07 November 2019

Air Navigation Pro v3.5 for Android New Release: New Local Data Sync Tool and Coordinates Support

Air Navigation Pro v3.5 for Android New Release: New Local Data Sync Tool and Coordinates Support

With Air Navigation Pro v3.5 for Android, pilots can now enjoy some additional useful features to match the functionality of Air Navigation Pro iOS. We have made it even easier for you to export and import data with improved support of data formats. Additionally, this new release includes the support of different varieties of coordinate formats for your waypoints.

Here are the Air Navigation Pro 3.5 highlights explained:


Air Navigation Pro introduces a new Local Data Sync tool. The key benefit is a simple way of managing the data on your device and adding new data easily. This feature allows pilots to export and import data like routes, waypoints, flights, etc. into Air Navigation Pro through a web interface. This is a useful function when it comes to sharing information with a friend, copying the data for use across multiple devices or for doing a backup before reinstalling the app. The webserver view represents the actual data on the device. Any changes via the webserver is directly changing the device data immediately.

Here's a guide to Local Data Sync:

You can enable Local Data Sync via Configuration menu. A green indicator will appear once the toggle button is enabled and you will find a web URL below the tool's name.

In order to access the web URL, launch a web browser on your computer or device and type this address in the URL bar. Both the Android device running your application and your computer or device must be connected on the same wifi network. 

On the web interface, here are the different types of data on the left sidebar menu:


Want to copy your saved routes across devices?  This menu displays a list of routes created in Air Navigation Pro. Export your saved routes from one device and import them to another device through Local Data Sync. This data supports text and GPX format files.

If you have multiple routes with the same route legs, each route will be displayed per row.

To import routes, tap the upload button and browse your file of interest to add it in the list of routes on your device.

Clicking on Delete will immediately erase the data from Air Navigation Pro.


Are your waypoints updated? Air Navigation Pro takes care in updating the database. In order to get these monthly updates, subscribe to our subscription package available in our Store.

Air Navigation Pro allows you to create and import your collected user waypoints at your convenience. Ideally, it will save you time when you have hundreds or even thousands of them. Text and GPX format files are supported on exporting and importing waypoints. Simply tap the upload button to start importing. 

Once waypoints are imported, you will find them in the Air Navigation Pro under User waypoints.

An alert dialog will appear when duplicating waypoints with the same existing waypoints identifier.

Tap Download to export waypoints.  To remove, tap Delete.


Want to store your recorded flights? Air Navigation Pro allows you to record your flight. When your recorded flights are saved on the device, they are also shown on this menu as a list of flights. You don't want to lose them when you install your app on another device. Saving your recorded flights is just a click away. Download the KML file and it can be shared with other Air Navigation Pro users or in third-party apps such as Google Earth.

Your list of recorded flights can be found under Flight Tracking in the app.


Want to share your flight logs with friends? One of the essential features in Air Navigation Pro is the ability to keep a track of your flight time. This menu displays your total flight logs per month, organised from your oldest flight entries to the latest ones. Tap Download to export a text format file.

Please note that logbook in text format can be imported via Local Data Sync only.


Flying with old airspaces? Pilots must know the rules of the air to ensure safety in flying. Aside from waypoints, you can customise airspaces with Air Navigation Pro following the two well-known Airspace file formats - OpenAir and Tim Newport-Peace. 

OpenAir file extensions are .txt and .oar.
Tim Newport-Peace file extensions are .sua and .air.

Tap the upload button to import your airspaces and they will be displayed on the moving map in Air Navigation Pro.

Approach Charts

Still flying with paper charts? Available via our country subscription, Air Navigation Pro offers georeferenced approach charts.

When installing an approach charts in Air Navigation Pro, data will display on this menu. 
Moreover, you can import your own PDF document and associate it to a specific waypoint. Make sure to add the 4-letter ICAO code of an airport at the beginning of the file name followed by an underscore and alphanumeric characters where you want the PDF to appear. For your user waypoints, enter the waypoint identifier, followed by the underscore and alphanumeric characters.  

Example of a file naming:  LSGY_appcharts.pdf

In order to open the imported PDF document in Air Navigation Pro, tap the waypoint on the moving map and select the document from the popover.

You can also view and manage files via the Documents tool. Go directly to the Documents menu and under User Documents tap each document.

If Air Navigation Pro cannot find a match airfield with an existing waypoint ID, a dialog will appear to check if your document name is correct.

Import/Export via 3rd Party

But wait, there's more! Air Navigation Pro has updated new methods for your data file types. You may want to consider sending your routes, airspaces, approach charts, and waypoints into the app through email or other external apps like File Manager and other locations such as Google Drive.

To import via email, send your compatible file via email to your account configured on your device.
Open the message received on your device, tap on the file and select Open with Air Navigation. 

To load via direct file import, tap the file where it is stored and select Air Navigation


Air Navigation Pro for Android has now fully implemented the coordinates system to make your flight planning and navigation easier.

In order to get the desired waypoints by entering coordinates, go to Configuration >> Settings >> Coordinates.

 A yellow check mark will display against the select format or grid.

From the Quick Search, enter the coordinates following the format or grid. To avoid confusion between grids, enter the two-letter code of the selected country. 

After tapping the search result, it displays on the moving map.

On a side note, along with this release are various bug fixes. We have also removed the strong alerts in compliance with the new aeronautical standards. With these enhanced features, we hope to make your experience even better and will find Air Navigation Pro a time-saving application. 

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