Air Navigation Pro Pilot Highlight: Francesco Passeri

Last August, we met Air Navigation Pro user, Francesco Passeri, a student pilot from Puglia, south of Italy who currently resides in Tuscany, north of Italy. He plans on becoming a full time pilot in the near future. He shared his journey with us here at Air Navigation Pro, on becoming a pilot. Hello...

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Juan Carlos Ala Luna from Peru

Here at Air Navigation Pro, we always have our ears open to anyone willing to share their stories all over the world. Last month, we met 33 year old Juan Carlos Ala Luna from Lima, Peru on Instagram. He’s a full time aviation student working on getting his CPL/IR/ME and we’re delighted that...

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Marcelo Riegel of Brazil

The Air Navigation Pro team has been actively collecting stories from pilots around the world and featuring them in our blog. This year, we're honored to have met a 54-year-old pilot and businessman from Brazil, with a life-long pleasure of flight and travel. He has shown our team photos of amazing...

Air Navigation Pro takes us to Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines

One of the best things about Air Navigation Pro is that it was created by a man who loved adventure. He loves going on great journeys and sharing the stories of his trips to inspire the people around him. Last month, Johann Huguenin, the brains behind Air Navigation Pro, went on a journey...

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Stanislav Klajban of the Canary Islands

The Air Navigation Pro team has been talking to different pilots in social media, trying to find a variety of pilots like those that enjoy 3D sculpting, photography and painting. We wanted stories from different parts of the world, from different age groups and professions. Today we are featuring...

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Kirsten Augustyn of Norway

The Air Navigation team has searched far and wide for stories of different pilots from different countries like Argentina, France, Italy and New Zealand. Today, let's add Norway to the mix. We are happy to have found Kirsten Augustyn in Instagram. She is a beautiful and outspoken female pilot, who...

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Story Highlight: Mirko Ragni of Italy

Pilots are some of the people in the world who live the most fascinating lives. The Air Navigation Pro team believes that listening to the stories of aviators from all walks of life will inspire more people to venture into the esteemed profession. Today we feature Mirko Ragni, a 21-year-old pilot...

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Highlight: Patrick Cotter of New Zealand

Every flight has a destination and every pilot has a story to tell. We, the members of the Air Navigation team, are thrilled to read about them and learn more about our app users. We want to share pilot experiences and highlights so that we reach out to other aviation personnel and inspire them...

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Highlight: French Pilot Lionel Vincent Mougel Getting Ready for Air Race 1 World Cup in Thailand!

The Air Navigation team loves talking to pilots because they are adventurous and carefree. That kind of nature is infectious and just the right amount of energy to start up your day. We have started this series featuring real pilots with real stories, to inspire our readers and app users to share...

Pilot Beauty Queens from Around the World

"Beauty and brains" is a phrase that seems to be thrown around a lot, but in essence it is used to describe women who not only look beautiful but also have an achievement of excellence in any field that requires dedication and hardwork. It's no secret that becoming a pilot is no easy task. The studying...

Air Navigation Pro Pilot Highlight: Bruno Temporetti of Argentina

Pilots, navigators and aviation personnel are some of the people that keep passengers safe during flights. The Air Navigation Team loves hearing stories about flights and experiences. The navigation community has been very generous with stories and narratives; and one of the pilots that we are featuring...

31 January 2017


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