immersive 3D graphics on how airplanes, helicopters and other aircraft work. 

Thus, here is an extensive video feature on how do airplanes fly in 3D animation brought to you by JAES Company. 

In this video, JAES explains how an airplane flies and how the pilots are able to control it, in a simple but very specific way.

An airliner is typically defined as an aircraft intended for carrying multiple passengers or cargo in commercial service. When the Wright brothers made the world's first sustained heavier-than-air-flight, they laid the foundation for what would become a major transport industry. 

Listing every single component of an airplane is almost impossible. The modern airliners, in fact, are composed of a huge variety of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components. 

You ever wondered how such a large object, made up of all these components, can lift off the ground and fly hundreds of people at an altitude of thousands of feet? 

So, how does the wing rise when it is by the airflow? Coanda Effect or Bernoulli effect?

Watch the video below or on JAES YouTube channel to find out how:

Aside from being constantly engaged in the supply of all spare parts necessary for the production, assembly, and maintenance of an aircraft, they are also a qualified partner to some of the most important aircraft manufacturers.

To know more about JAES Company, you can visit their official website and read their online catalog. Also, stay connected and check out their LinkedIn page.

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